Injuries? No Worries! Check Out the Best Boxing Headgear for Your Boxing Game and Training!

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Boxing is a game that builds character. It makes us value hard work, dedication, persistence, and other important life values. It takes a lot to be good at boxing, as it does in life.

Boxing also requires many gadgets. We have reviewed many boxing equipments here. Gears like Boxing gloves, Training gloves, Mouthguards, Punch Mitts, Boxing Shoes, Reflex Bags, Double End Bags, Body Protectors, Boxing trunks, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the best boxing headgear. We will see the best rated and highest reviewed boxing headgears that have the best features so you can choose the best.

We will list the best features under our compact and comprehensive buying guide section. And we will answer some FAQs related to this!


Best Boxing Headgear: Our Top 11 Picks Reviewed

Here are the top picks for our best boxing headgear list!


Sanjoin Best UFC Fighting Sparring Boxing Headgear

This is the best selling headgear on our list of boxing headgear. It is a customer favorite and checks all the boxes on our best feature list!

Sanjoin Boxing Headgear


First off, this is a full-face boxing headgear that provides all-around protection for your head, cheek, chin, jaw, eyes, and nose. It can be used for all-sized heads because of its adjustable nature.

There is double density foam for cheek and head protection. This boxing headgear could be used as a hard and light sparring helmet as well.

It has superior shock absorbing abilities. The cheek and chin protection padding is meticulously designed for optimal visibility and head movement.

The foam is called Impact Dura Shock Foam. It comes with a shock absorbent gel that is integrated into the foam padding for ultimate protection. This headgear will protect your cheek, chin, face and head, back of the head, temple, and forehead.

This boxing headgear is made with high quality, durable PU leather. It is lightweight, soft, and comfortable; the material makes the headgear water and sweat resistant. You can expect this headgear to serve you well even after years of rigorous sparring sessions and boxing competitions.

The Sanjoin headgear comes with a hook and loop closure system. This is a sleek and secure fit. It is very comfortable to wear, and very easy to put on. The sleek and contoured design makes protecting your head, face, and cheek easier and better. Moreover, you can adjust the size of the headgear to fit almost all sized heads.

You can buy it for an affordable price. It is a perfect item for a gift for your kids and spouse.

You can use this headgear as MMA Headgear and for headgear for sparring.


  • Affordable price
  • Headgear for sparring with nose protection
  • Head guard with hook and loop fastener
  • Waterproof for long sparring sessions
  • Suitable for boxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts
  • Best MMA headgear
  • Foam lining with integrated gel for extra protection called impact dura shock foam
  • Cheek guards, chin & face protection, and protection for the head, back of the head, brain, temple, and forehead
  • Perfect head guards for training with excellent visibility


  • The fitting can be an issue with some users

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Winning Fg2900 Best Competition Boxing Headgear

The Winning Headgear Fg2900 is the highest quality headgear on our best boxing headgear list. Fg 2900 comes with many recommendations and with high complements for experts and customers. Winning fg2900 is a professional competition headgear. You can use the Fg2900 for sparring and other uses as well.

Winning Fg2900 Competition Headgear


The Winning Cheek Protector Head guard, or as it is called Winning Fg2900, is a handcrafted boxing headgear. The Fg 2900 comes from Japan. Japan has been active in the boxing ring since 1854; with so many American sailors going over there for trade, they exported boxing to Japan. It has become so big that they have a fully-fledged boxing industry now. And they make top notch boxing gears like this Winning fg2900.

Fg 2900 is made with high quality artificial leather. It is durable and flexible for boxing, sparring, and competition. It’s a lightweight headgear with a weight of just 10 oz.

Fg 2900 is very well constructed, as it is handmade; they have focused on the material and design very closely and made this to give the highest level of protection. It features a rear laced string adjustment and a locking chin strap that keeps the headgear in place to protect your face, cheek, ear, and overall head.

Fg 2900 is a headgear that features maximum protection to your cheek with the right amount of padding. It doesn’t hinder your vision; rather, it gives you an excellent vision and the ability to move your head. Both are very useful features for tournament headgear and headgear for sparring.

You can use the Winning headgear for other fighting styles like kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, and other contact sports.

The price tag of this product is a bit higher than usual, but as this is a headgear you can wear in a competition, it should cost a bit more. The quality and material of this product warrant a high price, to be honest. You can buy this product without any hesitation.


  • Handmade head guard with artificial leather
  • Cheek-protecting headgear
  • Convertible chin strap for a customized fit
  • Japanese quality head guard for optimal performance
  • Best boxing headgear with high-quality faux leather
  • Excellent vision
  • Best brand on the boxing gear market


  • The price tag might be higher for amateurs

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Best Lightweight Boxing Headgear

Venum is one of the most famous brands of boxing gear all over the world. They specialize in making handmade boxing gears for people, and they prepare their products with extreme care and love. This is their boxing headgear for you. It comes very highly recommended. Let’s get a glimpse at why that is!

