Get The Best Double End Bag For Speed Boxing: When It Comes To Boxing, The Speed Is Everything!

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Boxing is a game that is very close to our hearts here in the United States and other places around the world because boxing is a game that runs very close to the American Value! Boxing teaches us the worth of persistence, perseverance, hard work, and dedication.

In this article, we will review a great boxing gear that helps us grow these qualities. We are looking for the best double end punching bag; we have selected the best-rated, highest-reviewed double end bag on the market. We have shortlisted them and given those to you in a compact list. In addition, we’ve attached a buyer’s guide for you so that you know the criteria to find the bags for punching.


Best Double End Bags Reviewed:  Our Top 8 Picks

These best double end bags are our top picks. You can be sure of the quality of these products because they come highly recommended by customers.


TOCO FREIDO Best Reviewed Double End Punching Ball Bag

Because of the reviews and ratings, TOCO Freido is one of the best double end bags. This speed bag is made with PU leather (polyurethane cowhide premium leather) that has 4 layers of poly cotton material. It is very durable and long lasting.

TOCO FREIDO Double End Punching Ball - best double end bag


The inner bladder is made with thickened rubber; it is double stitched and has triangle seams for extra protection. The ball is inflatable and is anti leakage also.

This double end bag comes with 2 difficulty levels for your training. You will get a headband with an attached ball for harder training. This is a piece of perfect solo training equipment for increasing your reaction, speed, skill, eye-hand coordination, and agility. You can use this punching ball for MMA, boxing, punching training, and other workout routines.

The ball also comes with a durable rubber bungee cord for an extra fast rebound. It is height adjustable and wear resistant. The package comes with 1 double end ball, 2 reflection balls, 1 air pump, 1 headband. You will get two super elastic ropes, and snap hooks to set the punching ball.

This double end bag would be a perfect training set for you, your spouse, your kids, and even the elderly. The price range on these double end bags for punching is affordable, and it is a perfect gift item. You can use this as a piece of workout equipment as well!


  • Highest reviewed double end bag
  • PU leather double end bag with no ripping
  • Synthetic leather double end striking bag
  • PU leather shell best combinations
  • High quality construction bag design
  • Heavy duty rubber bladder, suitable bungee cords made of rubber
  • Speed training triple reinforced double end bag comes
  • The bag allows 2 difficulty levels
  • Mixed Martial art bags, latex bladder strike
  • Double end striking bag comes with a headband for timing and accuracy


  • No warranty information is available on this double end striking bag

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Ringside Best Designed Double End Bag for Boxing

Ringside double end bag from Ringside is made with leather. This Ringside leather bag will help you improve your punch and fast responses. Ringside leather construction makes sure it is a durable and wear proof bag that will last a long time.

Ringside Double End Bag for Boxing


Ringside double end bag is a high quality leather bag that will help you with sharp reflexes and the best movement you can hope for. It is a top quality leather made bag. You can be sure of the durability because the 1 Ringside leather-made double end bag has longer triple fortified loops. The bag comes with cables for attachment.

Ringside is a very famous brand among professionals and trainers as well as novices. It is very dependable, and they care about its quality more than anything.

The price of this bag depends on their sizes, 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch, and they are reasonable and affordable. There are sizes available for you, your kids, and your spouse.


  • Top quality all leather construction
  • Real leather
  • New triple reinforced top and bottom loops size of the bag
  • Double end bag cables added
  • Sizes available for this double end striking bag


  • No latex bladder

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RDX Best Quality Double End Speed Bag Maya Hide Leather

RDX double end bag is the next premium double end bag on our list. RDX is a famous brand that produces the finest boxing equipment.

RDX Double End Speed Ball Maya Hide Leather


This double end bag is made with Maya hide leather on the outside, and the inside has a twin textile layer. This gives the double end bag durability and tears and crack resistance. You can use this double end bag can take years of punches and kicks from training, MMA training, and Muay Thai training.

This double end bag will help increase hand speed, rhythm, timing, accuracy, and endurance. The whole bag comes with 43 cm with leather hanging hooks; there is a heavy duty nylon strap for maximum adjustability. There are bungee cords made of rubber that allow the best rebound and give you the chance to learn faster response, agility, and quick planning.

