11 Best Boxing Hand Wraps for Aspiring Boxers: A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Boxing hand wraps featured

We are here to discuss an important part of boxing, the preparation. And the best boxing hand wraps are part of that preparation.

As we said, boxing is much more than a sport; it is a lifestyle. People have been boxing as a workout routine for years now. It burns a lot of calories that will have to be burnt through other, more hardworking activities. Boxing is a great way of your cardio exercise.

If you have been a boxing enthusiast, want to start boxing at home, or want your kids to become the next best boxer, you will need certain supplies. We are here to guide you with information.

Here, we will discuss the best boxing hand wraps.

Boxing hand wraps are pieces of elastic blend clothes that are worn during training or matches. Elastic blends provide your gloves exactly what you need: extra padding and give you extra strength to punch. Boxing hand wraps, as you will see, are of many types. You might not be privy to some of the details and become confused by all the products that are available on the market.

We are here to help.

We are reviewing the top-rated hand wraps for boxing on the market today. We are not here to promote any specific brand. We will show you the finest hand wraps that people have used and found to be the best.

We will discuss a thoroughly researched buyer’s guide that will help you to justify the “bestness” of our list. And we will give you a list of the types and how to tie a boxing hand wrap on your hand for maximum service and protection.


11 Best Boxing Hand Wraps Reviewed: Our Top Picks


We have selected the products based on real customer reviews and expert opinions. These are, in our opinion, the best boxing hand straps that money can buy in today’s market.

So, let’s dive into the list.


Sanabul Elastic Best Professional 180 inch Hand Wraps for Boxing

We have the Sanabul Elastic 180 inches Boxing Hand wraps. According to the customers who have used these wraps for themselves, it is the absolute best in the market.

Sanabul Elastic Professional 180 inch Handwraps for Boxing- Best boxing hand wraps


Sanabul displays its users with pride. Pro boxers like NABO, Mike Lee, Mike Bisping, and many others have used and recommended their products.

This 180 inches hand wraps to protect your hand and wrist. You can wrap it around your hand, thumb, knuckle, and wrists, and be assured nothing that you punch can hurt you.

The boxing wrap is made with polyester material, which gives it long-lasting, long-serving durability. The wrap is washable and dries fast. It is breathable, so you can be sure that you will not sweat as much. Your hands will be cooler, and we are not talking just about the look.

The material is semi-elastic and incredibly durable. So, you can punch with these for a long time, and they will not have damaged their shapes by even a bit.

Sanabul Semi Elastic Professional hand wraps feature a thumb loop and Velcro-style closure for the best grip and stability.

These are multipurpose and affordable hand wraps that will come in handy in other combat styles like MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, Martial arts training, and other fighting styles.

You do not have to worry about the quality because the fans of this product are pro boxers, title boxing champion boxers, and boxing experts alike. Sanabul makes other high-quality sports and boxing products.


  • Highest-rated product, semi-elastic wrap
  • Traditional wraps with polyester material
  • Velcro-type closure
  • Two for the price of one
  • Multipurpose for different combat sports


  • No warranty information is available
  • No washing information was provided

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Venum Best Elasticated Boxing Hand Wraps

These are elasticated hand wraps for your boxing needs. This is another highest-reviewed product that you can be sure that people have used and found to be suitable for their purpose.

Venum Boxing Hand Wraps


This is made with stretch cotton material for elasticity and comfort. So you get functionality and protection both from this set of hand wraps.

Venum boxing hand wraps are made for maximum protection for your hand, knuckle, and wrists.

These cotton wraps come in 2.5 meters and 4-meter sizes. You can choose from the many color options they have. This features Velcro closing straps for ease of putting on and off. We recommend buying a few pairs.

Rest assured, this is one of the best hand wraps that people found to be the most trustworthy and safe.


  • Properly wraps your hand
  • The closure is Velcro
  • Thumb loops
  • Two for the price of one
  • Multipurpose for different combat sports


  • No warranty information is available, not cotton blend
  • Not spandex blend

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Ringside Best Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps

Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps are made with slightly elastic cotton blend material. This gives you comfort and the greatest elasticity that you can get.

Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps


This is a traditional boxing wrap with 180 inches in length and appropriate width. It comes with a thumb loop and hooks and loop closure for your wrist.  In addition, these elastic wraps fit inside most of the boxing gloves perfectly.

These sparring hand wraps are machine washable and multipurpose. They protect your knuckles, thumb, and wrists from extra shock.

This is a two piece pack for the price of one, so get a few! You’ll set for a long time!


  • Oversized hook and loop closure
  • Thumb loop
  • Elastic cotton blend fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Two for the price of one
  • Multipurpose for different fighting sports


  • No warranty information is available
  • Not spandex blend

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RDX Best Glove Type Boxing Hand Wraps

RDX Boxing Hand Wrap is made with polyester fabrics and is very sturdy for long use. This is wear and tear proof, and it will last a long time.

RDX Boxing Hand Wraps


The padding has shock-absorbing shell shock gel. The half-finger design will protect your knuckle from getting hurt with durable and thick reinforced stitching.

The hand wraps do not compromise grip and safety. The 75 cm long wrist strap protects your wrists from unwanted shock and hurt. It has a hook and loop design for the highest stability.

The material is breathable, and this is ensured by thermal regulation technology. RDX takes care of this, and you can use these padded wraps for strenuous sessions without having to worry about any damage!


  • Glove-type wrap
  • Convenient thumb opening, sturdy stitches on the finger holes
  • Thermal regulation technology for breathability
  • Multipurpose for Boxing training, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian jiujitsu, and more.


  • Some people dislike glove type wraps
  • Doesn’t come in a heavy bag

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Everlast Best Durable Multipurpose Hand Wraps

Everlast makes the most durable boxing and sports gear and sports equipment in the related manufacturing industry. The Evarlast Hand Wrap is one of the hand wraps we are reviewing in this list of top-rated boxing hand wraps.

Everlast Hand Wraps


This Everlast professional boxing wrap is a 120-inch long. We will be very honest here. This length falls within the range of acceptable and available products in the market.

But it feels a bit short, to be honest. This is perfect for people with smaller hands, kids, and a few women.

This product is made with 100% cotton wraps fabric, which is a plus. Because pure cotton blends are very comfortable, and this is the fabric item that pro boxers use.

This is a machine washable boxing hand wrap. It will not wrinkle or get damaged by the washing machine. The colors are permanent and very durable. Being made of cotton blended materials, this boxing wrap is very light and breathable. You can use this for many sessions and fights.

The hand wraps have a convenient thumb loop that is very handy while wrapping the hand wraps. It also has a Velcro strap wrist hem on the end to tie your wrist tightly so that it will not come off during your bouts.

This product meets the demand of professionals and amateurs alike. These wraps fit most MMA and boxing gloves perfectly.

This product is very affordable, and you can choose one from various color alternatives.


  • Traditional cotton hand wraps
  • Velcro-type closure
  • Thumb loop
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Machine washable, permanent colors
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Multipurpose for different sports


  • Too short for some people (perfect for kids, though)
  • Doesn’t come in a heavy bag

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Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Centric Best Hand Wraps

Pro Impact premium traditional Mexican style hand wraps are the perfect blend of comfort and style for your pro boxing training.

Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps


These elastic materials are wear and tear-resistant and last very long during your boxing training. These are extremely durable and serve as all combat sports.

Pro Impact hand wraps are machine washable, so you need just a few pairs. The colors are permanent and won’t come off. It will not fade.

Pro Impact hand wraps are 180 inches in length and adequately wide to cover your knuckles and wrists, giving you extra protection for your delicate bones.

The elasticity of the hand wraps ensures there is no bulk or bulges on your hand that might end up hurting you and your partner. They fit most boxers’ hands and boxing gloves perfectly.

The wrist strap features a hook and loop closure that gives you the opportunity to tighten the wraps according to your wrist size. A sturdy thumb loop for your thumb allows you a snug fit and a perfect fit!

These Mexican-style wraps are washable in the machine. So, the fabric will not get wrinkled or damaged easily during washes. The elasticity is preserved through the addition of high-quality materials during manufacturing.

Pro impact wraps come in 13 different colors for your choosing. You can choose a color that suits you the best!