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear


Venum Challenger 2.0 is made with premium PU leather or polyurethane leather. As we know, this is an affordable and green alternative to leather. It is very durable and comfortable to wear. You can always be sure of the quality of a Venum product.

This is a lightweight headgear that is very easy to put on and fight with. It doesn’t limit your visibility by any range. You can see your opponent and plan your move accordingly. Venum Challenger headgear doesn’t limit your movement, and you can move your head easily with this on.

The design is of premium quality. It looks very cool to put on and gives you the best protection. Your head and face are protected from all angles. This full-range protection allows you to clear your head and focus on the game more.

This Venum boxing headgear comes with protection for all your sensitive areas, like your head, temples, chin, cheek, ear, and nose. There is no chance of bruises and cuts, black eyes, and nose bleeding whatsoever. You can focus on the game more without having to worry about bruises and cuts.

This is a semi leather-made headgear. It is a perfect blend of price and functionality. It is ultra-lightweight, meaning you wouldn’t even notice you have this on. The padding is triple density foam that prevents serious injuries to the head and ears. It also has the same padding that makes your cheek and chin safe.

Venum challenger 2.0 model is a one size fits all boxing headgear. It is made with skin tex leather for optimal performance. The closure system of this headgear is flexible two way Velcro strap. It stays on, no matter what!

The price of Challenger Headgear is a bit high. As we know, Venum products are the very best products on the market; typically, they come at a higher price. Still, the quality is very good, so that is a worthwhile investment!


  • Skintex leather for the optimal performance
  • Flexible two-sided Velcro closure
  • One size fits all head guards
  • Maximum protection from bruises
  • Quality headgear with foam padding of triple density
  • Excellent vision 180-degree good headgear
  • Greater head movement


  • Price can be an issue with some people

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CLETO REYES Traditional Boxing Headgear with Best Pointed Nylon Face Bar

Cleto Reyes is one of the most famous brands that make the highest quality boxing gear. The brand boasts of its traditional boxing equipment, and its handmade products are very dear to many pro boxers across the world. Cleto Reyes’s Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear is one of their flagship products that are of the highest quality. Let’s skim over all the features so that you know why this is one of the best products on our list.

CLETO REYES Traditional Headgear with Pointed Nylon Face Bar


As the name suggests, Cleto Reyes Traditional headgear is a traditional boxing headgear, as you can surely see from the headgear itself. It comes with a protective front bar; this lightweight, nylon face bar protects your mouth from vicious punches and impacts. It protects your teeth as well. It can take a punch, and you will not feel a thing.

This high-end headgear gives you excellent vision. You can see your opponent at all times; there is no obstruction of head movement; you can move your head as you want. This allows you to plan your move more meticulously and with great depth.

The design of this headgear is non-obstructive; it doesn’t limit your ability to see and move. It offers you enough ventilation. This is the perfect headgear for both men and women.

It’s handmade in Mexico, with the best quality leather and other high-quality materials. The quality control is magnificent and allows no low quality product ever to go out.

This headgear comes with latex foam padding that gives you comfort and protection for sparring and competition. It has a three point anatomical design that gives you excellent visibility, decreases punch force, and is perfect for demanding sparring sessions.

This Cleto Reyes Headgear is a well-constructed light headgear perfect for other combat sports like- MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other contact sports. Cleto Reyes’s conventional headgear has a hook and loop fastener system on the back of your head, a versatile chin strap for a customized fit, and a lace-up top.

Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear is available in many colors for men and women-

  • Black,
  • Brilliant Yellow,
  • Citrus Green,
  • Classic Red,
  • Electric Blue,
  • Metallic Purple,
  • Pink,
  • Silver Bullet,
  • Solid Gold,
  • Tiger Orange, and
  • White

Cleto Reyes’s headgear has a higher price tag because of the highest design, construction, and material quality. But you will get it for a lower price on; you can check the price up there.


  • Handmade with authentic leather for optimal performance
  • Non-obstructive nylon face bar
  • Maximum protection from injuries
  • A chin strap for a customized fit
  • Lace up top head guard
  • Top-rated competition and sparring headgear
  • Excellent vision
  • Best headgear brand on the market


  • The price tag is higher, but there is a budget discount on Amazon

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MaxxMMA Headgear Black L/XL for Best Boxing MMA Training Kickboxing Sparring Karate Taekwondo

MaxxMMA Headgear is one of the most premium boxing headgears. MaxxMMA is a very popular brand that makes top-quality gear like boxing gloves and other boxing equipment. This is one of their most sought-after products. Let’s take a look at all the features of MaxxMMA boxing headgear.

