The Best Boxing Shoes for Dominating the Boxing Ring: A Detailed Guide for Aspiring Boxers

Best Boxing Shoes featured

While strength and fitness training prepares boxers physically for their boxing career, footwork and the best boxing shoes are also crucial components of boxing training. Quick footwork activities increase agility and explosiveness, as well as helping strikes land stronger and more powerfully.

Because footwork is so vital in boosting a fighter’s game, it’s also critical to wear the ideal boxing shoes. When a fighter cuts an angle to deter their opponent or moves forward aggressively, the best boxing shoes can ease movement and more stability.

While some cross-training boxing shoes can help boxers exercise, most do not have the specialized attributes that some boxers require, such as ankle support, maximum traction, or flexibility.

We chose the best boxing shoes on this list to enable every fighter to step up their game regardless of skill level. We have included a buyer’s guide for boxing shoes as well to help you choose the perfect pair of boxing shoes considering all the imperative factors. In the end, we answered some of the important questions regarding boxing shoes that might arise in your mind.

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11 Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed

Boxing shoes are crucial to any boxer’s great performance in the ring, and the reason for this is not difficult to understand. In the ring, a boxer’s leg must be as quick as his hand. Furthermore, they are not ordinary shoes; they are designed with the sole purpose of assisting boxers in perfecting their footwork and giving them an advantage on the canvas. 

The finest boxing shoes give foot support, enhance traction to prevent slipping, and allow a boxer’s movement around the ring to be fluid. Furthermore, these boxing shoes are manufactured to be lightweight to not interfere with the boxer’s footwork combinations.

You’ll gather the necessary knowledge about boxing shoes by the end of this article, enough to buy a perfect pair for yourself! So, without further ado, here is our carefully prepared list of the best boxing shoes!


Ringside Diablo Best Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes protect your ankles and feet without sacrificing speed or agility. To assure speed, these wrestling shoes are built of ultra-lightweight stuff. The Diablo wrestling shoes are terrific value for what they deliver, with additional ankle support and a design that allows for a lot of mobility.

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes


The Diablo wrestling shoes have a practical low-top ankle for greater fluidity and general ease of movement. Overall, this wrestling shoe appears to be a really fantastic boxing shoe. However, many boxers who have purchased them have expressed their thoughts on whether or not this wrestling shoe is actually worth what they spent on it.

To summarize, while purchasing the Diablo wrestling shoes, you must examine what you intend to use the shoes for. Many boxers said they liked this wrestling shoe and wore it for practice, but they wouldn’t wear this in the ring. That is something that should, of course, be examined. There is also a big price difference, so feel free to shop around as one color or size may be significantly less or more expensive than another.

For a professional appearance, these boxing shoes offer a patented vinyl leather finish.

Smaller sizes have high-top ankles for extra ankle support, while larger sizes have low-top ankles for better fluidity. Ringside Wrestling Boxing Shoes are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 to 13.

The permeable nylon mesh fabric of these wrestling shoes allows for enough airflow. For a better grip, the anti-slip outer-sole is integrated into the design of this wrestling shoe.


  • Excellent for Improving Footwork, ankle movement
  • Plenty of color combinations
  • Non-slip sole of rubber, patent leather vinyl finish
  • Reasonable price
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Lightweight boxing shoes
  • Superior durability
  • True to size


  • No ankle support
  • Weak soles

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Adidas Men’s Box Hog 2 Best Lightweight Boxing Shoes

The Adidas Box Hog 2 was created by one of the world’s most reputable brands, particularly when it comes to sports equipment. These are one of the best men’s boxing shoes. The masterminds behind this boxing footwear are the well-known company Adidas, which provides reassurance to many individuals due to the company’s size and reputation.

Adidas Men's Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes


The rubber sole of any footwear is the most crucial element. Especially in boxing, the soles of the shoes need a lot of traction for the canvas you box on.

Boxing would be a nightmare with a slick sole. The Adidas Boxing Hog 2 features a “Gum Rubber Outsole,” which gives the wearer exceptional traction and aids the boxer’s motions within the ring.

The Adidas Box Hog 2 also has a layer of synthetic materials that allow the boxer’s feet to breathe while also keeping them cool and dry during the match.

It is critical for a boxer’s feet to breathe; without the proper boxing shoe, a boxer’s feet will get very unpleasant very quickly.

The boot’s synthetic overlays materials are exceptionally light, assisting the boxer’s motion inside and outside the ring while ensuring the boxer’s feet remain comfortable.

With these Box Hog 2 features, the boxer wearing them will be able to provide a quick and swift-footed performance with nothing slowing them down.

