Best Boxing Reflex Ball For Agility & Flexibility – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Boxing Reflex Ball featured

Buying the best boxing reflex ball can be very challenging work for amateurs and non-professionals. But it can be hard for the professionals as well with so many options to choose from, and the fact that there are misleading advertisements for some products can add up to the confusion.

Reflex balls are an excellent way to learn your focus, control, reflexes, and agility. You increase your hand eye coordination with this training equipment. And in this article, we will see the top-rated reflex balls on the market.

We have shortlisted a few for you here, based on the customer reviews and experts’ features. You will find a buying guide and training tips attached with this. And we have answered a few frequently asked questions for you here.

Let’s go straight forward, then!


Best Boxing Reflex Ball: Our Top Picks

These are our top picks so that you choose the right boxing reflex balls.


TEKXYZ Best Fight Skill and Hand Eye Coordination Training Boxing Reflex Ball

TEKXYZ reflex ball is the first product on our list. This fight ball is one of the most premium boxing reflex balls on the market with all the best features.

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball


The reaction ball is light, soft, and safe. So, even if you end up hitting your face, forehead, eyes, or nose with the ball, it will not hurt. This ball is also easy going for your knuckles. There are two balls with different degrees of difficulty.

The black one is for beginners and novices. This is slower, lighter, and easier to concentrate on. The red one is perfect for the people who have mastered the black ball. The red one is more difficult to focus on and is heavier and faster. The rebound rate is higher on this ball, and it is bouncier, so it comes back as strong as you punch it away.

TEKXYZ ball is perfect boxing equipment for solo boxing training. With this equipment, you can increase your agility, confidence, speed, skill, hand-eye coordination, reflex training, and react ability. It is also the perfect equipment to burn calories through the workout.

The ball has a headband made with nylon and microfiber. This is a durable headband that gives you the utmost comfort and is sweat resistant.

The set comes with 2 reflex balls with different weights that offer you different difficulty levels. You will get one spare elastic cord, four in total.

There is a headband made with eco-friendly nylon neoprene for your use. You will receive one spare hook, two in total. There will be a user manual, storage bag, and a separate carrying case that makes it possible to carry everything together.

The price of the ball is in the affordable range. And if you consider the difficulty levels, it is a good investment for your longer boxing and body workout needs. You can buy this product without worry or hesitation.


  • Highest Reviewed Boxing Reflex bags
  • A modifiable headband that fits anyone’s head
  • Two balls for two difficulty level
  • Comes with many accessories and spare parts
  • Enables agility, dodge at the right time, speed, balance, healthy lifestyle, skill, hand-eye coordination, reflex training, and reaction time development
  • Soft rubber ball
  • Two difficulty levels: black one for novices, red ones for experts
  • Convenient length for all competence levels


  • Tying can be a particular difficulty for novices

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YMX Best Set of BOXING Reflex Ball

YMX Boxing reflex ball is the next premium quality reaction ball on our list. It comes with all the best features that you would hope to find in a top-quality product.

YMX BOXING Reflex Ball Set


This is an upgrade to the previous models based on customer feedback. This new reflex all comes with 2 adjustable headbands that are very comfortable to wear. There are two primary balls for the primary training and 2 balls for advanced training.

The primary balls are yellow and black. The yellow and the black one is softer than the other ones. The elastic cords make the difficulty level suitable for beginners. The advanced ball is red and green, with the green one is the professional ball. These are a bit harder and faster. The rebound rate is faster than the primary balls.

The YMX Boxing reflex ball helps you increase your agility, speed, focus and help you with the reaction time. And with the different difficulty levels, you can use this set as you go up through the competency levels of boxing.  

The package includes-

  • 2 adjustable headbands
  • 1 black primary practice punching ball
  • 1 yellow primary practice punching ball
  • 1 red advanced practice punching ball
  • 1 green professional practice ball
  • 4 replacement elastic
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 storage bag and
  • 1 carrying case for containing all the component

This lovely ball set has an affordable price tag and can be used by most boxers and MMA fighters for other fight skills, good workouts, and combat sports.


  • Adjustable-length headband for different sports
  • Four balls for four difficulty levels with different bounce
  • Soft material balls for punching knuckle safety
  • Comes with many accessories, and spare parts
  • Easy to use for speed reflexes training
  • Sturdy carrying case


  • Strings are too stretchy for some people

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CHAMPS MMA Boxing Reflex Ball –  Best Reaction Speed and Hand Eye Coordination Training Boxing Equipment

Champ Reflex ball comes next on our list. This is also a high-end reaction ball for your boxing and workout practices.