MaxxMMA Headgear Black L/XL for Boxing MMA Training Kickboxing Sparring Karate Taekwondo


MaxxMMA boxing headgear comes with shock absorbing inner foams that are multi-layer foam. This headgear protects your chin, cheeks, forehead, ears, and back of your head. In a way, it gives 360 degree coverage.

It is a full cheek shielding headgear. The thick, shock-reducing foam gives you superior protection. It gives you the good visibility that you need in competition and hard sparring session. MaxxMMA boxing headgear can also be used as MMA, training headgear, Kickboxing, Sparring, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and mixed martial art. In all these high steak combat sports, the padding is enough to protect you from harm.

MaxxMMA boxing headgears come with a relatively affordable price tag, and you can buy them in many sizes. The prominent size points are large and extra large. But people have bought these for their kids, and they fit perfectly. You can buy one of these as well and earn the protection you need in an arduous sparring session!


  • Excellent visibility gear for boxing & MMA
  • Head guards padding saves you from bruises and cuts
  • Keep your head safe with the best protection
  • Great level of protection for sparring, MMA, training headgear, Kickboxing, Sparring, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, mixed martial
  • Cheek defence, with head protection for sparring


  • The chin protection could have been better

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Venum Elite Innovative and Best Performance Quality Boxing Headgear

This is another Venum Boxing headgear on our list. We have already made it clear why Venum is one of the most premium brands of boxing gears in the world today. Venum Elite Headgear stands up to that standard, and here are the features that make it possible for them to do that.

Venum Elite Headgear


The Venum Elite Headgear is one of the most premium boxing headgears that gives you the perfect protection for your boxing training and competition. This provides the highest quality of protection from intense punches, vicious blows, and elbows during the training and games.

It is made with skintex leather which is an engineered leather with all the best qualities of leather possible. It has triple density foam protection that gives your excellent shock absorption and excellent control. It disperses shock through the foam padding.

Venum Elite Headgear comes with a full face coverage design that gives you full cranial protection. The design allows you to see 180 degree view and so you can plan your move according to what you see and react or retaliate.

Venum Elite Headgear is made with 100% pure skintex or vinyl leather. This gives it the best durability and lightweight which is very necessary when it comes to boxing and heavy sparring sessions.

The face design allows ventilation and excellent vision for your plan of attack. You can plan your retaliation without worrying about getting hurt. The foam padding is of triple-density for maximum protection. You can use this for the best performance you have ever given and even add some more to that. The ultimate shock absorbing capability of this headgear makes it a class apart.

There are reinforced ear protection covers for protecting your ears during a game and sparring session. It can take a punch and disperse it across.

Venum Headgear ensures ventilation through the open top mesh design; this ensures moisture evacuation and perspiration. This handmade headgear comes with a flexible 2 way Velcro closure strap with no slip fit.

Venum Elite Headgear comes in 8 different colors.

  • Black and Gold
  • Black and white
  • Grey
  • Khaki and black
  • Navy Blue and white
  • White and black
  • White and Gold, and
  • White and white

The price of this headgear is a bit higher than other boxing headgears. Still, it is a premium product with all the best features. It is durable, so this will be a purchase for the long term, and you will get your money’s worth. It is the most premium headgear on our list.


  • Skintex leather for optimal performance, made in Thailand
  • Headgear for sparring with flexible two sided Velcro closure
  • Maximum protection from cuts and bruises
  • Triple density foam padding to save from hard shots
  • Excellent vision 180 degrees, no risk
  • Best headgear brand on the market


  • Headgear might be expensive for a few

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Sanabul Essential Best MMA Boxing Kickboxing Training Headgear

Sanabul Essential Boxing Headgear is another premium headgear on our list. Sanabul is a popular brand when it comes to making excellent boxing and MMA gear. They feature their alumnus of UFC athletes and champions like Michael Bisping, Sean O’Malley, TJ Dillashaw, and more. Let’s see why it warrants such high reviews from the users and customers.

Sanabul Essential MMA Boxing Kickboxing Training Headgear


Sanabul Boxing headgear is a perfect fit headgear for all kinds of combat sports. It is made with engineered leather. As we know, engineered leather is one of the best materials when it comes to making durable boxing gear like boxing gloves, boxing bags, and so on.

This boxing headguard features a hook & loop fastener system that is very convenient for training headgear and competition boxing headgears.

Sanabul essential headgear covers your whole head and gives you 360 degree protection during your matches and sparring sessions. It covers your head, cheek, and chin from impact.

The foam features shock absorbing Impact dura shock foam that can absorb most of the punches and even kicks to the head. This is the perfect headgear for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Martial arts, MMA, and other sports.