The Box Hog 2 is the ideal boxing shoe for boxers of any level (amateur or professional) who want to continue participating in their favorite activity without having to worry about the most vital aspect of their body, their feet.

The Adidas boxing shoes provide ankle support, allowing the boxer to move freely with minimal hindrances.

The material used to construct these boxing boots is a completely different mesh style from the previous edition, “Box Hog” (the best-selling in Europe), allowing the boxer’s feet to breathe.

The Box Hog 2 comes in two styles: “High-top” or “Low-cut” — most people find the Low-cut design more comfortable. However, it does not provide support for the ankle as the High-top design.

These boxing shoes are lightweight, making them a top choice for boxers of all skill levels. Being light-footed is one of the most crucial laws in boxing; without it, you’ll be hit a lot, and the Box Hog 2 assists you in polishing your lightfoot talents. These boxing shoes have been specifically developed to be lighter than other shoes and trainers that have been made.


  • Composed of a single-layer open mesh upper fabric for improved breathability and ventilation
  • Overlays of synthetic leather upper suede give the shoes a secure and snug fit
  • Heel cushioning
  • Super lightweight
  • Super breathable because of the synthetic materials
  • The outermost sole is made of rubber for improved maximum grip and excellent traction
  • Fitted as expected


  • The sole is glued, and the shoe starts to break because of being used for extended periods

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Venum Best Unisex Adult Elite Boxing Shoes

These boxing shoes are a must-have for any boxing enthusiast, coming from the best martial arts equipment and accessories manufacturer.

Venum is regarded as one of the leading mixed martial arts gear manufacturers of high-quality gloves, shoes, and other sports-related accessories. Apart from the United States of America, it manages its sales in Asia and Europe. 

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes


These boxing-specific shoes are ideal for persons who are very active in boxing and desire to undertake even the most strenuous workouts.

More importantly, these boxing shoes are developed specifically for those who have large feet. They come in one size larger to allow persons with large feet to practice without difficulty. Mesh honeycomb, PU Patent Glossy, and PU Flex are used in this Venum Elite boxing shoe.

The gum rubber outsole is specially developed to boost the shoes’ stability and longevity. The designers have also included a glued insole to prevent the possibility of slippage. People with slim feet should order with the right shoe number accordingly.


  • Conceived and developed in collaboration with world champion boxers
  • These boxing shoes comfortably fit
  • Insole attached, rubber outsoles
  • Excellent grip and arch support
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Materials of superior grade
  • Design is excellent
  • Versatile use


  • Long break-in period
  • Expensive

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Title Speed-Flex Encore Best Tall Boxing Shoes

These boxing boots are exactly what you would expect to see while thinking of boxing shoes in terms of appearance. The majority of the boxing shoe is comprised of extremely high-quality synthetic leather that is both highly durable and comfortable. The upper part’s nylon weave is useful for providing the breathability required by the user’s feet.

Title Speed-Flex Encore Tall Boxing Shoes


Because there isn’t much insole in these shoes, you get the impression that you can put your feet deeper into the ground and punch harder.

Although some boxers may find the lack of insoles uncomfortable, it does mean greater footwork. However, because there is nearly no insole, the boxing shoes fit so tightly.

Once they’ve broken in, you’ll be at ease and ready to box them in. The sole is constructed of polyurethane, a material that is not often utilized in this application. Although it is not as durable as the rubber-made outsole, it provides a good grip on the ring.

If you are a boxer who prefers greater support during the fighting, these boxing shoes will be ideal for you. They comfortably lace up past the ankles to provide your feet with the tremendous support they require while doing your footwork in the ring. The title did an excellent job with this design.

Despite the amount of good support these boxing shoes deliver, Title has managed to keep them extremely lightweight.

These are also incredibly fashionable boxing shoes. They also come in several bright colors, so everyone should pick a pair that goes well with their selected boxer shorts. When you consider the low cost of these boxing shoes, they are an excellent purchase.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Options for mid or high top shoes
  • Perfect for heavy bag and ring work
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very adaptable
  • Excellent support
  • Superb grip


  • Glue is not durable
  • Taking on and off can be hard

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Adidas Combat Speed .5 Best Unisex adult Boxing Shoes

The finest boxing shoes are those that perform well in your boxing match. Speed kills in boxing, and to be fast, you must be lighter weight, and to be light, you must wear the lightest boxing shoes in the game. These Adidas shoes are the lightest, weighing only 9.8 ounces.