  • Traditional Mexican wraps for boxing
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Thumb loop
  • Elastic fabric, boxing centric hand wraps
  • Machine washable, permanent colors
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Multipurpose for different hand-to-hand fight sports


  • No warranty information is available

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Liberlupus Elastic Best Professional Boxing Hand Wraps

Liberlupus is a trusted brand for professional hand wraps. They use very fine, high quality, elastic fabric to make these wraps for you.

Liberlupus Elastic Professional Boxing Hand Wraps


This is made of a washable, and breathable fabric famous for durability, comfort, and functionality in the long run. The fabric gives adequate protection for your knuckle, wrist support, and other delicate bones in your hands.

The hand wraps come in two convenient sizes for kids and adults. You have the traditional 180 inches for adults and the 120 inches for kids.

A thumb loop for your thumb makes wrapping the wrap around the thumb easier and more convenient. The hook and loop closure system makes wrapping the last layer up very easy. You can adjust the tightness with which you are going to tie the wraps to ensure the most stability and efficiency.

This is a multipurpose hand wrap that can be used for other combat sports like kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Martial arts, as well as boxing bag work and sparring.

The small and large sizes are available in four colors – black, blue, red, and lake blue. We prefer the black one, but you can choose the one you love.


  • Traditional wraps with breathable material
  • Elastic fabric
  • Hook and loop closure systems
  • Thumb loop
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Multipurpose for different hand-to-hand sports


  • No instruction for washing was found
  • Not nylon material

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Sanabul New Best  Gel Quick Boxing Hand Wraps

We are gonna be honest with you about this particular Sanabul product. This is a redesigned product. The original design had some flaws, and people reacted to that. So, Sanabul honored their reviews and made some drastic changes to this particular product. Sanabul has a reputation for being one of the best boxing gear manufacturers in the world today, and their response to this particular situation is very commendable.

Sanabul New Gel Quick Hand Wraps Boxing


This pair of glove styled hand wraps features thick gel padding for your knuckle protection. They have added layers of protection to the previous model due to customer demands through reviews.

This pair is easy to put on and take off. So, Sanabul says, it is more convenient and less time-consuming.” More time training and less time prepping” is the phrase Sanabul used. We will leave all judgments to you.

This versatile wrap comes with a long velcro wrist strap for added stability and strength.

Sanabul proudly displays its products that are used by UFC boxers, title boxing champions, and Pro boxers like Alan Jouban, Mike Bisping, Sean “Sugar” O’Malley, and Mike Lee!

This glove style hand wrap is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. You can use this wrap for other sports like MMA, Martial arts, Muay Thai, etc.


  • Takes customer review seriously
  • It can be called “customer designed hand wrap”
  • Glove style hand wrap, hand wraps for boxing
  • Convenient thumb opening, good wrist support
  • Available in different colors
  • Multipurpose, Professional boxers’ trusted brand


  • No instruction for washing was found
  • No warranty information is available

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HUNTER Best Gel Padded Inner Gloves with Hand Wraps for Boxing

Hunter inner gloves are made with 100% cotton wraps clothing and feature a 26 inch Lycra wrist strap for extra durability and stability.

HUNTER Gel Padded Inner Gloves with Hand Wraps for Boxing


These inner gloves/hand wraps are for men, women, and kids alike as they come in convenient sizes like Jayefo hand wraps. These glove styled hand gloves come with a convenient thumb opening and powerful and durable stitches for each finger.

Hunter’s boxing hand straps provide ample protection for your knuckles and other delicate bones in your hand. The wraps have gel pads in the inner layers of the glove with very high shock absorption capabilities. The gel shields your knuckle from a direct hit on anything that might hurt you.

The wrist support straps provide extra protection, durability, wrist support, and stability during training. You can use these hand straps for MMA, Martial arts gear, Muay Thai, and boxing (obviously).

This pair of hand wraps are tested for vitality, functionality, and endurance. You can be sure about these hand wraps.

The hand wraps come in a variety of sizes and colors.


  • Glove style hand wrap
  • Convenient thumb opening, hand wraps for boxing
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Multipurpose wraps for mixed martial arts training goals


  • Some people dislike glove type hand wraps
  • No instruction for washing was found (maybe buy more than one pair?)