This boxing headgear features a closure system that fits almost all heads. This is a full face headgear that doesn’t impede your field of view or limit your movement by any imaginable measure.

The fitting of the headgear is a Velcro strap on the back of the head. This gives extra stability and durability to the headgear during a fight or training session.

Sanabul headgear comes in many colors and many sizes. You can buy these for yourself, your kids, and your spouse.

The price of Sanabul essential headgear is affordable for most people. You can buy it as a gift for others as well.


  • Impact dura shock foam for absorbing shock
  • Competition-worthy headgear
  • Face bar head guards
  • Full face protection with thick padding for cheek safeguarding
  • An affordable option for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Martial arts
  • Lightweight


  • Visibility can be an issue with people with smaller heads

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Ringside Competition-Like Best Headgear for Boxing with Cheek protection

Ringside is also a very famous brand for making boxing gears around the world. They make premium boxing gloves, boxing hand wraps, boxing punching bags, punch mitts, and so on. This is headgear from such a professional product line. Let’s see what this one is packing.

Ringside Headgear for boxing with Cheek protection


This is cheek protection headgear for boxing training. The design is sleek and curved, contoured for maximum protection, and protects your head and face with top notch protection.

Ringside headgear is made with durable leather that gives you a durable service life with excellent dexterity and top quality performance.

The foam that is used for this is a laminated foam system that disperses the punch impacts through the foam. It is very useful for hard sparring sessions and gyms. It is a suitable Ringside headgear for your gym, MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and other contact sports.

The fastening on this headgear is a hook and loop closure system that is the most reliable fastening system and is very easy to put on and take off.

This is a top rated headgear. But, keep in mind, Ringside has specified that this is not boxing headgear for competition. It is adequately padded for grueling sparring and training sessions, but it is not ideal for competition.

The price point of the Ringside headgear is dependent on the sizes and colors. It comes in eight colors.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Mexican flag
  • Red
  • Red, white and blue
  • USA Flag and
  • White

The Ringside Boxing headgear is affordable, and the service it provides is an exemplary benchmark for others to follow.


  • Boxing headgear for sparring and training
  • Cheek-shielding headgear no more getting hit
  • Headgear available in all sizes
  • The durable leather head guard
  • Good headgear, Comes in 8 colors
  • Quality headgear with hook & loop system
  • Genuine leather construction training headgear
  • Suitable for all fighting sports


  • Not suitable for competition (look up B07G4ZCLBL)

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Hayabusa T3 Best Adjustable Boxing Headgear

Hayabusa T3 is the next boxing headgear on our list. Hayabusa is also a famous brand when it comes to boxing gears. They manufacture the top-rated boxing gears, and Hayabusa T3 is very much one of their best.

Hayabusa T3 Adjustable Boxing Headgear


Hayabusa T3 is a heavily padded boxing headgear for training purposes. It offers superior protection for your head, face, cheek, and forehead.

Hayabusa T3 features a streamlined design that protects your most vulnerable places. It doesn’t constrict your movement and doesn’t feel like an overweight object on your face.

Hayabusa T3 gives you a wide range of vision with zero problems. The cheek guards are lowered to give you excellent vision, allowing you to move like a butterfly.

Hayabusa T3 comes with an adjustable chin strap. This makes fitting the T3 easier and more secure. There is a T cross closure; this patented design is better than the hook & loop. This allows you to focus on the training more.

Hayabusa T3 is made with Vylar engineered leather, which is an artificial leather with all the best qualities of leather, minus the higher price. It is as durable as real leather, as strong, and as comfortable. This leather is sweat resistant, and doesn’t wear or tear easily.

Hayabusa T3 comes with a soft inner lining and soft interior for supreme fit and comfort during training. There are vented breathable mesh ear coverings for your convenience. This allows ventilation and hearing. You can move as fast as you can and want with the Hayabusa T3 on.

Hayabusa T3 is compact. It comes without the bulkiness of traditional headgear but with more protection. This streamlined design gives you a wide view and lightweight headgear.

The Hayabusa t3 comes with multi-layered foam technology padding for superior protection. This takes many punches and disperses the impact through the foam while keeping you safe and snug. Hayabusa T3 Mexican Style headgear gives you the freedom to plan your move in the game. It can give you a long sparring bout without worrying about getting hurt.

Hayabusa T3 is a Beginner/ intermediate/advanced level headgear with maximum protection. The price tag of Hayabusa T3 Mexican-style boxing headgear is a reasonable range. With the quality of protection and material, this doesn’t feel overpriced by any stretch of the imagination. It pleased the customers and suffices for the experts. And we stand by them.