Adidas Combat Speed .5


Adidas Unisex Combat Speed boxing shoes are created for intense workouts and fighting sports. This shoe is a great fit for both men and women. In addition, it has a lightweight design and is supportive.

They include a built-in ankle strap system that is secure and will not slip. The rubber outsole features a split pattern that increases traction. The split-suede leather outsole overlays provide just the proper amount of traction.

These Adidas shoes have an extremely breathable one-layer mesh textile to keep your feet cool.

Overall, this boxing shoe offers a swift defense against any movement your opponent may attempt, like the opponent’s punches, as well as an easy transition back into the offense.


  • Lightweight materials to enhance speed
  • An excellently breathable mesh shoe
  • extra ankle strap support, split sole
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Excellent grip and traction; holds feet firmly
  • Specifically designed for combat sports


  • The  shoe is flat
  • Narrow tops, not enough room for wider feet

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Everlast New Elite Best High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast is a famous and well-known brand in the boxing community, particularly for its long-lasting boxing gloves. They apply the same workmanship to their boxing shoes.

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes


The Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes are some of the best boxing shoes for using in a boxing class or the ring. They have a Michelin Technical rubber sole for improved grip, flexibility, and enhanced support.

This boxing shoe is excellent for side motions, which are necessary for boxing to fool your opponent. With a finely textured shoe tread, these boxing boots provide far more traction than flat-soled boxing shoes, allowing you to feel more confident in your footwork.

These Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoes are extremely breathable and comfy, thanks to the open weave mesh cloth. Furthermore, the ankle strap adds stability and support.

The microfiber material also helps to reduce odor and makes these boxing shoes easy to clean after your boxing workout. This, along with the suede, makes these boxing shoes extremely durable.

The one thing we don’t like about these high top boxing shoes is the Velcro strap around the ankle support, which is prone to coming undone and getting in the way. The good news is that there are laces to keep the boxing shoe snug fit.

There are three color options available, and these boxing shoes are competitively priced for professional boxing shoes. They are unquestionably a fan favorite in boxing shoe evaluations. These shoes may be the ideal boxing shoes for you if you enjoy the high-top appearance.


  • Michelin rubber sole
  • Fantastic support
  • Exceptionally durable
  • An awesome shoe designed for a wide range of uses
  • Contributes to the improvement of speed
  • Amazing grip with good ankle support
  • Sturdy design


  • Not enough roomy toe box

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Hayabusa Best Pro Boxing Shoe

The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes allow you to move more effectively and with better agility than your opponents. This boxing shoe is built to last through everything you put it through round after round.

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe


The synthetic sole of the Hayabusa is the standout, providing incredible flexibility and grip. The upper is made of high-quality manufactured leather (PU) and mesh. A strong midsole also provides a stable base beneath your feet for balance and comfort.

Hayabusa’s boxing shoe features a unique outsole design that provides necessary traction on the wrestling mats or in the ring. This allows you to position your feet more confidently and increases your speed and agility.

If your boxing shoe has any give at the contact locations, you are losing more power in your footwork. As a result, this directly translates into enhanced performance.

Hayabusa designed these midsoles to provide a stable foundation. By design, they are not as cushioned as other alternatives. This is a benefit if you’re seeking power and agility. These, on the other hand, are harsh if you have flat feet or foot problems.


  • A synthetic sole that is outstanding for grip, allowing pivoting and solid contact with the ground
  • The best boxing shoe in terms of ankle support
  • Long-lasting and durable faux leather
  • A strong midsole to reduce wasted energy when moving your foot
  • provides an excellent combination of grip and pivotability with improved rubber grip


  • Needs time to break in

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The Everlast PIVT Best Low Top Boxing Shoe

Everlast is regarded as one of the luxury brands to purchase boxing equipment from.  The brand is now bringing you a high-quality pair of boxing shoes to ensure you have the best boxing shoe experience possible. This boxing boot will stay out of the way of all your activities while providing support and a good grip.

Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoe


These shoes for boxing make the user feel quite comfortable as they guide them through unstable motions and unexpected jerks. These pair of boxing shoes have been designed to make them suitable for both gym sessions and boxing workouts.

You’ll enjoy a flexible wearing experience as well as solid support around your feet. People with wide feet should try these boxing products. Even though the sizes they sell are accurate, these good boxing shoes are pleasant and will not damage your feet even if a slight size variation remains.


  • Comparatively affordable pair
  • Exceptionally supportive
  • Multiple uses
  • Optimal gripping
  • Fantastic traction
  • Strong and durable, low top ankle shoes
  • Improves lateral movement


  • Not quite breathable

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Title Boxing Best Hyper-Elite Mid Boxing Shoes

If you pivot and hit frequently, the Title Hyper Elite Boxing Shoe provides superb support at an affordable price. Let’s see the key features.

