The Best Boxing Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide to Make The Ideal Choice for The Ring

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Boxing is a great sporting activity that has been attached to our way of life, so are the best boxing gloves for the boxers. Boxing has seen its share of pop culture references in movies, TV, and other entertainment forms.

Besides being a sporting event, it is an excellent way of staying healthy. This is why it is making its way back into the daily lives of the American people. People are accustomed to thinking about making it a career for a long time, and still, it has not lost its appeal.

We are here to alleviate the desire; we are here to help. We have reviewed several boxing products like boxing headgears, punch mitts, punching bags, boxing mouth guards, and boxing gloves for women.

Today we are looking at the highest-reviewed boxing gloves. We’ve examined these products, cross-matched these with the top features, and made a list of the best boxing gloves. In addition, this article will also provide you with a comprehensive guide for finding the best gloves. You will find a size and weight chart.

Moreover, you will find a number of things to do to take care of the gloves bought from our list. And we will answer the most asked questions on the internet.


9 Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed: Our Top Picks

So, without further ado, let’s review the best boxing gloves on the market your money can buy-


Venum Elite Best Wrist Protection Boxing Gloves

Venum is one of the most trusted and popular boxing gloves brands when it comes to superior boxing gear like hand wraps and punches mitts. Venom Elite is the highest rated and highest reviewed boxing gloves on our list.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves


These Venum Gloves are entirely handmade and are made in Thailand. The material is semi-leather. It is a very durable set of boxing gloves for any level of competence. These premium skintex leather-made gloves are incomparable in the business.

These gloves come with a reinforced palm design, and the ergonomic design gives you a comfortable fit. This makes sure the agility and punching speed is not lessened by a bit but somewhat enhanced. This makes you feel like the gloves are a part of your hand.

There are long wrist cuffs for giving you extra glove security and stability. The easy attach Velcro strap is wide and robust. You don’t have to worry about fixing it while fighting.

The foam padding is triple density on Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. This gives you extraordinary shock absorption. Your hand, knuckle, and wrist will not feel a thing when you’re punching your opponent, scoring point after point with each punch.

The seams are extra strong for giving you a long lasting, active and functional service life. This is a unisex adult boxing glove that can fit men and women.

These gloves are for competition use, but you can use these for pro-style training, bag work, and fitness boxing as well. You can choose from the sizes 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. Venum has you covered.

The price tag of Venum Boxing Gloves is really an affordable one, considering the features and the services. You can use this pair for other fighting technics as well. Like all things, the bigger glove you want, the price rises slightly. But that is obvious.

Apart from being the most desirable boxing glove out there, this is a fantastic gift item. This is a well thought gift for your friends and kids.


  • Excellent boxing training gloves
  • Good wrist protection, premium boxing gloves
  • It can be used in Muay Thai and martial arts
  • Treble density foam synthetic leather boxing gloves
  • Professional gloves made of premium skintex leather
  • Great gloves for professional and amateur boxers
  • Attached is a thumb for hand protection
  • Not as expensive as winning gloves


  • Not for absolute Beginners

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Elite Best Sports Pro Boxing Gloves for Men, Women & Kids

Elite sports is another brand that is known for making high-end boxing gear for many years. This is one of their boxing gloves that has deservingly found a place on our list!

Elite Sports Pro Boxing Gloves for Men Women & Kids


Elite Sports Pro Boxing Gloves are made with lightweight faux leather, PU leather, or synthetic leather; however, you want to call it. The gloves are curved for extra stability and comfort all around. The curve resembles your hand’s natural curve, so you don’t have to worry about making a grip while punching.

These are unisex adult gloves, but you can get junior gloves from them as well. The padding is triple density gel enforced lining, and impact foam allows you to strike many times during pro-style training and competition.

These gloves are 12 oz boxing gloves that are light and durable, and this makes you fast while punching, and precision is guaranteed. A Velcro wrist strap with stretchable leather allows you more stability and security while wearing the gloves. The straps protect your hands and wrists.