  • Vylar engineered leather Mexican style headgear
  • Cheek barrier
  • Vented mesh ear coverings
  • The adjustability of the chin strap for a customized fit
  • Patented T cross closure on outer shell for optimal performance
  • The soft inner lining and soft interior
  • Excellent vision


  • The price tag is a bit higher

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Title Boxing Aerovent USA Best Boxing Competition Headgear

Title Boxing Aerovent USA Boxing Competition Headgear is next on our best boxing headgear list. This is an advanced headgear for professionals. It is a  first-rate product that comes very highly recommended by experts. Let’s see why!

Title Boxing Aerovent USA Boxing Competition Headgear


Title Boxing Aerovent USA Boxing Competition Headgear comes with genuine full-grain leather. This makes the headgear last long, extra long, as the other boxing headgears. There are integrated Aerovent panels that offer faster drying, cooler performance, and hygienic headgear.

There are inside lining that is non slip, giving you extra comfort while in a competition boxing fight. This ensures moisture wicking headgear that stays dry for a long time, even during a fight.

An adjustable leather chin strap with buckles, lace top, and twin elastic extra wide double hook and loop closure system for the back of the head security straps gives you a perfect custom fit.

The padding is made with four layers of foam, called 4-layer sandwich foam. This padding is USA Boxing Approved. It gives you perfect and exceptional blow absorption and maximum coverage. Also, the cheek protection is sleek and covers most of the face.

This Title Headgear doesn’t block your vision while not compromising your protection. This stylish headgear is recommended by experts and pro boxers alike.

Title Boxing Aerovent Headgear comes in all the sizes and four colors. The price tag is really affordable; considering the quality, it is very much a good bargain. You can buy this headgear for yourself, your loved ones, and your kids. You can be sure of the level of protection that this product provides.


  • Full grain leather exterior
  • Cheek safety
  • Integrated Aerovent inset panels on sides and back
  • Chinstrap with buckles, lace top
  • Twin elastic extra wide double hook & loop system for a custom fit
  • The soft inner lining and soft interior
  • Four layers of foam, called 4-layer sandwich foam
  • Top quality professional headgear
  • Excellent vision


  • The price tag is a bit higher

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RDX Best Removable Face Grill Boxing Headgear

This brand was born in the late 1990s when the MMA industry expanded. Unlike other companies at the time, they had a distinct aim in mind. Rather than mass-producing subpar goods at exorbitant prices, they sought to create alternatives that were more accessible while yet offering superior quality. To date, they have done an excellent job of accomplishing this aim. Boxing, MMA, and other fighting-related gear and apparel may all be found under this umbrella brand, which offers a wide range of products for all price ranges.

RDX Boxing Headgear


In terms of coverage and protection, the RDX Boxing Headgear is superior to many of its competitors. You won’t be worried about incurring serious injuries during practice sessions thanks to many layers of impact-absorbing components. This product has a detachable face shield. This will enable you to fine-tune the amount of security you’re receiving. The ears, cheekbones, and forehead will be well-protected even if you don’t use the face shield. All parts of your skull will be well-protected, of course, thanks to the headgear.

Maya skin leather is used to make the outer shell of this object. This fabric is both extremely durable and quite comfy. It’s also aesthetically pleasing. This isn’t the most significant part in terms of materials.

Shock absorption is a priority for RDX, which employs many levels of foam & gel. As a result, you will experience less of an impact. Additionally, the three layer of high-impact padding is strong and durable. A long period will pass before the amount of safety this item provides deteriorates. Velcro is used to keep the face mask in place.

This piece of gear has the added benefit of allowing you to customize the degree of protection you receive while wearing it. If you want complete protection, you may remove the detachable face shield. You’ll be shielded from head to toe. You can detach the headgear if you don’t want as much security and still have adequate protection. . It is crucial to remember that if you do not use the face shield portion of this item, you would not get as much coverage at the chin.

You’ll be able to breathe easily with this item. Some parts of RDX have been designed to increase airflow. The RDX Boxing Headgear is a premium headgear for most boxers, and the price point makes it accessible to most people.



  • Adequate Protection for Whole face
  • Padded, and foamed with several layers
  • Helps prevent serious injuries


  • Sizing can be an issue for many people, make sure you get your size

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Buying Guide for Best Boxing Headgear

Buying anything can be hard work, even more so if you are looking to buy anything online. But that is no reason to ignore the convenience of online shopping. It has made life easier beyond imagination.

So, how to go about doing your thing? Well, one way is to research the product that you are going to buy. That is a time-consuming job; you have to read up on the features, and the details of products and then select a product. It is hard. Another way is to look at the reviews of other users and customers. This is easier and more convenient. But that also takes a lot of your time.

Well, we have an easy solution for you here. We have gone through the reviews and have read up on the features that make boxing headgear the best. We have collected expert opinions and have shortlisted the highest reviewed boxing headgears for you based on those.

