Best Boxing Trunks To Rule The Ring: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

Best Boxing Trunks featured

You need to move freely during your boxing bouts, but this can only happen while you have the best boxing trunks. If you have chosen the right boxing trunks, you do not need to worry while kicking; otherwise, moving quickly. If your legs are limited or you have a tight waistband, this might irritate you. On the other hand, if your boxing short is too large, you could be in trouble.

Boxing shorts are available in a diverse set of colors, qualities, sizes, and features. But when it comes to shopping, it all depends on your choice. Good quality shorts or trunks permits you to relax and move easily. Good boxing trunks are as significant as you have the best boxing gloves or best boxing hand wraps pair.

Lastly, it’s significant to have the best boxing shorts with appropriate air crossing material. The material must be easily dryable. Sweating and rubbing could harm or can reason bacterial growth on your sensitive parts. Select your best boxing shorts with keen intent and care.


Reviews of Best Boxing Trunks: Our Top 11 Picks

We have meticulously researched to find and review the top-rated boxing trunks so that you can focus all your energy on the boxing ring rather than worrying about what to wear during the match.

Here are our top picks.


Anthem Athletics Infinity Best Boxing Shorts

Anthem Athletics claims their boxing shorts are of better quality associated with other sports brands.  These shorts have 4-way stretch panels with the liberty of movement in mind.

Anthem Athletics Infinity Boxing Shorts


More striking than other conventional boxing trunks, these lightweight trunks use ultra high-grade micro-fiber. It means they are tear-resistant, and you can machine wash these trunks.

The Infinity range boxing shorts include the more aggressive side splits in their structure. It is joined with wider leg openings and works hard to provide the wearer with a full range of motion.

For optimum fitting and comfort, there is an elastic waistband with a drawstring. The shorts are also super lightweight and comfortable because of the non-chafing dual closure.

The style of the shorts is great for boxing training. Unlike Anthem Athletics Resilience Shorts, Anthem Athletics Infinity Shorts are appropriate for competitive battles. The pro-style boxing trunks such as Anthem Athletics Resilience Shorts are more common in various martial arts, similar to Muay Thai boxing shorts.

These Anthem Athletic shorts are available in a wide range of color blends. Also, sizes range from small to XXX-Large. As with all Anthem Athletic trunks, their logo is sewed to stop peeling.

In addition to their prices are the ones to beat! To highpoint their confidence here, they offer a 30-day money-back warranty.


  • Aggressive side splits
  • Microfiber material for high-performance
  • Anthem athletics trunk has the optimal fitting
  • A wide elastic band and a drawstring confirm optimal comfort
  • Fully machine-washable
  • Suitable for MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and punching bags


  • For some, these shorts too small in length

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Cleto Reyes Satin Best Elastic Closure Boxing Trunks

Cleto Reyes is a renowned brand among people who practice contact sports, and that is because the company makes more than better protective gear for boxers. These trunks are prepared using satin polyester, which means that they feel smooth and comfy against your skin.

Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Trunks


There is a 4-inch extensive elastic waistband, but we did not find any info concerning the presence of a drawstring, which means that you need to choose the correct size as best as possible. The cut of the shorts is long and spacious, which means that you are not going to feel hindered in the ring.

Furthermore, these athletic shorts are handcrafted in Mexico, which by design sets them aside from numerous of their competitors. Numerous customers have reported that the shorts may have a more matte finish than what the image at various online markets might recommend. Other than that, the best boxing shorts are defined as good-looking, excellent, and pretty sturdy, as well.

The boxing short’s design is a roomy and long cut, permitting you to move during an official fight or sparring. Side slits add an extra range of movement. The 4-inch waistband with various channels secures these boxing shorts firmly to your waist. It stops them from slipping or shifting positions.

They could be used for boxing and training. However, these boxing trunks are not suggested for fighting styles that need the wearer to strike with their legs, as the product’s sizes hinder those moves. These are loose shorts, so you can use a groin protector.

The item’s base color is white, with green and red stripes on the sides to match the Mexican flag. The brand logo is sewed on the front of the waistband with sturdy threads. The Cleto Reyes Satin is a good choice both for novices as well as professionals.