There is a cooling mesh attached to the gloves; it keeps your hands cool and ensures air flow. This makes the air dry easier and faster. And you can be sure there is no room for bacteria to breed. But that should not be an excuse not to clean your gloves.

This is a pair of ideal winning boxing gloves that can be used as MMA gloves, kickboxing gloves, heavy bag gloves for martial arts, sparring gloves, boxing, and sparring sessions.

The price range of these boxing gloves is very, very affordable. You can buy a pair for yourself, and as a gift for your kids and friends.


  • Velcro for wrist protection
  • Foam with triple density to protect your hands
  • Synthetic leather-made gloves
  • Great pair for professional boxers and beginners and other fighting technics
  • Can be used as heavy bag gloves for heavy bag training
  • Very affordable training & sparring gloves
  • It can be used as kickboxing and MMA gloves


  • Some users faced a problem with the stitching

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Hawk Best Gel Injected Foam Padding Boxing Gloves for Men & Women

Hawk Sports makes the best sports gear in the world. This boxing glove is one of their most reviewed and rated unisex boxing gloves.

Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women


This pair of gloves feature gel injected molded foam, and this reduces your chances of getting hurt. There is extra thick supremo shock foam on the knuckles and wrists for protecting your smaller bones and joints. There are separate blocks of padded foam over your wrist for added protection.

This is a 100%  premium leather made glove that is very durable and functional. There are breathable pin holes on the palm that ensures faster air dryness, odor control, and hygiene. This reduces moisture that makes sure there no bacteria will grow.

These gloves are perfect for gloves that can be used for kickboxing, sparring sessions, heavy bag workouts, and mitt works. There are hook and loop Velcro straps on the wrist for using it in training sessions.

There are many sizes of this pair available. Each size is for a purpose.

  • 8 oz for kids’ boxing gloves.
  • 10 oz and 12 oz for training and mitt work.
  • 14oz and 16 oz gloves for sparring.

The pair is affordable and reasonable, and this boxing glove is available in white and black. And it has a five year replacement warranty.


  • High-quality premium-made leather training gloves & sparring gloves
  • Velcro and hook & loop strap for wrist support
  • Gel injected foam padding
  • For professionals and beginners and other fighting technics such as martial arts
  • Reasonably priced gloves
  • It can be used for training heavy bags
  • Five-year warranty


  • Not suitable for professional use

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Venum Best Contender Boxing Gloves

Another Venum boxing gloves! We swear this is unintentional! These products show up in this list by their own merit. It is as good as the other boxing gloves.

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves


Venum Contender Gloves come with multi-layered foam padding. This added buffer gives you greater shock absorption and protection for your hand. The curved shape makes it easier for your hand to work more effortlessly.

The curved design follows your hand’s natural curve and gives you proper leverage and feel to strike as if there is no glove in your hand. This helps increase your performance. You can score more points if your hands are not constricted by the glove but rather complemented by it.

This also reduces the risk of injury. The extra padding makes sure of that, but the curved design adds to that. The material is synthetic premium leather. You can be sure that this glove is very durable and very affordable because of the material.

There is a large and wide Velcro strap for better wrist protection.  It gives you additional protection for your wrist and hand. The strap makes sure you have a snug fit, and you don’t have to worry about fixing your gloves after a while.

This is more affordable than the other two Venum gloves on our list, and it is available in many sizes and colors. It is also a perfect gift item for your friends and family.


  • Wide wrist support with Velcro closure
  • Excellent training gloves
  • Threefold density foam for hand protection
  • Synthetic leather-made boxing gloves pair
  • Great pair for professional boxers
  • Great gloves for beginners


  • No attached thumb

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Hayabusa S4 Best Sparring Boxing Gloves for Men and Women

Hayabusa S4 is a slick looking, stylish gloves pair for men and women. This is a pair that meets the expectation of durability, agility, flexibility, and fitness, with the greatest visually pleasing pair at the same time.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women


It is made with leather of synthetic materials. The PU leather construction is complemented by nylon lining for waterproofing and a mesh palm for breathability. This glove has a natural curve like that of your hand. It has a grip bar (grip hose) that allows you to grip into an accurate position. This helps with the fit. This allows proper fist closure and alignment. This is supported by a proper thumb positioning pocket.