RDX double end bag has added flex string for quick movement. The whole package comes with a tough PVC buckle, four metal S rings, and other installation hardware. It is easy to mount, and you can mount it yourself.

RDX double end bag comes with very high quality double end bag gadgets, and it can be used with gloves and bare hands. You can use this double end bag more MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and other fighting technics.

The price point on this double end bag is reasonable, and considering the best quality of the product, it is a very good deal. You can add this to your gifting list for Christmas and other events. It can be used for a workout in your home and even the office!


  • Made with Maya hide leather
  • High quality construction
  • Rubber nylon straps
  • Bungee cords, metal S ring,
  • Sturdy flex string
  • Mimics head movement
  • Speed training triple reinforced double end bag comes with installation hardware
  • V-gravity technology
  • Resilient stitching & lacing


  • The bladder is not replaceable

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MaxxMMA Best Durable Double End Ball, Pump Included

This is another double end bag on our list of bags for boxing. These bags are made with Faux Leather; MaxxMMA makes these bags for Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai.

MaxxMMA Double End Ball, Pump Included


These bags are made with faux leather; they are cheaper and have a durable life. Not as good as high-end leather, but they are good enough.

MaxxMMA bags are best for all types of punch, defensive skills, and footwork. This best equipment is perfect for increasing speed, timing, and developing plans fast.

You can learn dodging, ducking, blocking, and slipping. These bags are very fast because it comes with 2 bungee cords for fast rebounds. The double end bag comes with 2 wall mount hardware to install the bag.

The price point on these bags is very reasonable and affordable. You can use these bags inside your office or home. You can also purchase this for your friends and kids.


  • Leather made of synthetic materials
  • Durable double end speed bag power punches
  • Rubber bungee cords and mounting hardware included
  • Affordable double end speed bag


  • Some products’ elastic bands had some problem

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Mumian Best PU Leather Double End Boxing Bag

Mumian leather balls are designed for MMA fighters, boxing, fighting, and other punching training; these double end bags help your agility, speed, and reflexes.

Mumian PU Leather Double End Boxing Ball

The bags come with a double stitched ball for durability. The punching ball has 2 layers of quality fabrics inside and high quality PU leather. The inner bladder is made with hard rubber; the bladder is a double end with a tight gas nozzle design.

The ball is supported with super elastic double strap thick rope; the rope has a strong service life. It is better for faster rebound and skill development.

This double end punching bag/ball is made with manufactured leather. The total height is 57 inches.

Mumian leather bag comes in a lower price range. You can buy this for your home and office; this is also a perfect gift item.


  • Synthetic leather
  • Durable construction
  • Super elastic rope for mounting, ceiling anchor
  • Affordable double end speed bag compared to others
  • Very cheap


  • The string could have been better

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Ringside Best Mexican Style Double End Boxing Bag

This is another Ringside double end bag, but it is a Mexican Style punch bag. It is different from other products on our list in this regard.

Ringside Mexican Style Double End Bag


This is a Double Double end bag Mexican Style bag. The bag is made with two bags; this increases your focus and agility. It is a bit slow because of the reason, but this helps with your punching angle. You can learn hooks and uppercuts.

This Mexican style double-double end bag is made with genuine leather, this full leather construction with an inner rubber bladder for durability and more punch absorbing capability. There are two cables that come with the bag as mounting hardware.

You can use these bags for learning the fundamentals of boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. This Mexican Style double end bag helps with focus and teaches you faster reflexes.

The price point of this double end bag is a bit higher, but this is made with pure leather, so that will cost a bit more than other bags.


  • Top quality all leather construction
  • Genuine leather
  • Cables for using a double end bag on floor and ceiling
  • A double-double bag with Mexican style


  • The price is a little bit higher

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Cleto Reyes Best Hand Made Double End Bag

This is the most premium, hand made double end bag that is made in Mexico. Cleto Reyes Title Mexican Style Double End Bag uses genuine leather construction to make this double end bag under the highest scrutiny for the highest quality.

Cleto Reyes Double End Bag


The linings are tough nylon linings for the highest durability. The top class leather that Cleto Reyes uses makes it more durable. All of this gives Cleto Reyes Title Mexican style bag the highest punching absorbency. Cleto Reyes double end bad is a teardrop shaped punching bag for extra skill.