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Jayefo Best Gel Padded Elastic Hand Wraps for Boxing Training

Jayefo is a trusted brand that makes various sporting gears, boxing equipment, and accessories. They have a Gel Padded Elastic hand wrap for your boxing training.

Jayefo Gel Padded Elastic Hand Wraps for Boxing Training


This is a glove wrap for your boxing training needs. The hand wraps are a snug fit for your hands, and it comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. The small and medium Jayefo hand wraps are 17 cm and 21 cm in size, the large and extra large hand wraps are21 cm to 25 cm in size.

The gel padding gives your knuckle extra protection while punching bag sessions and training sessions.

The elastic glove style hand wraps fit almost all people. It can be used with MMA, Boxing, martial arts, and Muay Thai training, along with other similar sports.

Jayefo hand wraps feature a 36-inch wrist strap that will fit just about any wrist and give added protection and stability while training and boxing. The strap closes with a hook and loop velcro closure.

It is a machine wash hand wrap. So you can expect a fresh pair of hand wraps every day.

This glove type boxing wrap has a thumb opening for convenience and hard grip. The stitches are very detailed and made in an overlock design for durability and style.

There is foam padding along with gel padding for additional protection. It is very lightweight.

Jayefo gives three years warranty on these hand wraps, and if the replacement covers it, you will get a full refund on these speed bag glove type hand wraps.


  • Glove style hand wrap, hand wraps for boxing
  • Convenient thumb opening
  • Machine washable
  • Different color choices are available
  • Multipurpose for martial arts training gear
  • Three years warranty


  • Some people dislike glove style wrap

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Everlast Professional Best Breathable Boxing Hand Wraps

Regular folks, sportsmen, and workout enthusiasts have relied on the Everlast label for more than a century for all they need to succeed.

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

The Everlast Professional Hand wraps are one of the best in the market. They offer three options when it comes to materials.

There is a little corporate logo on each pair of Everlast professional hand wraps. Because it’s easier to roll up your wraps after a lengthy workout at your home gym because of the smaller size, many customers prefer it. Velcro is the only material you’ll come into touch with when using this product. These are obviously utilized to keep the wrists and hand wraps in place on your wrist and hand. It’s vital to keep in mind that Velcro on nylon blends can wear down the material and produce snags over time, according to customers.

When purchasing a specific brand, the length of the wraps is usually the same. There are a couple of various lengths you may choose from when using this option. Conventional 180 wraps may be too long if you have tiny hands. Everyone from a young martial artist to a seasoned veteran can select the right length and fit.

Choosing a cotton/polyester blend is usually the best option if breathability is your primary concern. When it comes to cotton, it’s recognized for its capacity to allow air to move freely. All of the offered choices are capable of taking in air. Their thinner construction means your hands won’t get nearly as toasty as you use them.

There are a couple of alternatives that we don’t typically see with this sort of product with the Everlast Professional Style Hand Wraps. You’ll be able to select the color that best fits your own style, as well as the length and fabric of your scarf.

Finding the ideal wrap is now a cinch. Hand wraps must be used whenever you engage in any activity that calls for gloves. These gloves do a good job of protecting the hands, which have a lot of delicate bones. In addition, they keep your wrists in the correct position.


  • The proper length for everyone
  • Breathability is unparalleled
  • Velcro straps
  • Material options available
  • Professional grade hand wraps for a cheap price


  • Some users complain about the Velcro strap

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Buying Guide for Best Boxing Hand Wraps

Buying boxing wrap can be a difficult job. Without any prior information on the matter, you can get confused and might end up buying sub-par boxing hand wraps; in that case, you will have wasted some of your hard-earned money. But, sometimes, the results can be more unfortunate. You can end up hurting yourself or your partner.

The effects of a wrong boxing hand wrap purchase can range from damaging the wearer’s skin to damaging the trainer/partner’s skin. But there is a whole lot of stuff in between! You should always look for a few things that you should ensure on the hand wraps. 

Let’s see our guide for buying the most desired boxing hand wraps.