There are many features of boxing headgear that make it more functional and useful. There are many types as well. In addition, there are a variety of materials that boxing headgears are made of. We will discuss all that and more in our compact and comprehensive buying guide section.

Let’s see what we need to keep in mind-


Boxing Headgear Materials

Boxing headgears are made with several materials that give them durability and protection and functionality, and longevity. Each of the materials is designed for specific fighting styles and specific longevity.

The two main types of material boxing headgears are genuine leather, synthetic leather, and faux leather. The price range on the three varies widely because of the materials.

1. Real Leather

Genuine Leather is made from pure animal hides. High density leather is made from the skin of cattle, buffalo, or oxen. Each piece of genuine leather has some distinguishing feature that is also sometimes the mark of authenticity. The feel of the original leather is rich and soft.

Genuine leather is durable and flexible. It lasts long and doesn’t wear or tear with age. This is why high density leather construction is a very useful and desired headgear material. Some also cost a bit more than others.

Real leather is waterproof, which is vital when it comes to boxing gears. Boxing causes sweat that can damage the boxing headgear. A material like real leather can be very useful in such cases.

Authentic leather has a high shock absorption rate. Aside from the padding (we will get to padding later), shock absorption is a very important consideration for boxing headgear.

2. Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is also known as polyurethane leather or PU leather. These are made with polyurethane, which is plastic. It feels the same as leather, almost as same, and is not obtained from any animal. It is manufactured.

Synthetic leather is cheaper than real leather. Although it feels the same and looks almost the same, manufactured leather doesn’t last as long as real leather. The two do not age the same way as well.

Because of the look and functionality, and cheap price, PU leather has made its way into fashion and sports gear. These are durable but not as durable as leather.  This is the reason many brands use synthetic leather for their boxing gears.

3. Faux Leather

A fabric basis, such as polyester, was used to make fake leather. Faux leather is ultra-leather because it is soft and long-lasting. It is a premium grade fabric with the elegance and beauty of genuine leather. The fabric has a wax, dye, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyurethane texture with an imitation leather finish.

It’s made to seem like true leather, but the leather synthetic’s surface is consistent. It differs from PU leather in that certain varieties of faux leather are called bicast, implying that they contain actual leather. Due to the fact that bicast leather is partially comprised of genuine leather. It possessed characteristics of both sorts of leather.

This is the reason many brands use faux leather as their material for making many types of gear that are cheap and durable. Many boxing headgears are made with faux leather because of the service and durability as well as affordability.

These are the three main types of materials made into boxing headgears, but there are other materials. Those are not as common and are not as durable and functional as these three.


Types of boxing headgear

There are many types of boxing headgears on the market. Each of the types has very vital uses in a different types of boxing needs. We will discuss the types now.

I. Open face headgear

Open face Headgears are made for hot climates. This allows maximum airflow to the face and lets you feel free.

Open face headgears are designed to provide protection for your chin and the temple; it protects the top of your head.

These are lightweight headgear with the best chin and head protection; open face headgear gives you excellent visibility and doesn’t obstruct your vision.

The downsides of open face headgears are that it doesn’t have nose protection and eye protection. This can lead to bruises and cuts to the area, and often black eyes and nose bleeding. But because the open headgear ensures flexibility and the ability to move the boxer’s head, you can avoid these punches easily. Open face headgears are perfect for beginners; some professionals prefer this headgear.

These give you a perfect balance between protection, speed, and comfort; we have covered a few open face headgears on our list.

These are the best, top of the class boxing headgears for beginners and professionals. You can use any of these without having to worry about the quality. The boxing headgears we have covered come very highly recommended by users, customers, and experts. We stand by their choice.

II. Full Face headgear

Full Face Headgear, as the name suggests, covers your whole face. It covers your whole head and has a thick strap of added protection layer that runs parallel towards the front and back, covering your face and nose from punches.

Many professionals, such as Manny ‘the Pac-Man’ Pacquiao, preferred this type of headgear because of the level of protection they provided.

Full face headgears protect you from any damage and bruises, and cuts. The thick layer protects your eyes and nose from a direct punch. Moreover, it protects you from black eyes and a bleeding nose. It also protects your jaws from vicious punches and harm.

The only thing that can be construed as a negative is that this restricts your movement slightly. You cannot shift your head as easily as you might want to with these headgears.

III. Cheek Protection Headgear

These headgears are in the perfect balance between the protection of full face headgears and open face headgears. You may have seen these headgears in the passing or on TV because this is the most popular type of headgear out there. It is used in gyms and in fights as well.

As the name suggests, these headgears protect your cheek. With two pieces of padding, it protects your cheeks from cuts and bruises. You can get protection from the black eye as well. These do not block your field of vision as much and allow you to shift your head easily.