This bag comes with mounting equipment. You can use this for other fighting styles like MMA, Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai training. You can use this for a feel-good workout as well.

The price is higher than other opponents. Still, it is a Cleto Reyes double end bag, hand made products from Mexico!


  • Definitely top quality all leather construction quality materials
  • Hand made genuine leather in Mexico
  • Comes with cables
  • Easy installation on floor and ceiling easy posts
  • Teardrop style double end bag
  • One size fits all
  • Speedbag for cardiovascular exercise


  • Price is higher for this premium product

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Everlast Best Striking Double End Bag

Founded in 1910, Everlast is a well-known name in the sport of boxing. Combat sports equipment, boxing gear, and fitness training gear are all offered by this well-known firm in the U.S.

Everlast Double End Striking Bag


It’s composed of high-quality faux leather and built to last thanks to its superb craftsmanship. For two main reasons, it’s critical that the bags you’re hitting isn’t shoddy. First and foremost, you wouldn’t want to be wounded when doing out. Furthermore, you don’t want to ruin your bag by tearing it apart.

With Everlast’s double end punching bag, you wouldn’t have to stress about this because their gear is known for being long-lasting and strong.

This bag’s toughness and suppleness are boosted by its excellent faux leather and outstanding craftsmanship. When it comes to daily use, this is essential.

Using this bag, you may train your dodging as well as your striking by simulating the motions and attacks of an opposition.

To avoid damage to the gloves, the belts are equipped with loops and longer hooks. When you open it, you’ll see that it’s a huge ball with two hooks on either end. You’ll be adding an elastic cable to those hooks.

This bag is so simple to put together, since all of the connections are already attached to the bag, and the additional connections that need to be attached to the bag are a breeze.

Using this bag will not need you to make any extra adjustments to your bag base or accessories to accommodate it.

It has a distinctive shape that’s meant to improve your technique and accuracy while striking the target.

This long-lasting, double-ended hitting bag was made to withstand a lot of damage. With the affordable price point, you can be sure you are getting the most out of it.


  • High Quality Construction
  • Can take a lot of punches
  • Will improve speed and accuracy
  • Easy to install


  • Some products have some factory manufacturing issues

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Buying Guide for Best Double End Bag

The double end bag is useful boxing equipment. A double end ball can help you develop a wide range of boxing skills, accuracy, and coordination. For this reason, you can use these double end balls to learn other related combat sports like MMA as well. These balls are attached to your floor and ceiling, and they rebound with each punch. This helps you with timing, movement, and speed. This is why double end bags are very useful for amateurs and professionals.

These double end bags are small and light and come in a variety of shapes. That’s why you need a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you purchase the best double end bags.


Types of Double End Bags

There are two types of bags on the market: traditional bags, and Mexican style bags. These types are both useful and have some disadvantages when it comes to specific fighting techniques.

i. Traditional Double End Bags

Traditional double end bags come with a single ball. These punch balls are lighter and faster. They are perfect for your speed and accuracy. These speed bags are better for speed punching.

ii. Mexican Style double end bag

Mexican style double end bags come with two balls. These 8 shapes help you speed punch from different angles. These bags are heavier and slower, so it is a bit slower when it comes to training speed. But, this type of double end bag allows more angles and more accuracy.

In essence, a traditional double end bag is the perfect choice for you if you want to improve your speed and accuracy. Mexican style double end bags give you a variety of angles to practice.



Size and diameter are other important buying considerations for double end bags. And, so, you need to consider the size because that will affect the bag’s performance and your performance.

Smaller bags are lighter, and so they move quicker. These bags give you a speedier punching session. Because these bags are smaller, they give you a smaller target to hit, so you get a more accurate session. If you are a bit competent in skill level, you should go for a smaller, lighter bag.

Larger double end bags are a bit heavier and slower. These bags are perfect for a beginner because they are slower and easy to hit.


Material Used

There are a variety of materials for making products. This is one of the more important buying considerations.

The outer shell material is the material that you should inspect. There are genuine leather and synthetic leather. Artificial leather combos are cheaper and moisture resistant, but artificial leather is less durable.

The other material is genuine leather. It is better than manufactured leather and very durable. These bags last longer and serve you longer. Genuine leather-made double end bags are more expensive than advanced man-made leather ones.