This low-cost, lightweight Title Boxing pair of boxing shoes feature a synthetic leather upper with a double-layered mesh upper for breathability and comfort. 

Title Boxing Hyper-Elite Mid Boxers


This ankle-height Title boxing shoe features a padded tongue and an ankle collar for a supportive fit, making it ideal for lateral motions and pivoting. The foot and ankle protection keeps you safe while allowing you to move your feet fast around the ring.

Two metal eyelets at the topmost of the Title boxing shoes allow for an adjustable fit in a full lace-up style.

Because the Title Boxing Hyper-Elite Mid Boxers runs large, you may need to order a size smaller than your typical shoe size. The shoe boasts a polyurethane rubber outsole with proper traction to keep you light on your feet, but they don’t last long hours.

One nice touch is that the TITLE Hyper Speed Elite comes with its own mesh carrying bag, which you can toss in your gym bag for easy transport.


  • Excellent ring performance
  • The midsoles help foot control
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Provides the freedom of movement and maximum flexibility
  • Full-length weave tongue
  • Support for the arch and heel
  • Snug fit, great grip
  • A drawstring mesh bag is included to carry these boxing shoes


  • Not so durable; will last for a few months if used extensively

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Lonsdale Men’s Contender Best Boxing Boots

Lonsdale has a long history and has been producing boxing gear since 1960. At the same time, they have established a good reputation for producing high-quality boxing gear at reasonable pricing.

Lonsdale Men's Contender Boxing Boots


The Lonsdale Contender Boxing Boots are an excellent example of the brand’s quality and value. They are a terrific alternative to the more expensive options, costing a fraction of the price of any of the high-end boxing shoes in our reviews.

The Contender boots, with their mid-cut style, provide great ankle support without compromising mobility. For extra comfort, the ankle area is quilted and cushioned. These good boxing shoes include a complete lace front and mesh panels on the sides, allowing lots of airflows. Another notable benefit is the special midsole.

These boxing shoes address the essentials: they provide nice ankle support without being overly restricting movement, they are pleasant to wear, lightweight, and they have good traction. You can’t go wrong with these Lonsdale boots for the price.


  • Affordable price
  • Superior ankle support
  • Provides superior mobility
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Specific midsole for boxing


  • Weak traction
  • Not highly breathable

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Ringside Undefeated Best Vinyl Finish Wrestling Boxing Shoes

In the world of boxing, Ringside is a name you can trust to help you achieve. Boxing equipment such as punching bags and rings may be found under this umbrella name. Combatants want high-quality gear at reasonable rates, and these manufacturers recognize this. They provide us with just what we need. Great boxing and fighting gear are essential to your success as a boxer or fighter.

Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes


Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes are designed to be used by professional boxers. Because to the high-top design, they provide excellent ankle support. Boxing is a physically demanding sport, and it’s important to have the right gear to enable you to execute at your best. The way you walk and stand in the ring can be greatly affected by the shoes you wear. You won’t have to worry about your feet slipping as you push through with your strikes thanks to these pair’s excellent grip. This improves both strength and accuracy.

They don’t actually have enough of an insole in several boxing boots and shoes That’s where Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes falls. This is a regular occurrence due to the negative impact on the boxer’s foot caused by the absence of an insole. You’ll move about with more confidence if there’s less padding respectively your shoes and the ring. With the help of this footwear, it will be much easier for you to develop your form and technique.

Considering their height, we were astonished by how light Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes are. A pair of them will only add roughly one-and-a-half pounds to your load. It’s quite light, too. There are lightweight alternatives out there, but they’re not quite as expensive. For individuals who don’t require a great deal of support but still want a little additional wiggle room, these low-cut choices are ideal.

The material used to construct these boots makes them easy to clean. The top of the shoe is constructed from a variety of materials. In addition to being extremely durable, the patent synthetic leather section of the shoe provides an even greater aesthetic. Nylon panels are used to break up the fake leather. The ventilation and flexibility provided by these perforated panels are unbeatable. Also, they are more flexible than any other leather possibilities.

The quality of these boots is excellent. The bulk of these boots are made from synthetic suede, nylon, and rubber, all of which are long-lasting materials. They’re easy to care for, and they’re also surprisingly inexpensive. You will get a significant level of support, especially at the ankle area. The grade of this choice may be noticed immediately in the specifics.

This is a fantastic deal. The pricing they bear is not quite as steep as many others. They’ll last you a long time and are of excellent quality. If you are just starting off this is a good place to start.