The wrist support on this pair of gloves is splintered; this makes sure your hand can bend as much as you want it to. There is a microfiber technic that allows the sweat to evaporate.

You can use these gloves for other combat sports as well. These boxing gloves are affordable and available for men and women in many colors and sizes. This boxing glove is a perfect gift item for your partner or someone from the gym you really, really like. In addition, these gloves are less expensive than Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves; that’s a plus point in its favor!


  • High quality synthetic leather
  • High quality gloves
  • Splintered strap training gloves
  • Can be used as bag gloves for heavy bag training
  • Very affordable sparring gloves


  • Warranty information is not available

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Everlast Best Prospect Youth Boxing Gloves & Mitt Kit

Everlast is a known brand for producing the finest boxing gears for a long time. This is pair of boxing gloves that come from their reputed brand.

Everlast Prospect Youth Glove & Mitt Kit


This is an amateur light weight glove categorized for youth or junior. This light weight and amateur boxing gloves come in the amateur glove colors blue and red.

Many people have asked us to review Everlast Pro-Style boxing gloves. But while this is the name on some online e-commerce websites, the real product is a training boxing glove, not a boxing glove.

Back to this pair, this pair is made for beginners who are knocking on the door of professional boxing. This pair of the glove features multi-coated padding, making sure that you have a safe contact point.

There is an Evercool mesh palm that allows breathability and air-dry. Everlast Prospect Youth Glove has a hook and loop wrist closure strap for wrist stability. This gives you a perfect fit as well.

This is an Eight oz glove for amateur youth boxers, and it comes with a punch mitt for training purposes and can be used as sparring gloves.

The glove is very affordable and a perfect gift item for your youngster.


  • Higher grade synthetic leather
  • Hook & loop wrist strap, adjustable wrist strap for wrist protection
  • Padded with multi-layer foam
  • Evercool mesh palm, lighter gloves
  • Very affordable price


  • It won’t fit teenagers; only for younger children

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Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves – For Best Fist Closure

This is a classic lace up boxing glove for the purists out there. Cleto Reyes is a known brand for making premium quality boxing equipment.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves


The Cleto Reyes training gloves are made with polyurethane leather; this makes the pair very light but durable and robust. There are rubber soles inside that reduce impact.

The laces are broad and flexible, ensuring a comfortable glove and safe fit throughout your session. Cleto Reyes gloves have a side zipper and rounded tip for additional protection.

The padding inside it is a latex foam cushion. This lasts longer than foam paddings and gels. This pair is a tight fit and is available in 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz sizes.

This is also an amateur, light weight pair of gloves, not for pro level athletes’ use.


  • Lace-up gloves
  • Can be used as bag gloves
  • Multiple-layer padding
  • Very cheap gloves


  • Not for pro bouts (light weight amateur gloves)

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Best Professional and Beginner Boxing Gloves

This is another Venum boxing glove on our list. This is the second highest reviewed product on our list.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves


Venum Challenger Boxing Gloves are also hand made boxing gloves that come from Thailand. This pair of gloves are made with a premium synthetic leather outer layer that is very durable and functional for prolonged use and service.

The interior mesh is breathable, and this assures no odor and a quick drying. Venum boxing glove design is curved and anatomical, which gives you a great and snug fit. The palms are reinforced for extra durability.

The thumbs are fully attached that make sure each punch is a safe punch. The wrist cuff is held on to its place by a Velcro strap that has elastic attached to it and a hook and loop for extra protection. This protection gives you a secure and stable time for fighting and pro-style training.