  • For sparring or competitions, these shorts are perfect
  • They are designed for sturdiness
  • The shorts come well-appointed with side slits
  • The best boxing shorts are white and have red and green stripes on the sides representing the Mexican flag
  • As these are made from satin, you can anticipate them to permit proper air circulation, wick the wetness fast, and offer you the finest conditions for your training
  • Machine washable


  • Concerning waist size, there seem to be some issues

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Title American Flag Best Satin Boxing Trunks

If you are patriotic, you must certainly consider these Title Boxing Trunks. 

Title American Flag Boxing Trunks


Their price is a little less reasonable than some of the other models in this line; however, their design certainly makes up for this obvious drawback. They are made of 100% satin nylon; thus, they feel great to the touch, and they could also keep you comparatively cool.

Title boxing trunk is very comfy and offers sufficient room to house a groin protector without looking baggy. Its satin texture permits easy airflow, thus stopping sweat and overheating even in the most intense situations.

On top of everything, the boxing trunks are furnished with a 4-inch global-style waistband complete with a snug elastic lining. The extra-long leg slits are certainly worth writing about, as they will offer you the liberty of movement that you would need in the ring.

The people who have bought these trunks say that the satin feels silky smooth and glossy and that the waistband is snug yet comfy. The boxing trunks offer sufficient space on the inside.

These boxing shorts are perfect if you want to look like a true American. It comes in the USA flag’s color and style, having a blue waistband with red and white stripes. It adds elegance to your performance and makes you feel comfy during the training sessions. Made with high-quality material and permitting easy airflow, these best boxing shorts are perfect for American boxers.


  • Made from the best quality material
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • The trunk has side slits that permit easy movement
  • The shorts are available in numerous sizes
  • These TITLE shorts are perfect for training
  • The trunks will serve you fine for a long time
  • They are comfortable and lightweight


  • Only obtainable in one color variant

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 Tuff Sport Retro Best Unisex Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

If you would like to get some truly cool boxing trunks, the ones by Tuff would certainly be right up your alley. However, they are on the smaller side of things, and we wanted to state this right off the bat so that you do not anticipate them to be otherwise.

Tuff Sport Retro Unisex Muay Thai Boxing Shorts


Tuff Retro Boxing Shorts are made with an exclusive sublimation printing technology that permits them to preserve their looks over time, even when worn every day. 

Made from quality microfiber fabric, the boxing trunks feel pleasant on your skin and do not retain that much humidity. They are promoted as lightweight, quick-dry, and sweat-free, so they would keep you feeling comfortable however you are in the ring.

The Tuff Boxing and Muay Thai Shorts come in a range of diverse colors and attractive designs. You could have your pick from white, black, gold, or green trunks. They are unisex and accessible in a diversity of sizes for children and adults.

Furthermore, these shorts are hand washed only. The shorts will make you stand out from the mass. The trunks have a flexible waist and are made from a lightweight microfiber fabric.


  • A breathtaking design
  • Unisex shorts are great for anyone
  • Made of lightweight microfiber
  • Also looks very good on women
  • Suitable for MMA, Muay Thai, and other sports


  • There are No side slits
  • The shorts are not machine washed

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Sanabul Essential Best MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Boxing Trunks

The simple design of Sanabul Essential Shorts is made to be as purposeful as possible. These trunks come with an easy hook and loop closure. They are more form-fitting than other traditional boxing trunks, which could be good, depending on your preference.

Sanabul Essential Workout Boxing Shorts


The less baggy shape with open seams and a four-way stretching material provides you with more range of motion than you would anticipate with fitted boxing shorts. They furthermore do not get caught on anything as you move, which is a bonus.

What is more, the material is long-term and protected with stitching and seam protection for sturdiness. It means that your boxing trunks are less likely to tear. Furthermore, the material helps them stay dry and clean as the anti-microbial technology stops them from holding on to scent and sweat.

One thing we do not like about these shorts is how the hook & loop fastener could stick out due to the tight-fit design. However, they are still very reasonable, so overall a great option.

If you seek a less baggy look, these are the best boxing shorts for a tight fit. They have a reasonable price and are very tough.