You need to select the right size for this headgear, of course. You will find a size guide here, as we go along with the buying guide.

Our list comes with all three types of headgear. We have selected them based on everything we have covered in the buying guide and according to user and customer recommendations. We reviewed the best!


Styles of Headgears

There are many styles of headgears that are specific to different kinds of contact sports. Combat sports like MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Martial Arts require gear like headgears and gloves.

It is necessary to determine whether what you are buying corresponds to the sport you are looking to use it for. However, these gears are often interchangeable; that is, you can use one sports gear for another sport with almost a similar effect and protection. You can use your headgear for MMA and Muay Thai.

Let’s see the different styles of headgears on the market.

i. Competition Headgear

These boxing headgears have slimmer pads and less cheek padding. Competition headgears feature spaces that allow excellent vision and more freedom to move your upper body. These competition headgears are light, but the padding has greater shock absorbing capability.

Often the padding comes with triple density, gel, and other shock absorption technology. For the amount of padding, these top notch competition headgears are light and very effective in stopping punches.

Competition headgears are more expensive but offer more protection for your face, eyes, cheek, and nose. The foam padding is often very dense and can not let you feel any punches.

ii. Sparring Headgear

Sparring headgears are headgears for sparring, as the name obviously suggests. These offer more protection through thicker padding and a face bar for your long and tough sparring sessions. The face bar of sparring headgears can often protect your nose from impacts, but some people find it somehow can block the field of vision. There are sparring headgears without the face bar option.

They offer protection for your head, chin, and cheek and give you excellent vision at the same time.

iii. Muay Thai Headgear

Muay Thai headgears are different. But you can use them interchangeably mainly because muay Thai headgears have more protection than boxing headgears. The fighting style is different; elbow strikes and high kicks are allowed in Muay Thai; for this reason, Muay Thai helmets need to have thick padding with a high shock absorption rate.

iv. MMA Headgear

MMA headgears are different than tournament headgear, sparring headgear, and Muay Thai headgear. Unlike the other combat sports, MMA has grabbing and grappling. This makes MMA more physically challenging and often more straining. There is smashing on the grounds of MMA. So, the MMA headgears need to correspond to that as well.

The MMA Headgear needs to have even thicker padding and more foam to protect your head from these falls and strikes. You can use your MMA headgear as boxing headgears, but vice versa is not safe.



Suppose you intend to compete in amateur boxing tournaments. In that case, you must wear headgear that has been certified by the USA Boxing Association. What is the best way to tell if a piece of headgear is certified? It will have the white rectangular patch stitched onto the padding someplace, or if it is not evident in the photographs, the certification will be expressly stated in the web description.

Even if you do not intend to compete in boxing, the certification should instill confidence in you regarding the quality of the headgear you choose.


Proper Fit

It is vital to have properly fitting headgear to get the most out of its performance and safety. When you wear your headgear too loosely, it can move around during sparring, impairing your vision and increasing your chances of absorbing a serious blow. Make use of the sizing guides provided by each manufacturer, and check to see that the laces and chin straps are of high quality. Remember that headgear, like any other piece of equipment, must be broken in overtime, which is why getting it properly fitted from the beginning is so crucial.


Inner Lining

It is vital to have properly fitting headgear to get the most out of its performance and safety. When you wear your headgear too loosely, it can move around during sparring, impairing your vision and increasing your chances of absorbing a serious blow. Make use of the sizing guides provided by each manufacturer, and check to see that the laces and chin straps are of the highest quality. Remember that headgear, like any other piece of equipment, must be broken in overtime, which is why getting it properly fitted from the beginning is so crucial.


Chin Straps

Before purchasing any headgear, take note of the type of chin straps and fasteners its features. A chin strap with a buckle type is significantly more secure than a chin strap with a Velcro design.

The hook and loop style straps can stretch and become loose during use, whereas a buckle will not budge at any point. The top closure follows the same principles as the bottom closure. In general, headgear worn with a lace-up strap is more secure than a hook and loop clasp. If any of the straps slide or stretch, it puts the fighter’s life in danger if the headgear slips or settles down to the point where it impacts the competition.

There are many types of Chin Straps enclosure systems.

1) Velcro Strap

Velcro straps are easier to put on and take off. These allow a tighter fit for all head sizes and shapes. Most Velcro strap boxing headgears have a tight fitting with the opportunity to move your neck and head more easily. This strap often comes with a hook and loop system.

2) Lace up strap

Lace up straps take longer to put on, but they provide extra protection. These can fit almost all heads, and the lace strap often comes with a hook & loop enclosure system. A lace strap often needs another person to put on.