Types of Hand Wraps

There are many types of hand wraps. First, the Muay Thai hand waps, Martial Arts hand wraps, and Boxing wraps. The good thing is these types do not matter so much. If you are not going for professional boxing, you can use these wraps interchangeably. Muay Thai and MMA use basically the same hand wraps as boxing. Nothing changes, really. But on the professional level, boxers prefer personal comfort, safety, and efficiency over anything else, so they usually wear gauze bandages. Some MMA gloves brands produced wraps will gel padding. You don’t need to use them as long as you are not on that level.

Now, the type that you should be concerned about is the traditional glove wraps.

i. Glove Wraps

These are easier to put on, and they are basically fingerless gloves with a long band. The glove is secured to its place with the use of the band, and it stays a snug fit for a long time.

ii. Traditional Boxing Wraps

They are manually wrap-able cloth (we will get to the materials later) that takes a while to put on. It is better because it has the potential to be individually selected for a more snug fit and efficient tightness. Because every hand is not the same, it is better to get a personalized-able wrap that can be made to suit your hands. Most traditional wraps are starter wraps made with elastic conforming material.

iii. Mexican Hand Wraps

These are the kinds of hand wraps that use semi-elastic, stretching material. These hand wraps are tighter, and snug feels comfortable on the hand. You can make a fist with your hands without any wraps cutting into your hands. These semi-elastic materials are durable and stay on your hands throughout the whole session.

iv. Tape and Gauzes

They are the materials that some professional boxers and MMA fighters use in the ring. It is not necessary for fighting, though, and it is a matter of personal taste and choice.

Having said all that, in the end, what matters is what works best for you. That’s how the professional boxers do it. Personal comfort over everything else. Because in boxing, nothing else matters except how you feel.


Hand Wraps’ Size

Hand wraps come in many sizes. The two most common sizes are 180 inches and 108 inches. Most professional boxers and MMA fighters use 180 inches long hand wraps on their hands and MMA gloves because it offers adequate padding and protection. Longer straps are easier to wrap around your knuckles and wrists for extra protection on those areas. Some people have sore knuckles after a training session; this can help them the most.

Some people may have smaller wrists and delicate bones. Longhand wraps offer you extra length to wrap around your wrists for extra durability of the wrap.



Hand wrap width is also an important feature because they need to cover your knuckles and wrist adequately in a way that covers most of the surface. Wide straps ensure blood circulation to your hands. Generally, boxing hand wraps are more than two inches in width, as a rule of thumb. Oh, yeah, thumb! Best hand wraps cover your thumbs completely. Basically, what we’re saying is a rule of thumb is your thumb length.



You should always look for the most comfortable wraps. The top-quality hand wraps give you the most comfort and protection. Too tight a hand wrap will close the blood circulation on your hands, making them go numb, and will end up punching a whole lot harder. Too loose a wrap will come off with easy swings and movements.

Since you will be wearing the wraps under your gloves, make sure they fit your hands and the gloves while giving you the needed protection.


Wrist strap

Wrist straps are more common in Mexican style wraps, but in no way it is only a Mexican wrap thing. Most hand wraps come with a Velcro wrist strap or hook and loop closure strap for extra snug fit and protection. A Velcro wrist strap doesn’t come off easily. So, you can focus mainly on the fight because you will not need to worry about the wrap coming off!


Price and quality

Experts have suggested prices should be flexible considering the quality of the hand wrap. Meaning the premium boxing hand wraps will cost a bit more, but this is an investment that will work for you for a long time. It will save you money and your knuckles. So the top-drawer boxing hand wraps are a bit pricier than the average ones, but not by a margin that is outrageous.


Training frequency

The more you train, the more hand wraps will go through. Usually, if you train twice a day for four days a week, you will need more hand wraps than training three days a week. It is obvious. Another consideration that you should have is how sweaty your hand gets during training. Our list features the most durable boxing hand wraps that are sweat resistant, but this should be a consideration that you should have in your mind. Combat sports are tiring activities, and you will sweat, which makes it a very efficient workout option.


Putting on the Boxing Hand Wraps

Buying a pair of boxing hand wraps is not enough for getting the greatest service out of them. We have often found that people often buy good boxing wraps, but because they do not know how to put them on properly, they end up hurting themselves and others. You need to keep in mind a few things while putting the boxing hand wraps that we have reviewed on our list. That way, you can get the greatest service from your favorite boxing hand wraps that you very assuredly hoped for and deserved.

