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We are a small bunch of boxing enthusiasts who are passionate about the sport. If you’re here reading this piece, instead of surfing the web of endless contents, you’re probably one too. Thus, you too are familiar with the conundrum every new boxer and boxing lover faces when choosing between troves of products and materials related to boxing. ‘Boxing Notes’ are here to help you navigate through that world.

We review and discuss tens of kinds of products and accessories that are related to boxing. We don’t circle a particular niche; rather, the whole boxing arena is our playing ground. It was a deliberate decision from our end so that our visitors don’t need to waste time surfing the web looking for answers to different questions and product reviews. Why would you go through different sites and reviews if you could get them all in one place!

What kinds of products do we review? In short: all things related to boxing. Be it boxing gloves, boxing mouth guards, punching bags, or even sauna suits. Our expert team of writers spends tens of hours researching the products and accessories. They find out more about the products by going through the expert opinions. They take into account the customer’s reviews, who actually used the products. Only after that, they use their killer instinct and put together their opinions in an article blow by blow!

So, how do we choose the products and accessories that we review? Are we being paid by the companies to review the products? No, we’re not. The products we review are solely chosen by our expert team of writers and reviewers who research every one of the high-rated and popular products that are available in the market. Then, they choose the products that are worthy of a review. We don’t want to waste your time by discussing and recommending inferior products. So, you can always trust us to choose the best available option in the market.

We don’t want only to review products on this site. What a boring site that would be! We also write about different aspects of boxing and share our opinions on the matters. You can find the articles in the blog section.

You can contact us and share your opinion; even a punch or two, if you wish!

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