Bag shape is also an important consideration as well. There are many shapes of double end bags that you can choose from. The shape of the ball affects the rebound.

Let’s see what different types of shapes are there.

I. Round Ball

Round balls comprise conventional double end bags. These are more beginner bags and easier to use. The movement, and the rebound are more predictable, so it is better for beginners.

II. Oval Shape ball

Oval shaped bags are elongated round balls. These balls are shaped like eggs, and they move differently than round balls. This difference prepares you for the real fights. And so this is a better bag for a bit of seasoned boxer.

III. Mexican Ball

Mexican double end bags have two balls together. As said before, these bags are better for increasing the angle of punching. You can also learn defensive skills as well.

IV. Teardrop bag

These bags are also called speed bags. The shape is a bit odd considering the shapes of other bags. These bags are better for professionals and more seasoned boxers. The odd shape makes it harder to hit and predict the rebound. These bags increase your reflexes.



Brands are an important buying consideration. There are premium brands when it comes to boxing equipment that manufactures high quality boxing equipment. The reason this is a big consideration is the quality check the brands provide. These products are checked very thoroughly, so you know the products are of good quality.

The second reason is that the brands have a commitment to quality. They would protect their reputation, and they will not risk their reputation over a few bucks.


Hanging the Double End Bag

This is a complementary segment for you. We will give you compact tips on how to hang the double end bag. You can save money and do a rad DIY project for yourself.

  1. The bag needs to be set at the right height. It should be at your eye level. This helps you focus and increase hand eye coordination. And the punching angle is a bit higher, so that helps you with stronger punches. This is a smart workout tip as well.
  2. You need to select how fast the bag rebounds. If you want a faster rebound, you can set the bag at a tighter selection. If you want a slower rebound, you can loosen the straps. So, beginners should start with a loose setup because that is easier to hit, and professionals a tight setup.
  3. Your double end bag should be set up in a spacious place. The best way to ensure the best service is to select the place and then look for the double end bag. Because double end bags and punching bags have a rebound, you need the back of the ball free and spacious. This is for your household setup, but not for the gym; gyms are usually spacious.
  4. Practice footwork, and defensive skills as well. Ducking, slipping, and blocking should be practiced with the punches. That is why the rebound is important.


Final Words

Buying boxing gear is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination. You need to know the intricate details of every gear you are looking to buy. That is not readily possible for everyone, especially if you are a beginner. We try to help you with these purchases.

This list of the best double end bag comes from customer reviews and expert opinions. We have shortlisted the best products that have please a lot of people. There is no brand plug here.

If you have other products that you think are the best, we would like to tell you this is not because we didn’t look hard enough; it is because there weren’t many reviews.

But we would like you to send your comments and suggestions to us (email data reserved and protected by our privacy policy); we appreciate you chipping in with us. And always remember to review the products that you buy.



Are double ended bags good?

Ans: Best double end bags are fast and have welted seams, and the rebound helps you learn speed, improve accuracy, and defensive skills like ducking, slipping, and blocking.

How can I make my double end bag better?

Ans: Punch smarter, not harder. If the rebound is within 6 to 12 inches, you will be able to develop quick responses and accurate reactions.

How high should a double end bag be?

Ans: Your double end bag should be at the height of your eyes. The height makes sure you get the best eye-hand coordination vs. speed, and punching angles will make sure you master the head and body punches for your future career.

How long should I hit the double end bag?

Ans: There is no prescribed session length. But it is better if you train for 30 minutes every day. It is better to warm up before.

Is a double end bag a good workout?

Ans: Yes, it’s a great workout, you can burn a whole lot of calories, and you can get a nice toned muscle.

Is it bad to hit the heavy bag every day?

Ans: No, as training and as a workout option, you need to hit a heavy bag every day. It is better to warm up before. That will allow your muscles to be ready for working out.

What do you fill a double end bag with?

Ans: You can use cotton, wool, rice, sand, and many other things. This depends on the level of hardness you want. But keep in mind that it could cause your bags to tear.

What double end punching bag should I get?

Ans: Refer to our list for the top picks and guide for features of the best double end punching bags.

What is the best size double end bag?

Ans: This depends on what you are looking to be trained for. Single smaller bags are better for beginners; heavier bags are faster and can be useful for people with a bit of experience. Mexican style bags help you adjust your punch angles.

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