  • Mesh panel for breathability
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Affordable
  • High boots, offers more stability
  • Synthetic leather for lightweight and durability


  • Insole may become an issue with some users

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Types of Boxing Shoes

There are three basic types of boxing shoes to consider, each with its own set of benefits. There are low tops, mid tops, high tops, and old-school boxing boots that reach almost to the knee.

Boxing boots, like headgear, are a game of trade-offs between support, comfort, maneuverability, and speed, and it all comes down to selecting the best boxing shoes for your specific needs.

i. Low Top Boxing Shoes

Low top boxing shoes will come up just below the ankle and contain the least amount of material, making them the lightest and allowing you to move as quickly as possible while providing the least amount of support.

Having said that, a good pair of low-top shoes can still provide excellent ankle support, and these are the popular type of boxing shoes in general.

ii. Mid Top Boxing Shoes

Mid-top boxing shoes offer the ideal blend of support, movement, and speed for many boxers. If you need a little extra support, these boxing shoes can be the best option for you.

If you like to move from side to side and change angles a lot, you might like the added support of the mid tops. If you do your research and the pair you like most are mid tops, there’s no reason not to go with them. We recommend the Venom Elite Mid Top boxing shoes.

iii. High Top Boxing Shoes

These boxing shoes are produced with support in mind, so if you prefer to plant your feet, come straight ahead, and throw heavy blows, these might be the boot for you. These are designed for punchers rather than movers, and there are many boxing shoes in the high top category to pick from.

Be aware that some budget high top boxing shoes will be slack around the ankle and will not provide the necessary support, so spend the additional few bucks and avoid the bargain basement Pairs.


Buyer’s Guide for the Best Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes are among the most significant and personal items of boxing gear. After your boxing gloves, this is perhaps the second most important piece of gear. The right boxing shoes allow you to move with complete control, enabling you to do explosive footwork as well as anchored stops.

The best boxing shoes are light and comfy (like custom-made gloves for your feet), and they assist you to become one with the canvas. The worst shoes have odd bumps and curves that don’t conform to your foot and feel like a foreign material underneath. Then there’s the issue of quality and great features. Some are more durable than others. Some are more comfy, secure, and user-friendly than others.

Why are beginners, in particular, so averse to buying boxing shoes? They don’t want to spend any money, don’t perceive any benefit, and believe they can get by with any other sporting shoes (running movements /basketball/trainers). That is not something we would advocate. And we are here to discuss the factors you should consider while picking the best shoe for yourself.


Grip and Pivot

The capacity of shoes for boxing to grip the ground so that your feet do not slide when transferring force is arguably the most essential and distinguishing attribute of most boxing shoes. Still, always allowing you to turn so you may launch power punches or perform typical fighting footwork techniques.

Non-boxing shoes are terrible when it comes to helping you grip and pivot. The form of non-boxing shoes at the front might make pivoting problematic, and the non-boxing shoes are either too slick (don’t provide enough grip) or provide too much grip (making it hard to pivot).

Some fighters like an extremely gripping shoe, even if it makes pivoting a little more difficult. Some seasoned boxers prefer a smoother boxing shoe and pivot more readily, even with less grip. The ideal balance is when the boxing shoe grips well enough to provide stability during power transfer yet pivots readily enough to keep you linked to the ground. Most boxers genuinely dislike it when their boxing shoes have overly grippy soles because it causes them to trip.


Weight and Thickness

The total weight and thickness of your boxing shoe should be according to your personal preference and requirement. The material used, as well as the movement needed, determine the impression of weight and thickness. A lighter and thinner sole, lighter and thinner upper shoe, and plenty of ankle flexibility contribute to the sense of lightness. The shoe begins to seem heavier when it adds a thicker rubber sole, a lot of fabric, and upper material or restricts ankle flexibility.

Is it better to go thick and heavy or thin and light? This is all up to you. If you prefer to feel the ground, a lighter and thinner boxing shoe will make you feel more agile and potentially more powerful. Thicker, heavier, professional boxing shoes feel more supportive and forceful since they feel like they unite your knee, ankle, and foot with every movement. Those who like lighter boxing shoes will remark that a heavier shoe restricts and/or reduces their foot speed.


Sole Thickness, Hardness, and Texture

Another crucial aspect of most boxing shoes is how the sole (the entire bottom of the boxing shoe) is constructed. The construction of your soles has a significant impact on your ability to balance, move, pivot, and throw punches.

