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We are a small bunch of boxing enthusiasts who are passionate about the sport. If you’re here reading this piece, instead of surfing the web of endless contents, you’re probably one too. Thus, you too are familiar with the conundrum every new boxer and boxing lover faces when choosing between troves of products and materials related to boxing. ‘Boxing Notes’ are here to help you navigate through that world.

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Best Boxing Body Protector for Highest Protection and Functionality – A Complete Buyer’s Guide With Reviews

Buying the right boxing body protector can be a tough job. As many alternatives are available in the market or on the internet, many people get confused about the whole deal. Accidentally buying the wrong one is easier than randomly stumbling upon the right gear. This is why we’re here. We have made a list […]

Best Boxing Reflex Ball For Agility & Flexibility – A Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best boxing reflex ball can be very challenging work for amateurs and non-professionals. But it can be hard for the professionals as well with so many options to choose from, and the fact that there are misleading advertisements for some products can add up to the confusion. Reflex balls are an excellent way […]

Best Sauna Suits To Get Fit & To Lose Weight: Product Reviews & Buying Guide

The best sauna suit must be waterproof and sweatproof clothing that makes the wearer sweat profusely. Made of rubber, Neoprene, or PVC, these suits are flexible and stretchable. They are designed to increase your body’s temperature  (while working out) and cause extreme perspiration. Several manufacturers claim that a sauna suit could help you lose the […]

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag For Boxing Training & Gym Workout – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best boxing gloves for heavy bag use better protection. This is because the constant punches can cause major injuries to the hand. This is not something that should happen. You should focus on hand protection first. Many trainers have recommended that you use your sparring gloves for heavy bag training. As the name suggests, Heavy […]

The Best Boxing Gloves for Women – Dominate The Ring Like A Pro!

We looked at all the possibilities and reviews and chose the 9 best boxing gloves for women.  Talented women boxers have flooded the sport in recent years. Boxing sessions provide an unrivaled workout. It helps you relax while toning your body and cardio. You also learn to fight! Sadly, the choices for the best women’s […]

The Best Boxing Shoes for Dominating the Boxing Ring: A Detailed Guide for Aspiring Boxers

While strength and fitness training prepares boxers physically for their boxing career, footwork and the best boxing shoes are also crucial components of boxing training. Quick footwork activities increase agility and explosiveness, as well as helping strikes land stronger and more powerfully. Because footwork is so vital in boosting a fighter’s game, it’s also critical […]

Injuries? No Worries! Check Out the Best Boxing Headgear for Your Boxing Game and Training!

Boxing is a game that builds character. It makes us value hard work, dedication, persistence, and other important life values. It takes a lot to be good at boxing, as it does in life. Boxing also requires many gadgets. We have reviewed many boxing equipments here. Gears like Boxing gloves, Training gloves, Mouthguards, Punch Mitts, […]

Best Boxing Trunks To Rule The Ring: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

You need to move freely during your boxing bouts, but this can only happen while you have the best boxing trunks. If you have chosen the right boxing trunks, you do not need to worry while kicking; otherwise, moving quickly. If your legs are limited or you have a tight waistband, this might irritate you. […]

Get The Best Double End Bag For Speed Boxing: When It Comes To Boxing, The Speed Is Everything!

Boxing is a game that is very close to our hearts here in the United States and other places around the world because boxing is a game that runs very close to the American Value! Boxing teaches us the worth of persistence, perseverance, hard work, and dedication. In this article, we will review a great […]

The Best Boxing Training Gloves Reviewed: Become A Stinging Bee!

“Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee” One heck of a quote, right! And what a legend he was too! This quote covers everything about boxing you need to know. Boxing is synonymous with American Values in many ways, and hard work pays in kind in both. To become a successful boxer, you need […]

The Best Boxing Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide to Make The Ideal Choice for The Ring

Boxing is a great sporting activity that has been attached to our way of life, so are the best boxing gloves for the boxers. Boxing has seen its share of pop culture references in movies, TV, and other entertainment forms. Besides being a sporting event, it is an excellent way of staying healthy. This is […]

The Best Boxing Mouth Guard: No More Chipped Tooth After a Boxing Session

Are you looking for the best boxing mouth guard? Then this article is for you. Boxing as a combat sport has a special place in the American lifestyle and culture. It is safe family entertainment that teaches us the most fundamental values of life. Perseverance, resilience, hard work, sacrifice, and other values that we need […]

The Best Reflex Bags for a Boxing Session That Will Give You The Upper Hand in The Game

The best reflex bags are an essential part of boxing. Boxing as a sport has always been America’s sport. People have taken an interest in boxing for a long time. There are many movies made about boxing, focusing on the personal dedication that a boxer goes through. Boxing, as we know, is more than just […]

Taken up Boxing? Use the Best Punch Mitts and Become an Expert!

In this article, we will discuss the best punch mitts, which are a big part of boxing preparations. We all know that boxing is a great sport that has been a great source of our national pride for years. It is the greatest sporting event that all of America enjoys and adores. It is a […]

11 Best Boxing Hand Wraps for Aspiring Boxers: A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

We are here to discuss an important part of boxing, the preparation. And the best boxing hand wraps are part of that preparation. As we said, boxing is much more than a sport; it is a lifestyle. People have been boxing as a workout routine for years now. It burns a lot of calories that […]

Best Punching Bag for Kids Keeps Your Kids Healthy & Energetic: Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are a parent, you would certainly know how energetic kids are, and surely appreciate what the best punching bag for kids can do for them. Kids keep us adults busy all the time; they often tire us and outrun us. This is why their energies need to the drained through some physical activities. […]

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