There is an embossed Venum logo that is a 3d design. This serves as a tell tale sign that the gloves you have are original and authentic, hand made Thailand gloves from Venum.

These gloves are available in 12 colors and all the available sizes. Make sure to consult the size and weight chart before purchase.

The price is affordable and reasonable for the service it provides to you. This is a great gifting item for you.


  • Wide wrist protection with Velcro, elastic, and hook & loop closure
  • Threefold density padded foam synthetic leather pair of gloves
  • Can be used for Muay Thai and martial arts
  • Excellent pair for professional and beginner boxers
  • Best gloves with a connected thumb for hand protection
  • Can be used as boxing training gloves


  • Some users complained about the extra padding

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Everlast 16 Oz Best Finishing Boxing Gloves

Everlast has been a household brand in boxing for many generations, having been formed in 1910. Boxing, combat sports, and strength and conditioning athletic equipment are all represented by the company, which has grown to become among the most well-known in the United States.

Everlast 16 Oz Boxing Glove


In addition to the Thumb lock, and the Ever-Fresh technologies, this particular Everlast Boxing Gloves includes a few more unique characteristics. When striking, the thumb lock guarantees that it is in the correct position whereas the ever fresh keeps the gloves smelling pristine. Despite the fact that some deem these distractions, the gloves do have some redeeming qualities.

Wear and tear ultimately take its toll on a glove made of synthetic leather, especially if it is often used. But the Everlast Pro Style Boxing gloves are made using good quality material, 80% polyurethane, and 20% polyester.

Made from synthetic leather, these Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves are ideal for amateur and professional fighters alike. It has a great, smooth finish, you can tell it’s synthetic since it has a rubbery touch when pulled. When fresh, the inside material is a touch stiff, but after some good use, it softens up a little. To begin with, this can be an inconvenience around the fingers for new fighters, but it isn’t a problem when using hand wraps.

Mesh palms cover nearly the entire hand. Unlike other gloves, they are mesh from the strap all the way up to the fingertips, with a tiny bit of mesh on the fingers themselves. As a result, the gloves are exceptionally breathable and will dry out more quickly than others.

Instead of a lengthy wraparound Velcro strap, this pair has a short segment. Putting this on is a snap thanks to its convenience.

This pair of boxing gloves from Everlast is a good place to start if you’re new to the brand. Beginners are clearly the target audience for these courses. Due to their low cost, they’re one of the most affordable options on the market.


  • Thumb lock, and the Ever-Fresh technologies
  • made using good quality material
  • good stitching, great, smooth finish
  • Mesh palms
  • Cheap and perfect for beginners


  • Loses the shape after long term use

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Best Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

Because there are so many options to choose from in the market, and because boxing is one of the coolest sporting activities out there, it is tough to purchase a new pair of top quality boxing gloves for yourself.

There are so many types of boxing gloves out there; which one is the most suitable for you?

There are so many materials out there, which one should you buy?

Which ones to choose: Lace-up or hook & loop boxing gloves?

How to measure the perfect size for yourself?

So, so many questions! So many things to consider. It is normal to be confused, necessary even. Because your confusion will drive you to look for the answer, and in our shopper’s guide, we have laid it out straight and easy for you!

We have discussed the best boxing gloves in the market, and now we will tell you why they are the best in the market. This is our extensive guide section for your convenience.


Types of Boxing Gloves

First thing’s first, what is the type of boxing gloves you need. Well, that depends on what you will use it for. Depending on the need, there are several kinds of boxing gloves in the market.

i. Training Gloves

Training gloves are the gloves for classes, workout sessions, gyms, Muay Thai training, Muay Thai sparring, and punching bag or speed bag training. Hence the name!

These training gloves are usually made with high quality leather (goatskin leather) because these are the kinds of gloves that are used the most, by far! These gloves have to be durable and functional. There are other materials that are used to make the gloves, and those materials are also very durable and functional for training purposes.

Training gloves have a padding of foam and sometimes padding with multiple layers for better knuckle protection, wrist cuffs for better fit, thumb locks to prevent injury, and extra padding all over for prolonged sessions of pro-style training.