First and foremost, the insoles must be comfortable and allow you to stand balanced. When you stand in the ring in your boxing shoes, you should not feel as if your axis is off balance. You should also not feel that your boxing shoes are causing your feet to bend slightly to the outsides or the insides. You’d be shocked how frequent this issue is. If the insoles already feel strange or throw you off balance, you might be able to replace them with custom soles, or you might not.

The next step is to acquire a sense of the sole’s thickness (the outside bottom part). Many boxers like a thinner sole so they can feel the ground more. This may make you feel more acrobatic and lighter. Most boxers prefer thicker soles since they make you feel less grounded but more stable and powerful.   It’s similar to the distinction between standing “IN the ground” and “ON the ground.”

Standing IN the ground is similar to standing in the sand, as your feet are absorbed into the surface. Standing on the ground is equivalent to standing on a hard surface, such as a basketball court.

Beginner boxers mostly prefer a thin sole since it makes them feel more powerful. Remember that thinner soles can cause your feet to tire out faster due to the lack of support. (It’s comparable to how those Vibram Five Finger shoes work your feet out.) On the other hand, professional boxers’ feet are powerful and well-conditioned, and the “additional effort” doesn’t bother them in the least. They can make a difference for a newbie, but you get used to it quickly. Thin soles can also make it too easy to “roll over,” causing your feet to bounce outwards or inwards.

You’d assume that a thinner sole would reduce the likelihood of rollover because the feet are closer to the ground, but that’s not the case. The problem is that thin soles are significantly more flexible, allowing the sole to bend and twist far too easily. On the other hand, a thick sole would not bend as much, and this alone (we believe) helps prevent rollover. That being said, if your feet are so broad that they protrude past the soles, that won’t assist much either.

Thicker soles provide a more solid feel. You have the sensation that your feet are standing directly on solid ground and that you may push off more forcefully. When you want to move swiftly, it’s also helpful to have the sensation that you’re pushing off a hard surface rather than a cushioned surface.

You don’t want a thick sole that makes you feel separated from the ground, which is prevalent in many non-boxing sports shoes. Basketball shoes will have all of this cushioning in the sole, preventing you from connecting with the ground for maximum power. Non-boxing shoes have a high heel, preventing you from sitting down for maximum power on your blows. Every now and then, you need to be able to sit down on your heels for optimum power transfer or to drive an opponent back.

Another feature is the exterior texture of the sole of the boxing shoe. You may like a flatter surface that makes you feel as if you’re standing right on the ground. You might choose ridges or little bumps (similar to soccer cleats) because it gives you more grip. Many boxers prefer a flat bottom. They dislike the bumps because those make them feel disconnected from the ground and have less balance when they are standing. The bumps also give them the impression that they are standing on rocks.

The last point to mention is the heel and toe construction. Some of you may prefer a boxer shoe with a wraparound sole covering the toe and heel areas. This might make the boxer shoe seem more durable and generally grippy outsole (especially when you pivot to the toe edge for punching power). Others may resent having a grip on the toe edge because it (grips and) trips them when they try to move. Those boxers are more likely to favor boxing shoes with a sole on the bottom and soft uppers around the toe and heel areas. This may also make you feel lighter, more mobile, or more comfortable fit.


Height and Strong Ankles Support

A boxing shoe’s most crucial function is to protect your ankles. Ankle injuries are common in sports where you are leaping about, changing angles frequently, and continually exerting weight on your ankles from all directions, as you are aware. Depending on your fighting style, boxing can place a lot of strain on your ankles and knees.

In boxing, you have three shoe height options: LOW, MID, and HIGH. The low-tops are about the height of the ankles. The mid-height shoes are a few inches higher, while the high-tops practically reach your calves.

According to conventional belief, “the higher the boxing shoe, the more ankle support you get.” So, if you need a lot of ankle support, go for the high-tops. If you want significantly more mobility, consider low-tops so your ankles may flex freely. This is heavily influenced by how your joints are constructed. If you’re the type of person who sprains his ankles from time to time, high-tops are probably the way to go. It’s a combination of genetics, fighting style, and personal taste.

There are a few other aspects to think about. To begin with, low-tops come in a variety of “low” heights. Some are below the ankle, some are directly on the ankle, and some are even higher. While this may or may not matter in terms of ankle support, it does make a difference in how they feel. So, even if you desire low tops or want to be a perfectionist, we propose you try on several low tops.

When it comes to high-tops, you should be aware that each model fits differently. Some high-tops may feel too loose at the ankles (still insufficient ankle support). At the same time, others may feel too loose on the lower shins (lacking support or feels annoying). Some may be irritating or restricting to your calf muscle. Remember that everyone’s body is unique. Some people have longer or shorter legs, thicker or thinner calves, various ankle builds, or wear thinner or thicker socks. All of these factors have an impact.

