Heavy Bag vs. Double end bag, which is better

Double end bag vs Heavy bag: Guide for New Boxers

A variety of punching bag styles are available depending on the sport you’re practicing for as well as your preferences. It’s possible that an athlete whose primary goal is to increase speed, reflex, and response time may be better served by something other than a heavy bag. You won’t be using a speed bag to clean up your front kicks. Kickboxing and Muay Thai are two different martial arts, and the finest bag for one may not work for the other.

Like the rest of your sports gear, your punching bag should be tailored to your specific athletic goals. Your training will succeed if you know what you need in terms of style, size, and substance.

The punching bag is the most important piece of training equipment for every young boxer, mixed martial artist, or fighter. Punching and kicking methods may be fine-tuned with the use of practice targets as punching bags.


Heavy Bag

It is common for these heavy-duty punching bags to be hung from the ceiling so that they may take the most punishment possible. When it comes to developing the overall punching and kicking technique, heavy bags are the best option. There are a variety of forms and sizes to choose from when it comes to hefty bags. They are normally suspended from a chain, swivel, or rope and can weigh between 30 and 200 pounds. Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, karate, and more may all benefit from this type of bag.

There are many types of heavy bags-


Muay Thai Heavy Bag

When it comes to practicing low kicks and knee strikes, the Muay Thai Heavy Bag is a distinct kind of heavy bag. Muay Thai and mixed martial arts practitioners frequently employ these bags.


Round Heavy Bag

To target certain body punches, short spherical or teardrop-shaped heavy bags might be employed. For instance, if you’re looking for a heavyweight bag to help you develop more precise kicks and punches, you can choose a “wrecking ball” heavy bag.


Angle Heavy Bag

Top-heavy-angle bags are often designed with a wide upper section and a narrower lower section. Straight punches, hooks, uppercuts, and body strikes may all be improved using one of these punching bags.


Heavy Bag Benefits

The best thing about the heavy bag is that you may hit it with all of your strength, and it will respond back with the same force. Stress may be relieved by whacking a heavy bag with all your might after a hard day at the office, regardless of whether or not you’ve ever boxed before.

Anyone can hit the bag hard and get a terrific workout, regardless of skill level. To get a good workout on the heavy bag, you don’t have to be Floyd Mayweather. For a high-intensity aerobic and cardiac workout, all you need is a few excellent throws.

It’s easy to become addicted to hitting the heavy bag once you get the hang of it. After only one training session, you’ll be looking up different punch combinations and methods online to sharpen your boxing skills and increase your stamina, endurance, and fitness.

Using a heavy bag is an excellent way to increase your punching power when you’re just starting out. Your punching strength and force will increase as you learn to punch with improved technique, creating the power from your feet and then turning it through your hips.

The arms are the primary focus of a heavy bag workout, but the rest of the body may benefit from it as well. Toned, ripped, and strong arms may be seen as a result of the continual labor from the heavy bag, which burns all the fat accumulated in them.


Double end bags

The double-end heavy bag has a unique design like the angled bag but with two dramatic angles. As a result, fighters may practice body-to-head combos because the bag’s shape resembles an opponent’s.

An elastic string connects the Double End bag to the roof and the ceiling, forming a compact round ball. A new form of training is provided by this technique, which causes the bag to swivel swiftly when struck.

The double end bag is available in two styles: the standard one-ball version and the Mexican two-ball design, which allows for a wider range of punches.


Benefits of Double-end heavy bags

In terms of rebound, a double end bag is quite comparable to a reflex punching bag. Using them can assist you in enhancing your reflexes and your ability to land punches.

In part, this is because the bags move so quickly. Boxers may improve their speed and rhythm by doing this, which allows them to out-duel their opponents.

Punches don’t always land on their intended target. The fighter will miss a lot of blows with this bag, but they will learn how to respond and conserve energy when they do. Their training also includes teaching the fighters the proper technique for delivering their strikes.

Professional boxers are the most common users of double-ended punching bags. Using this bag can assist boxers in developing their precision while throwing punches, which increases their strength.

A double-end heavy bag may be put up in various ways, including a wall mount, a ceiling mount, or a bag stand, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home. Double-ended heavy bags endure a long time, and they are easy to store when not in use.

A double-end heavy bag should be in every gym, regardless of whether it’s for weights or boxing, and with a little research, you can even set one up at home.

The heavy bag is the best option if you are looking for good cardio exercise. The double end bag is a superior training tool for boxers who wish to enhance their skills in the ring.

It’s easier to blast away with the heavy bag, but you may also practice blocking and slipping approaching blows with the double end bag. The double end bag is a great technique for anticipating where the bag will drop and hitting it with a strong punch or combination while also getting your hand-eye coordination.

With straight 1-2 punches, you may boost your speed since you must move quickly to keep the double end bag moving and the workouts running easily. There are several ways that you may improve your reaction time as the ball is rushing towards you. For example, you can get into a rhythm by doing a 1-2 and then a slip to improve your reflexes.

However, Double End Bags aren’t as long-lasting as their heavier counterparts due to their lighter weight. Even if you don’t hit it hard enough, a double-end bag will wear down far faster than a heavy bag will, even if you don’t hit it hard enough.

Inflating a football-shaped sphere requires more care and attention than a heavy bag because it is loaded with air and will deflate with time, exactly like a baseball.


Final Words

Both of these bags should be accessible at the same time. Using a heavy bag allows you to throw more combinations of punches since it can withstand more force, endure longer, and allow you to improve your footwork.

Using the double end bag is a great way to work on speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. The double end bag is perhaps the most popular, but the Heavy bag is the most practical.

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