Training gloves are designed to last long, and these are made keeping in mind the speed and protection during the pro-style training sessions. Training gloves are often used in bag punching, which requires heavy padding and durable stitching.

These are all round gloves for all your boxing training needs.

ii. Bag Gloves

Unlike training gloves, bag gloves are used only for heavy bags, speed bags, punching mitts, and pad training sessions. Bag gloves have less padding than other kinds of gloves, and lesser knuckle protection.

This is so because these bag gloves are for training where you to feel the punches and impacts. These gloves make you understand how to punch, harder or weaker, and how much follow-through to give on a punch.

You can use your training gloves as bag gloves (not recommended), but you can not use your bag gloves as training gloves.

iii. Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves, like boxing gloves and training gloves, have extra paddings.

The padding protects your hand, knuckles, and, most importantly, your training partner, sparring partners, or coach. Because of the padding, the gloves for sparring are the heavier gloves, among others.

iv. Competition Boxing Gloves

Competition gloves are the real thing when it comes to boxing. They feature less padding on the knuckles, and so the opponent (and you) can feel each and every punch.

Competition gloves are generally divided into two categories, amateur and professional. These are typically done by weight category that we will see in our Weight guide.  


Materials of the Gloves

Boxing gloves were used to be made entirely of genuine leather in the good old days, and nowadays, the gloves are made of synthetic or machine-made leather. Genuine leather was used for its durability, high quality, and breathability, and that leads to less moisture being trapped inside. These are the features that made leather gloves the glove of choice.

But with modern technology, synthetic or artificial leather-made gloves are smoother, lighter, and sometimes offer as many benefits as expensive gloves made of premium genuine leather, but without the expensive part.



The filling is a vital buying consideration when it comes to buying the best boxing gloves. In the days of the old, horse hair was used as padding. These gloves were designed to give you the strongest punches, but they had slightly less protective quality.

Nowadays, there are various ways of layered padding filling that make sure your hand, and knuckles are protected. The most common is latex foam padding. But it is not limited to that. There are gels and other types of padding inside a glove. Gel and foam offer better shock absorption than horse hair padding.


Wrist Cuff Types

Wrist cuffs protect your wrist and make sure your glove stays right where you want it. There are two major types of wrist cuffs.

I. Hook and Loop Closure

Hook and loop closure boxing gloves are the most commonly used gloves out there. These gloves have a thick wrist cuff that is closed by Velcro straps, supported by a hook and loop system. These glove types are very famous for their ease of putting on and taking off. These are the ideal gloves for  Muay Thai training, boxing training, kickboxing, martial arts, and cardio kickboxing.

II. Lace Up Closure

Lace up closure gloves are a bit different from the other types. They are usually the same when it comes to functionality and service. But they are different in the closure system. Lace up gloves have laces that make sure your wrist is protected, and you have the gloves fixed on your hand. These gloves give you the most support and stability.

These are chiefly used in competition because of their protection and stability. It is also used in training and Muay Thai because the gloves are not easy to take off, so accidental removal is quite impossible. But they prove to be a hassle for everyday training.


Size and Weight of Boxing Gloves

Size and weight is a crucial considerations when it comes to buying the most suitable boxing gloves. But it is not so easy selecting the gloves for yourself.

For beginners reading this, here is something you will need to know about boxing gloves and remember for the rest of your lives.

  • If you weigh less than 45 Kg or 100 pounds, the gloves you should be buying is 6 oz boxing gloves. These gloves are for young athletes or juniors.
  • If you weigh 45- 50 Kg or 100- 110 pounds, the gloves you should be buying is 8 oz boxing gloves. These gloves are for fighting and competition only.
  • If you weigh 45-67 Kg or 100-150 pounds, the gloves you should be buying is 10 oz boxing gloves. These gloves are for pads, bag work, and competitions.
  • Or you can buy 12 oz boxing gloves that are for pads and light sparring/boxing.
  • If you weigh 68-79 Kg or 151-175 pounds, the gloves you should be buying is 14 oz boxing gloves. These gloves are all round gloves that can be used for sparring.
  • If you weigh more than 80 Kg or over 175 pounds, the gloves you should be buying is 16 oz boxing gloves. These are heavy gloves for sparring.