We’ve discovered that high-tops aren’t just useful for ankle support; they can also make you feel more powerful when throwing punches. We don’t think it’s so much that the boxing shoe supports you and makes you stronger. Because the boxing shoe is larger and touches more of your leg, you become more conscious of your entire lower leg and move more of your body in harmony, giving you more power and support. We believe that boxers wearing high-tops are less inclined to bounce around in strange, overly-crouched, or contorted positions (since the boxing shoes are less comfortable doing so). So their legs are more frequently in positions that provide more balance and power.


Comfort & Width

Personal preference governs comfort and width. Trying on different pairs of boxing shoes will help you choose what feels right pair for you. What is our recommendation? Ask your boxing gym buddies whether you can put your feet in their boxing shoes. You’ll be able to scratch off brands and materials that irritate you quickly.

The materials chosen and how they are stitched or glued together will have the most impact on comfort. Some materials can be irritating or feel restrictive to your feet as if the boxing shoe doesn’t want to allow your feet to expand, bend, or push off the ground at the angles you want. Some boxing shoes can pinch your feet painfully at the front (preventing you from comfortably pressing off the balls of your feet), or they can squeeze at the back and cause blisters. The insoles can also cause blisters.

When it comes to shoes, the width is a major issue. Many boxers have quite wide feet, and wearing boxing training shoes that are slightly narrow prevents their feet from flattening on the ground for maximum stability. They also have a sense of loss of balance when the boxing shoes beneath their feet are narrower than the feet themselves.

If your feet are too thin, you want a boxing shoe that is similar in fit or at least has laces that let you tighten it up. Otherwise, your feet or toes will have too much room in there.



It goes without saying that quality is crucial when it comes to choosing boxing shoes. You expect your boxing shoes to last for a long time. You should be good as long as you wear a high-quality name-brand boxing shoe.

If you want to inspect a boxing shoe to discover where quality counts the most, we recommend making sure that the sole is well-made and that the bottom of the shoe does not appear to be peeling off when the boxing shoe wears out. If it does, you can glue it back on with Shoe Goo or take it to a shoe repair shop.


Stationary Stability

One feature of a boxing shoe that we believe is sometimes underestimated is stability from a stationary stance. Many people believe that basketball or tennis shoes would suffice because boxers must move a lot, but this is incorrect. Basketball and tennis shoes are designed for running motions and continuous direction changes when running. Boxing is a primarily stationary sport with a lot of fidgety foot tweaks. Boxers require the best shoe that allows them to plant their feet flat on the ground, sit down on their fists for maximum power, and then rapidly take one step or strong pivot and then sit back down.

Basketball and tennis shoes are bad for keeping your feet flat on the ground. They have a curved sole made of rubber on the bottom that helps you slide off your feet while jogging and keeps you from sitting flat. Their soles are also far too thick (designed for cushioning) to allow you to feel the ground.


Sole Support

This is a matter of personal taste. Some of you with high arches may like to wear boxing shoes with a molded or cushioned sole, so your foot feels encased in a glove and possibly even slightly raised off the ground. Those of you with low arches or flatter feet may fancy a “barer” flat shoe that feels like your feet are standing directly on the ground. Some of you may also believe that well-cushioned insoles are more expensive and that naked “flat” boxing shoes are less expensive. You could also take a flat boxing shoe and replace the insoles.

The density of your training floor is the last but not least. If your gym floor is stiff and hard, or if your boxing arena has firmer padding or stiffer padding, you may prefer flatter shoes for boxing to have a better feel for the ground.

Suppose your ring canvas and/or local gym floor are soft. In that case, you may prefer more cushioned boxing shoes to keep you elevated above the surface and from sinking in.