  • Protected stitching and seams for sturdiness
  • They are tight shorts
  • Created with anti-microbial technology
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • MMA shorts are inexpensive
  • It has an athletic fit and is less baggy
  • The trunks have a hook & loop waistband


  • The tight fit may not work for everyone

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FLUORY Shorts Best for Muay Thai, MMA, Martial Arts, Boxing & Kickboxing

If you prefer short trunks, these are the ideal boxing trunks for you as they have more of a Muay Thai look. They come in a variety of standout blue or red colors and designs and are truly attention-grabbing.

FLUORY Shorts for Muay Thai, MMA, Martial Arts & Kickboxing


Made from 100% polyester through an elastic closure, Fluory Shorts adjust fine to your size, and you do not have to tighten them yourself continually.

The lightweight fabric and shortcut are faultless for keeping you cool and permit a full range of motion. What is more, the reinforced sewing makes these more heavy-duty.

These shorts are also great for a range of sports, counting basketball, running, and other combat sports similar to MMA and Muay Thai. These are unisex, so they come in sizes appropriate for most athletes.

If you search for a Muay Thai style short for more flexibility and airflow, these are the best boxing shorts for you. The only problem is the stretch elastic waistband which could feel a bit tight.


  • Shorter; therefore, more breathable and mobile
  • Multiple colors & design options
  • Suitable for a variety of sports
  • Made from quality satin material
  • A cushion guard offers additional protection


  • Elastic waistband might feel tight on larger waistlines

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SOTF Best Boxing Fight Shorts

The first stuff you would notice about these SOTF MMA Boxing Shorts is their optimum design to perform the normal moves when training. The leg split is there to confirm that you have faultless freedom of movement while you need to throw high kicks.

SOTF MMA Boxing Fight Shorts


As the shorts come with both a drawstring closure and a Velcro closure, you would find it a breeze to adjust them to fit your waistline attractively.

You would also like how the fabric stretches, as that is another issue that contributes to your general comfort. These are not only comfortable and nice to wear; these shorts are also robust. For the price, you would get a pretty good deal. The reinforced stitching is well made, somewhat which contributes to the general strength of these shorts.

Another thing you might also like about them is the quality of the printed pattern that does not fade with washing and use.


  • Adjusting the shorts to fit your waistline is a breeze, as there is a drawstring comprised, as well as a Velcro fastener
  • The quality is outstanding for the price
  • The colors of the pattern do not fade fast
  • The fabric offers excellent durability
  • The leg split confirms the capability of performing high kicks without feeling similar to the shorts are in the way
  • The stretch fabric guarantees proper comfort and decreases friction through grappling moves


  • No pockets on these shorts

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Ringside Best Pro Style Boxing Trunks

These pro-style boxing trunks are designed to give a more personalized and artistic fit in a vast series of sizes from Small to XX-Large. These Ringside Pro Style Boxing Shorts are perfect for many activities.

Ringside Pro Style Boxing Shorts


Using a satin material that is super thick in its design, these shorts boast an inner drawstring for continuing comfort all through. Moreover, this fabric choice makes the best boxing shorts even lighter, permitting the wearer to focus solely on the activity at hand.

Using an internal drawstring means that the shorts could be adjusted to fit diverse waistlines. However, it is still best to select the accurate size so that the drawstring is there for additional support.

Ringside’s boxing shorts are soft and flexible. Actually, they mirror the experts’ similar choices selected and worn. However, they would not act as great Muay Thai shorts as they are too long and do not have side slits.

Furthermore, the famous boxing Ringside logo is embroidered on the left hem to make the trunk stand out when worn.


  • Adjusted to diverse waistlines
  • The trunk has a professional style look
  • Super thick stain fabric material
  • A very fit for an extensive diversity of martial arts
  • An internal drawstring


  • Some find the material too incredibly lightweight

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Title Edge Best Polyester Boxing Trunks

Here we have Title Boxing present their full cut boxing trunks. Designed to deliver you impressive results while working out, training, or sparring.

Title Edge Boxing Trunks


These boxing shorts use 100% polyester, and sizes range from Small to XX-Large. The Title Edge Boxing Trunks moreover come in a good assortment of color choices.

Compared to other orthodox boxing shorts, they make use of an extra leg side slit. It encourages better movement and provides more comfort each time they are worn.

Depending on size, there are 24 inches bottommost of the knee length. The inside drawstring works hard to ensure an extra secure and non-slip fitting.