The size and the weight chart will help you in the future, we hope.


Care and Maintenance of Boxing Gloves

Like everything, care and maintenance will prolong the service life of boxing gloves significantly. Gloves can get damaged by sweat and wear moisture. If you allow this to build up, this will end up damaging the stitches, the padding, and the artificial leather (or premium leather) the glove is made of. But there are a few simple tricks and works that you can do regularly to prevent this from happening.

Here is a step by step guide that you can follow to make sure your gloves stay in pristine condition. The gloves will serve you for a long time through your potential and eventual successful career in boxing and other fighting technics.

  1. Wipe the gloves after every use. It is always better to use a clean towel or cotton cloth to wipe and get rid of all the moisture away from the gloves.
  2. Disinfect the glove with disinfectant. You can use spray or home made disinfectants like half water, half vinegar spray. Sweat buildup can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes. This is a potential health hazard. If you get a bruise or cut, it can cause serious illnesses. It is better to take that protection.
  3. Spray the inside and the outside with the disinfectant spray. Commercial disinfectant has the ability to evaporate in the air after a while. But if you are using a home made disinfectant, make sure it dries out.
  4. You can air dry your gloves. But make sure not to leave your gloves in direct sunlight. This might weaken the leather.
  5. You can use alternative methods of drying, like stuffing the gloves with newspapers and tissue paper. This will make sure you have a dry boxing glove before every use.
  6. Do not store your boxing gloves in gym bags for a more extended period of time. These particular bags will obstruct the airflow that is necessary to dry the gloves naturally. If the gloves do not dry themselves, it will cause bacteria growth and odors to build.

Boxing gloves usually last from one year to three years. The boxing gloves on our list are the absolute unit when it comes to service and the brands provide good customer service. The customers that have used these gloves highly recommend these to you. And, we have made sure these gloves feature all the finest qualities that we have discussed in this guide. So, you can assuredly buy one pair from the list, and be sure to get a long-serving life from the pair.


Final Words

This list is a careful product of our extensive research and expert opinions. We have cross matched the expert opinions with the boxing gloves that people have bought and used.

These are the perfect blend of academic knowledge and on field experience. You can buy one of these gloves without any hesitation.

If you have suggestions, comments, and disagreements, or if you want to show us your support, you can write to us with your name, email, contact details, and comments (data rights reserved and protected by our privacy policy). We appreciate your feedback more than you can imagine.

Your support and suggestions inspire us. Write to us.

And, happy boxing!


FAQs for The Best Boxing Gloves

Are boxing gloves one size?

Ans: Boxing glove’s size depends on the weight and fighting technic. Refer to our chart for sparring/boxing glove size and weight.

Are title gel gloves boxing gloves?

Ans: Title Gel gloves are not boxing gloves. These are bag gloves. So, you should not use these gloves for boxing.

Can boxing gloves go in the washing machine?

Ans: No! Boxing gloves can not go in the washing machine. It will rip and damage the gloves. See our Care and Maintenance guide for how to care for and maintain your gloves.

What are the top brands for boxing gloves?

Ans: The brand that makes the best boxing gloves includes Venum, Everlast, Sanabul, Fairtex boxing gloves, Title gel world bag gloves, and Rival fitness bag gloves. Everlast pro-style is a good glove, but that glove is for training.

What boxing gloves do professionals use?

Ans: Professionals use gloves that are custom made for them. But Sanabul often boasts about their professional user profiles.

What gloves does Mayweather use?

Ans: Mayweather uses a 10 oz Grant boxing glove. Those gloves are specially made for him and hence are not on our list.

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