Whoobli Punching Bag: Best Punching Bag for Kids

Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids Review

Boxing is a great way to build character for the young. It is also a good way to stay fit. Boxing training burns a lot of calories.

Many people want their kids to start early on the path to a successful boxing career. This requires a few boxing gear to teach them the skills they would need for boxing. One such piece of equipment is the punching bag. There are so many punching bags available in the market. While this is a very diverse niche of products, this can make the purchase of the boxing punching bag harder, and at times confusing. If you do not know what to look for, you can easily end up buying sub-par punching bags.

One of the best punching bags on the market today is the Whoobli Punching Bag.


Whoobli Punching Bag Features:

The features that make the Whoobli Punching Bag one of the best punching bags in the market will be discussed here. We will do an in-depth analysis of the features so that you know what you are getting. We will be breaking down each feature and what those features mean for you. This will not only help you see why the Whoobli Punching Bag is one of the best, but you will also know what features to look for in a punching bag for your kids.



The material of a punching bag is important. The durability of the punching bags depends on the materials that are used to make the bags. There are many materials that are used to make punching bags for kids and punching bags in general.

One of the most premium materials for making punching bags is leather. Leather is one of the most durable and most commonly used to make boxing gear and equipment. Leather has a longer life expectancy. It is soft, and flexible but resists wear and tear better. Leather also has an in-built shock absorption mechanism that allows the punching bag to be durable for longer use. However, leather comes with a higher price tag.

Vinyl is often used to make punching bags. These punching bags are usually on the lower end of the production ladder of quality. These bags tend to be cheaper. But they have a higher rate of wear and tear and do not usually last as long as the other material.

The Whoobli Punching Bag is made with the third kind of material, faux leather. It has all the good qualities of real leather.

It has durability, flexibility, resistance to weather, and shock absorption.

The price of faux leather or engineered leather is lower than real leather. Whoobli Punching Bag is as good as any real leather punching bag, without the steep price tag.


Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids


Adjustable Height

Kids grow up so fast! This makes buying anything for them a hard job. What if they outgrow them!

This is why the punching bags come with adjustable heights. You can adjust the height of the punching bags according to the growing needs of your kids.

The Whoobli Punching Bag is adjustable in height. The lowest height that this punching bag can be set on is 34 inches. This is the perfect average height for your kids of age below 5 years.

The highest height of the Whoobli Punching Bag is 44 inches. This is perfect for kids ages 5 and over.


Bag type

The bag type of punching bags for kids is very important. It has to be light and soft. Because punching the bag can harm their sensitive bones.

This is the reason punching bags for kids uses no hard fillings. Many of the premium bags are inflatable, and they don’t use any filling that might end up hurting their soft and growing bones.

Whoobli Punching Bag is an inflatable punching bag for kids. These bags are very light and soft. This comes with a pump for you to inflate the ball before the training session.

The air-filled soft ball doesn’t hurt the hands, knuckles, and fingers of your kids. This is why people love this punching bag for their kids.


Construction Quality

The quality of construction of any punching bag is important. Because the bags are subjected to repeated and prolonged impacts for a longer time, sturdy construction is very important for you.

Whoobli Punching Bag is made with superior quality stitching. This is customized for the use kids. This can withstand the punches from your kids for a long time and will not be damaged by their punches for a long time.

The age range of the Whoobli Punching Bag is 3 years to 8 years, and if you use it with caution, this will serve your kid throughout this period of their age. And perhaps for even longer.

Whoobli Punching Bag’s construction is very durable; many users and customers have recommended it. They have bought it and were satisfied by the longevity of the Whoobli Punching Bag.



Each punching ball needs a spring that avails the rebound for you. Each punch will return with the almost exact force of the punches. Stronger punches entitle stronger rebounds and vice versa. This is why the spring of the punching ball needs to be durable and strong so that it can withstand the tension of the punches.

The Whoobli Punching Bag has a durable base spring. It is a 180-degree spring. It can be flattened with a punch and still come back with the exact force.

For training purposes of your kids, the rebound stays on a straight line. This is another reason parents love the Whoobli Punching Bag as the perfect training item for their kids. As will you if you decide to buy this for your kids.


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All punching balls have a hollow base. The base needs to be filled with sand or water for a sturdy and stable base. This will keep the gear in place while you punch away as you wish.

The Whoobli Punching Bag has a large base with a similar mechanism. The punching bag’s base is leak or spill-proof. This means the water or sand that you pour into the base has no chance of coming out unless you decide to bring it out.


Ease of Carrying

The whole setup weighs just 2 pounds. This makes carrying the Whoobli Punching Bag very easy. Even your kids can do it, though we don’t recommend it!

This comes in very handy when you are moving around. Whoobli Punching Bag can be taken with you wherever you go. There is a carrying handle that allows you to take the Whoobli Punching Bag with you everywhere.

This is another reason that people admire this Whoobli Punching Bag. You can be one of the satisfied customers too!



The safety of the punching bag is important. The safety concerns of the punching bag include the spring quality, ball quality, and the material’s characteristics.

The Whoobli Punching Bag has a 180 durable degree spring. The angle makes the ball come back in a straight line; this will not cause any unwanted challenge for your youngster; they should be ready for the challenges for random movements of the ball.

The ball is made with non-toxic materials. This is safe for your kids. The safety of the Whoobli Punching Bag ball is certified by CPSIA and ASTM.


The package includes-

  • Tough PU Leather Punch Bag
  • Boxing gloves for kids
  • Round Base with carrying Handle
  • Non-toxic Boxing Ball Gear
  • FREE Pump



The price of the Whoobli Punching Bag is in the affordable range. It will last longer and serve as the perfect gear for your kid.



To conclude this piece, this is a perfect starting point, the best launchpad for your kid to start his boxing practice and a career with many successes. It has all the premium features of the best punching bags and an affordable price range.

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