Best of all, the Title boxing shorts are spacious in the crotch and legs. To complement this coziness, they have an extra-wide waistband that is four inches. Title Boxing trusts that all these small choices give wearers a larger fit. For both training and competition conditions.

They are also machine washable by washing machine for practicality. The best boxing shorts are completed with the Title Boxing embroidered logo in the mid of the waistband.


  • Spacious short types permit proper air circulation to your body temperature remains constant
  • These have Additional leg slits
  • There is no No-slip fitting
  • They are comfortable and extremely lightweight
  • They are machine washable


  • Some buyers experienced sizing problems

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Elite Sports Best Men’s Boxing Trunks

If you are on a budget, these are the most suitable boxing trunks for you. They are very sensibly priced but do not sacrifice quality.

Elite Sports Men's Shorts


Elite Sports Men’s shorts have a classic style black color with color varieties for the detailing. These shorts are great for combat sports, including Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and UFC fighting. Made to be lightweight, the microfiber material creates these shorts super flexible whereas still being sturdy. What is more, they feel super soft.

The waistband fits securely, and all the material used is tear-resistant; thus, you could push your limits without overstretching your trunks.

The two-fold non-chaffing waistband and Velcro closure keep them constricted and secure even in forceful training sessions.

Finally, the side slits aid to keep you cool and confirm a full array of motion. The material is, moreover, quick-drying and stops the build-up of bacteria from sweat. Yet again, the only issue fighters have had with the sizing, which could run small. It is also a shame that there are no more exciting color designs.

These are the best boxing shorts for budget shoppers as they are extremely affordable while still being of superior quality.


  • It is very inexpensive but not cheap boxing shorts
  • Microfiber material dries rapidly and drops bacteria
  • A non-chaffing waistband
  • It has side slits for mobility
  • The secure fit waistband is tear-resistant


  • Sizing could run small

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Ring to Cage Best Traditional Boxing Trunks

Ring To Cage has been providing boxers of all specialties with the equipment they need to genuinely flourish in their sport. Compared to alternative possibilities, their equipment is usually cheaper. In terms of quality and dependability, they’re pretty good. When it comes to boxing and mixed martial arts gear, this firm provides everything you need under one roof: gloves, mitts, clothes, and more.

Ring to Cage Traditional Boxing Trunks


Ring To Cage Conventional Boxer Trunks may be used for a wide range of combat sports disciplines, including boxing. Consumers rave about the softness of these garments. Because of the smooth finish, they’re both glitzy and refined. As well as for adults, these trunks are also available for youngsters. Whatever your next boxer class may require.

These shorts have a larger sleeve than you’d think. That way, you won’t have to worry about these shorts limiting your mobility. Just about any workout may be done in these shorts thanks to their free movement. These shorts are built to last, no matter how hard you work them. No matter if you want to wear these shorts for a lengthy gym session or simply for a little bit more activity, they are a terrific choice. Keeping you comfortable is their first priority, and they deliver on that promise every time. A large portion of Ring To Cage’s success may be attributed to its reputation for producing high-quality items at a reasonable price.

Satin is used to making these trunks. In addition to polyester and nylon, satin may be created from a wide range of other materials. Polyester satin is used to make this pair of trunks.

This set of shorts is made of materials that allow for the use of the safety gear below. Ring To Cage makes effective use of a wide range of high-quality materials. In addition to being long-lasting, they’ll also be easy on the skin.

Satin polyesters, which are made of polyester, are less breathable than regular polyesters. Because of the tighter weave, they are more durable. Breathability will be reduced as a result of increased durability.

Traditional boxing trunks, as well as those used in martial arts genres like Taekwondo and Muay Thai, are included in the design of these trunks. They’re more like the other styles since they’re not as lengthy as a brand new pair of boxing trunks. Those more classic trunks are modeled on the broad elastic waistband of these trunks. Even if you’re wearing a layer of protection below, this helps to enhance the overall fit. Just at bottom of the thighs, they do have side slits. When you put on the shorts, you’ll realize that you have a greater range of motion.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Versatile in use
  • Very elastic, easy to wash


  • Breathability can be an issue

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Buyer’s Guide: Tips for Choosing the Best Boxing Trunks

We will not endorse a specific boxing trunk to buy since the one appropriate for you is up to your requirements; instead, we share a way to select the products that suit your desires. Let’s check it and apply it with the boxing trunks above to get your most appropriate one.