Boxing Shoes Maintenance Tips

  • The easiest approach to keep your boxing shoes looking excellent all year is to clean them regularly.
  • If you don’t have time to clean your shoes properly every time you use them, give them a quick wipe down with warm water to remove any markings or sweat that may have accumulated on the shoes.
  • To deep clean leather boxing shoes, fill a spray bottle halfway with mild soap and warm water (we recommend one part mild soap to eight parts water) and spray over a cloth. Wipe the shoes down, being careful to follow the grain of the leather. After removing any stains or blemishes, air dry the shoes away from direct sunlight.
  • Simply scrub canvas, nylon mesh, and suede boxing shoes using a lint-free, soft material, clean cloth bathed in warm water, and mild soap. After removing all dirt and markings, air dries the shoes for boxing away from direct sunlight.
  • When suede trimmed boxing shoes are completely dry, lightly rub them with a suede brush.
  • Use a conditioner to keep the leather boxing shoes moist and prevent them from drying out and cracking.
  • A waterproof spray for suede overlays boots (Otomix Boxing Shoes, for example) might help prevent stains and water marks from forming on your shoes.
  • Brush your suede boxing shoes before using them, spray the solution on them, and then brush again.
  • Canvas boxing sneakers should be allowed to air dry after each use.
  • After each usage, remove them from your kit bag and allow them to air dry away from direct sunshine.
  • Using a deodorizer is one of the greatest methods to keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean.
  • Wearing your boxing training shoes outside might harm them, shorten their lifespan, and void their warranty. To keep your pair of boxing shoes in good condition, just wear them indoors and in the ring.


Final Thoughts

Finding the appropriate pair of boxing shoes is critical to your ring performance. A good pair of boxers will increase your speed, power, and mobility. The shoe boxing requires should also allow your feet comfortable, whether you are a southpaw or an orthodox, while also moving quickly. And if you can move more quickly and effectively in the ring, you will have more speed to attack your opponent and protect your position.

We recognize that there are countless shoes for boxing from many brands in the boxing world, which is why our list covers the best boxing shoes based on user reviews and feedback from expert boxers.

We are proud that we do not earn any fees from any associated brands. You may rest confident that you can rely on this review to make your search easier. Please let us know if you purchase anything from our list.

We are confident that if you follow all these features, reviews, and concepts, you will find a superb pair of boxing shoes that meet your individual needs.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts about our top picks, please do not hesitate to contact us (data rights reserved and protected by our privacy policy).


FAQs for Best Boxing Shoes

Are Boxing Shoes Good for Cross-Training?

Ans: Shoes for boxing can help you avoid twisted ankles, jammed toes, and slipping on sweat—all of which can be distracting during a fight or derail you during crosstraining and sparring sessions. Boxing shoes can help you focus on your boxing technique, particularly your footwork, during crosstraining or a daily workout.

Are Boxing Shoes Good for Running?

Ans: Running in boxing shoes is not a good idea. If you use the shoes in this manner, you risk injuring yourself and damaging your boxing shoes. Boxing shoes have a slimmer shape and a much thinner sole. If you run outside, you risk injuring your feet by repeatedly smashing them on a hard surface. Therefore, use running shoes for running to get the best output.

Are boxing shoes lightweight?

Ans: Boxing shoes are typically minimal in weight. The ideal pair of boxing shoes, on the other hand, is remarkably lightweight, making them even more appropriate. The weight will impact how efficiently you can perform your proper footwork.

Can training without shoes cause injuries to the feet?

Ans: Most people will have a lesser degree of intrinsic foot strength and proprioception if they haven’t done any bare footwork in a long time – going into full training sessions barefooted can make your feet weary and put you in danger of injury.

Can Wrestling Shoes Be Used for Boxing?

Ans: Wrestling shoes can be worn in place of boxing training shoes for a short time. While many boxers train in standard shoes for other sports due to the increased arch support, others prefer to train in boxing shoes, claiming that athletic shoes are heavy and force them to adjust their footwork to handle the extra weight.

Can you run in boxing shoes?

Ans: When you find the most fitting boxing shoes, you want to make the most of them, so why not incorporate them into your other training routines as well? Most people believe that a single decent pair of shoes will cover most outdoor sporting activities, whether they are running, jogging, tennis, weightlifting, or golf.

However, the presence of shoes designed for each specific sport is due to more than just marketing. In this scenario, the straightforward response to the above-mentioned question is “no.” You cannot wear the same shoes for boxing workouts and a park run. Thus, it is wise to keep a separate pair of running shoes.

What are the best shoes for boxing?

Ans: Venum Elite Boxing Shoes is the most popular shoe. Other best shoes on the market today include Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes, Adidas Speedex, Adidas Adizero Xiv, and Adidas Unisex-Adult Combat Speed.

What boxing shoes does Floyd Mayweather wear?

Ans: Reebok boxing shoes are one of the world’s most recognizable branded products for the best boxing shoes. These shoes are worn by Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan and countless top-class athletes worldwide.

What kind of shoes do boxers wear?

Ans: Please wear boxing shoes if you are in a classic boxing gym with concrete and canvas. Boxing shoes come in a variety of styles. If you can’t get boxing shoes, wrestling shoes are an excellent substitute. Depending on the type of tread, regular athletic shoes can also be utilized. Hiking boots will not suffice.

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