Let’s punch it –

  • The hand wraps are meant to supplement your hands during training. But it happens too often that people find it difficult to use their hands efficiently after putting on the wraps. This happens because they have put on the hand wraps wrongly. Make sure the wraps are not too tight. That tends to obstruct the blood flow to your hand, and that makes your hands go numb and tire very easily and too soon. This causes problems in training. It is not a problem of the hand strap, but rather of its application. Always use help putting on a hand strap; make sure it is not too tight. The best way to make sure of that is to make a fist with your hands after putting the boxing hand wraps on. If you can do that with ease, you are good to go. If you can’t, then take it off and put it on again. A little practice and attention will make sure you will not have to repeat this futile exercise regularly.
  • Another problem that occurs with putting on the boxing wraps is it is too loose. That makes wearing a glove difficult, which messes up the sturdiness of the padding meant to be there. Loosely put hand wraps will come off easily or will hand awkwardly in your hand. This will make punching harder and will fall off frequently. The right way to make sure of that is to check the layers’ elasticity if you can easily pull the wraps, too loose. If you can’t, you are fine. Another way is that you can ask someone to try and feel the wrapped hand. If they can feel it is tight enough, and there is no bulge, you are fine. Otherwise, take it off and put it on again, or you will end up hurt.
  • The hand wraps come with labels that indicate which side should stay up and which side should stay down. The easiest way to know which side is which is to see the strap. If the strap is upside down, then it is wrong. Otherwise, you will need to notice the fabric and feel it to know which side is which.
  • There is a certain point during the wrapping procedure when you need to make a tight wrist to get the prominent boxing hand wrapped for your hands. It makes sure the strap fits solidly and snugly and will not easily come off.
  • The other important thing is to notice how snugly the strap fits your wrist. It hampers the functionality and durability of the wrap. Make sure the hand wraps are a snug fit for your wrists. Some brands have Velcro straps, and some do not. But knowing how to wrap a boxing hand wrap in your wrist will help you big time!


Final Words

Sometimes buying the right and the best product is not enough. In those cases, you need to know the intricacies and subtleties of the product to get the best service out of it, which is certainly the case with the boxing hand wraps. Our list gives you a deep insight into the world of boxing hand wraps. But it entirely depends on you, how you use it, how you tie it, and how you practice. We hope our buyer’s guide and the list help you get the right product.

We understand that we may have missed something that wasn’t readily available in our minds. We may have overlooked something. Although we have tried to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our research team is very versatile and is trained to attend to every detail.

But, if you feel we should have discussed a particular product that you found great help after using, if you feel we have not discussed a certain product fairly, we urge you to write to us. Your valuable suggestions will help us with our work and sharpen us in many ways.

To share your suggestions, comments, experience, disagreement, and support, please write to us (your data is protected by our privacy policy).

And remember, always take precautions, and use protective gear while practicing. Momentary failures pave the way for future glory, and there is no review list for hard work. Work hard, and push on!



How do you pick boxing hand wraps?

Ans: To get the top-rated boxing hand wraps, look for elasticity, ventilation, fabric (carbon fiber fabric), wrist wraps (Velcro or hook and loop), thumb loops, and width.

Should I get 120 or 180 hand wraps?

Ans: This depends on the user’s age and the type of wrap. 120 inches hand wraps are elastic. The boxing hand wraps that are elastic are usually 40% shorter than the traditional hand wraps. Also, if it is for a kid, or someone with small hands, 120 inches is adequate. Other than those, most hand wraps are 180 inches long.

What are the finest boxing hand wraps?

Ans: The highest-quality boxing hand wraps are made by Sanabul, named Sanabul Semi-Elastic Wrap. Other top boxing brands like Venum, Ringside, RDX, Everlast, Pro Impact, Liberlupus, Hunter, and Jayefo also make top-quality products. There are some other honorable mentions, like Revgear’s hand wraps.

What hand wraps do pro boxers use?

Ans: Many Pro boxers use the Sanabul Elastic Professional’s boxing hand wraps.

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