The last thing you desire to experience is the early weathering of your preferred boxing shorts. It is always good to purchase durable stuff as it lasts longer.

It is particularly significant in boxing, as it is a rough sport, and your shorts might have to take a beating! So, your boxing trunk would be capable of withstanding all the punches.



Whether you are dodging, punching, throwing the opponent, or doing cardio, you need to move without constraint. So, purchase a pair of shorts that permits you to move at will.

The best boxing shorts will aid you to perform better with minimal limits. Prioritize comfort over anything else when purchasing the right gear.



It is one of the main things that we look for when purchasing any garment. The type of material you select will impact both sturdiness and movement and coziness and performance.

We commend you for searching for tear-resistant, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying material.



The most eye-popping feature of the top-rated boxing trunks is its waistband. It is so big to take advantage of the ‘can’t hit below the belt rule.’

So, having a larger and higher waistband in your shorts could minimize the target zone for body shots. Moreover, do not choose too high or too low as it could become limiting and uncomfortable.



If you are doing training with a partner, protection is supreme. Make certain that the boxing trunks have sufficient room to place the groin protector. Simultaneously, make certain that it is not too loose and fits you properly.



We think that anybody needs the boxing trunks that are appropriate for them in the fashion style. To select the design, you have to ponder the shape, the detailed adornment, and the color that suits your dress, shoes, plus gloves.

Nowadays, it is very easy to mix since there are many color guidelines on the Internet. Thus, this part will remind you that you have to buy the best trunks to get the greatest design.



It is the most irritating thing when you are combat in a high-speed competition similar to Boxing, and your shorts or trunks fall. So, this is a very significant thing to buy the best boxing shorts with the finest closure system.

Sometimes you purchase the closure system that is with exposed velcro. It would be disturbing and hurting for you through your training and fight. It could lead your attention out of the game. In addition, the rubbing would harm your skin. Always discover the best boxing shorts for your extra coziness with the best closure system.

There are a diversity of closure systems that you would find with numerous brands. These secure closure systems are mentioned below:

i. Elastic Waistband

Elastic is always the best alternative for combat sports kits and is suggested by many sportsmen. But elastic will work only if you have selected the finest size for you. Elastic is the best source to tighten up your trunks at your essential place, or else an elastic waistband would harm your skin.

ii. Elastic + Drawstring

As we have already discussed the elastic waistband, we see how useful it can be.

If you use elastic along with a drawstring, it would be a much better alternative. Most of the time, the elasticity of the waistband goes down with time. However, if you have a drawstring with it, you do not need to be concerned.

iii. Velcro

Velcro is a traditional and the most common style of closure. It is a secure and sturdy closure style. Velcro aids to tighten your shorts in the correct place. But Velcro is scratch; if left uncovered, it would harm your skin and cause irritation. Most of the big brands offer Velcro-style boxing shorts with additional fabric. A main disadvantage of Velcro is this: it loses its stick power with time.



When you are about to purchase the best boxing shorts, you will also be curious about flexibility. Make sure you can move easily. Flexibility is the most significant factor in boxing. You must move fast; instant actions are essential and only possible if you have selected flexible boxing trunks for you.

The flexibility of the boxing trunks depends on most of the issues that contain stitching, length, ventilation, Stretch panels, and closures. If your boxing shorts are made up of the finest fabric, they would be more flexible and aid you to move instantaneously.



If you want to obtain a pair of boxing shorts at a low price, your utmost chance is to purchase them online. You might find the best boxing shorts at your local gymnasium as well. Though, there you will have to pay a premium.

Some builders use cheap elements when producing boxing shorts. The price will noticeably go down, but these shorts are not robust. They are easy to identify. Those items are so slim that they become transparent when they get wet.



Wearing the wrong size of boxing shorts could affect your whole performance. If your shorts are too small, they would feel constrictive and stop you from moving as easily.

Trunks that are too small can reason chafing and sores. Purchase shorts that are too big, and they might fall and lose you the game, in addition, to give the audience more than they bargained for.