Padding Coverage

This is one of the most vital issues that must be answered when purchasing or wearing headgear. Increasing the amount of padding covered provides superior protection for your face, eyes, and nose. Still, it does so at the sacrifice of your peripheral vision. As previously said, the best defense is to avoid being hit, and adding more padding does not help in this regard. In order to accommodate this, competition headgear typically includes smaller cheek padding and no nose or chin pad.

Consider the following: even if you are hit, you can at least partially avoid getting hit directly if you see the punch coming. This is particularly true when it comes to hooks and uppercuts, which are both effective. A jab is visible because it originates immediately in front of you. In contrast, a hook or uppercut originates in your peripheral vision, where bulky padding might make it difficult to notice.


Gel or Padding

MMA gloves, boxing gloves, hand wraps, and headgear feature gel padding as a popular alternative to traditional foam padding. Even after repeated blows, the gel does not show signs of compression. It is also said to be more effective at dissipating the impact force of a punch or a kick than other materials. Some fighters swear by gel headgear padding, claiming that when they switched from foam to gel, the stiffness they had experienced from using good padding, allowed them to continue their training.


Size and weight

Thicker padding creates a wider target for blows, but it also makes it more difficult for the fighter to move and escape punches. Consequently, this is yet another trade-off that a boxer must make. However, while thinner padding gives less cushioning, the feeling of lightness, agility, and confidence that you gain from training can be invaluable.

Similarly, headgear with nose bars or mouth bars typically weighs more than other headgear because of the additional protection it provides. Many factors contribute to this, but higher-quality headgear is typically lighter as well as more comfortable.

Here is a size chart for your boxing headgear purchase-

Size Dimension
Small 19.5 inches to 20.5 inches
Medium 20 inches to 22 inches
Large 22.5 inches to 23 inches
Extra large 23.5 inches to 24 inches



When it comes to picking the right helmet, having good sight is crucial. In general, headgear will give maximum protection while allowing for the least amount of visibility. Wearing a helmet is a trade-off that must be considered: is the head protection worth losing your vision?

The inability to detect approaching punches or kicks is definitely a major issue. If the helmet you’re wearing reduces your visibility to the point that you’re taking more punches or kicks, it’s probably not the appropriate fit. More punches and kicks to the head might result in more serious brain injury.

It’s critical to get headgear that gives good protection and visibility to fight against hits from all angles.

The thickness of cheek and forehead padding in headgear is the deciding element when it comes to visibility. Greater padding equals more protection, but it also means less peripheral vision, which means you won’t be able to see from key angles.


Final Thoughts

The products we have selected are based on customer reviews and expert opinions on the best features. We have carefully selected and managed the list to match the best features with the highest customer satisfaction.

We understand that there may be other products that are deserving of a place on the list. We don’t negate the possibility that we have missed some good products. But that is only because the products lack enough reviews that we have made the bar for entry on our list.

Even then, we would appreciate it if you would take the time to tell us about your favorite product on and off this list. We will look into the product that you would suggest, and if possible, write about that as well.

We appreciate your comments, suggestions, and feedback. You can write to us through our website, or through email (data protected by our privacy policy).

Each of the products is given with linking to Inc. You can check them out, check the prices, and maybe even buy them from there if you find it satisfactory.

That is all for today; always remember to wear protective gear while boxing!



Which headgear is the best?

Ans: As we have found in our study, Winning fg2900 Boxing Headgear is the best. But there are other premium options, like MaxxMMA, Sanabul, Venum Challenger and Venum Elite, Cleto Reyes, Hayabusa T3, etc., best.

What headgear do boxers use?

Ans: Headgears are not mandatory for boxers during international competitions. In fact, some competition rules do not allow boxers to wear headgears at all.

Is headgear worse in boxing?

Ans: Some research has suggested that using headgear doesn’t give as much protection during competition. But it is necessary for training and sparring and amateur boxing.

Do pro boxers use headgear?

Pro boxers use headgear while training and sparring, but most competition doesn’t allow using headgear.

How can Headgear Help Protect Your Head?

Ans: Headgears come with padding that protects the most sensitive parts of your head.

Does Headgear Prevent Concussions?

Ans: Headgear prevents direct blows to the head; this protects you from bruises and cuts. Concussions are different types of injuries that are not always caused by a blow to the head. While it is suggested that headgears do not protect you from concussions, it is recommended that you use headgears.

What is the best padding for the headgear?

Multi layered foam padding, and gel padding are the best padding for headgear.

Should I train in my competition headgear?

Ans: Competition headgears are light and have little padding because these need to aid your mobility; training headgears are not like that. You can use the competition headgear for training, but it is not recommended.

What is the Difference between Boxing vs. Muay Thai vs. MMA Headgear?

Ans: We have covered this in our buying guide; please refer to that.

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