To confirm you get the right-sized shorts, try them on if you are visiting a store. If you are purchasing your shorts online, make certain you check the builder’s sizing chart. Every builder sizes their clothing somewhat differently.



To buy the finest boxing shorts, there are a few kinds of stuff you must look for: always check client reviews. If you purchase a product from a store, you could search for the same product on Amazon and read the customer reviews.

Make certain the material is breathable, with a definite amount of stretch. Check that the fastenings are robust and fasten, and unfasten them a few times while you try the shorts on. Make certain there are no spaces along the seam or frayed thread. Search for reinforced seams or flatlock stitching.


How Many Pairs To Own

You might think that one pair is sufficient for a boxer to own. Though, you would be wrong as there are some things you must ponder. As a boxer, your shorts will have a similar odor as your body by the time you complete your training program. It is not good if you train or fight in dirty boxing shorts.

Cleanliness and sanitation are a big part of the boxing and gym culture. Afterward, in every training session, you must wash your sticky equipment. It is the foremost reason why most boxers own manifold pairs of boxing shorts. It depends on how frequently trunk you use and how often you select to wash your shorts.

Many boxers possess more than 5 pairs; therefore, they could wear a clean one every time they start to strain. It is not a great fiscal effort as even the priciest boxing shorts are not, in fact, very costly.


Final Words

We hope that we have added some value to your search for the best boxing shorts.

Experience the best boxing shorts today, and let us know how you feel about using them (data protected by our privacy policy). While practicing and competing in Boxing, you will be stunning and continually confident of winning.



Are Anthem Athletics shorts good?

Ans: Anthem Athletics resilience are great shorts for the price, and outstanding quality. Anthem Athletics has the highest slits you could find on any MMA shorts. The material and slits combined to deliver an excellent range of motion for kickboxing.

Can I wear the same trunks for sparring and competitions?

Ans: Yes, you can wear the same trunks for sparring and competitions.

Is RDX boxing fight shorts good for boxing?

Ans: RDX boxing shorts are a great pair of entry-level boxing trunks for any combat sport. Their boxing shorts are also reasonably priced.

Should I wear a groin guard with the shorts?

Ans: Boxers wear groin guards underneath their best boxing shorts to guard against blows underneath the belt. Although blows below the belt are unlawful, they can occur accidentally. A groin guard would protect from some pain, however not the pain from a direct hit

What are boxing shorts made from?

Ans: Most of the best boxing shorts today are made of satin fabric with polyester as a base material. Several models are made of velvet also, but this is less common. Other materials contain elastic bands, drawstrings, and velcro straps around the waist.

What is special about Muay Thai shorts?

Ans: With low-quality material, for example, nylon, your Muay Thai shorts become rather translucent before they get drenched with sweat, especially with the lighter colors. Having said that, there are some thicker nylon shorts, and the great thing about Muay Thai shorts is that they dry up really fast.

What is the best boxing equipment brand?

Ans: The best brand, renowned by both pros and amateurs, is Winning. Their single downside is that their products are the most expensive. More budget-friendly brands making the best boxing gloves and boxing gears are Ringside, Elite, Venum, Cleto Reyes, Rival, Hayabusa, Fairtex, Twins, Boon, TOP King, etc.

What is the best material for boxing shorts?

Ans: 100% Satin. These shorts will wick your sweat away, which means you no longer have to be concern about chafing; otherwise, raw red areas on your legs and waist. Satin is moreover exceptionally sturdy and comfortable. Generally, this material is outstanding when seeking fighting trunks.

What’s the difference between Boxing and Muay Thai shorts?

Ans: Boxing shorts are very effective inside its ruleset, but Muay Thai shorts could be more effective in MMA and other fighting sports.

Which is the recommended fabric for boxing trunks?

Ans: Boxer shorts are produced using numerous fabrics, counting all cotton, cotton, polyester blends, satin, jersey knits, and silk. High-end boxing trunks are often made of satin.

Why are boxing shorts long?

Ans: One of the main reasons boxers wear big baggy shorts is to increase air circulation around their legs. Naturally, the larger the foul protector, the larger the shorts need to accommodate its size.

Why are Muay Thai shorts so short?

Ans: Muay Thai shorts are intended to give Muay Thai fighters an extreme amount of airflow so that when the fighters are training, they can cool off faster.

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