CHAMPS MMA Boxing Reflex Ball


The Champ MMA boxing Reflex ball is a reaction ball for everyone. There are 4 balls to assess your level of competence with using the balls and the difficulty levels. The headband comes with an extended Velcro that can be used to fit anyone’s head. The Velcro keeps the headband right where you need it to be.

The most premium thing about this ball is that it doesn’t need any knots; there are clips that can be unclipped when you are done with the workout. You just clip it and have a go at the punching whenever you want. This helps with your dodging, agility, speed, skill, hand eye coordination, reflex, and reaction time.

The headband is made with nylon, neoprene, and microfiber. This makes the headband comfortable and durable and keeps the headband safe from sweat and moisture.

The package includes-

  • 4 reflex balls for practice varying weight and bounce
  • 8 strings (2 for each ball)
  • 1 headband of nylon, neoprene & microfiber technique

You will get a carry bag for all the parts.

The price of the Champ MMA boxing Reflect ball is very much in the affordable range. You can buy this as a gift for your loved ones.


  • Carry bag enhances portability
  • Soft balls for punching knuckle safety
  • Four balls for four difficulty levels challenge
  • Easy to use speed reflexes training
  • Comes with many accessories and spare parts
  • Adjustable headband, affordable cost


  • Strings are too strong; the rebound is fast some people argued

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American Fist Best Punching Fight React Head Ball with Headband, Boxing Reflex Ball

American Fist Boxing Reflex Ball is what you need for all your boxing and exercise needs in the house.

This is a premium reflex ball set, and it comes with four different balls for different difficulty levels. The corresponding balls for different levels of difficulty are colored differently for your convenience.

American Fit Boxing Reflex Ball Set


The reflex ball set comes with four lobster locks that keep the balls in place. This feature makes the entire set very easy to assemble and makes switching easier.

The headband comes with an anti-slip design that is safe and easy to use and train. You can use the American Fist Boxing Reflex Ball to help improve your reaction time, agility, punching speed, counter-punch, fight skill, fitness, and hand eye coordination.

The American Fist’s innovative model is an affordable set of reaction balls.


  • Four balls for four difficulty levels and faster punches
  • Easy to use reflexes training
  • Fun lobster locks for easy use
  • Flexible headband with slip-prevention properties


  • Strings are flimsy

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TEKXYZ Best Family Pack of Boxing Reflex Ball

This is another Reflex Ball from Tekxyz. It is different from the other products in many ways.

This set is a family set with two headbands and four balls to train with. The TEKXYZ Family Pack Ball Set allows you to perfect your boxing skills with reflexes, timing, speed, agility, and hand eye coordination.

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball Family Pack


As is the name, it is a family training kit. It can be used by children of 8 and over and elders alike. This allows them to workout and stay fit and learn a bit of movement that will help them in the future.

The reaction balls are two to train novices, 1 to train veterans, and one to train boxers with professional skills. The soft balls are perfect for the safety of your knuckle, face, and eyes.

The ball comes at a bit high price point, but that is not beyond the affordable range. You can buy the it for your whole family.


  • #1 on the best seller list, with two sets
  • Four balls for four difficulty levels
  • Easy to use, two headbands for earing skills
  • Adjustable headband to train reflexes


  • Strings are flimsy

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YMX Best Adjustable Elastic Head Band BOXING Reflex Ball on String

YMX Boxing reflex ball is perfect for boxing, MMA, martial arts, Muay Thai, and kickboxing fighters. This versatile fight ball comes with very high recommendations and high ratings from the user.  This reflex ball increases your focus, speed, punch accuracy and hand eye coordination.

YMX BOXING Reflex Ball on String


The ball is made with foam and has many difficulty levels for different users and customers. The adaptable headband makes it possible to keep your focus on the ball at all times because the headband will not move from the place. This reaction ball wouldn’t slip or fall because of the non-slip property.

You can use this reflex ball inside your home to burn calories and do cardio. It can be used to learn boxing as well. It gives you manifold benefits when it comes to workouts and training.  It comes in small size and is made with durable materials so that it can withstand the conditions of your gym bags.

The price tag of this YMX product is affordable and is a perfect gift item for your loved ones.


  • Soft fun foam balls for training and safety
  • Easy to use reflexes training
  • Comes with a clip attachment point
  • Headband is adjustable


  • Just one ball, no case included

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Kickstone Best Boxing Ball Fight Reflex Ball with Headband in Bag

Kickstone Boxing Ball Fight Reflex Ball is a professional boxing reflex. It is fitting that a professional reflex ball will be the last product on our list.

The Kickstone Boxing Ball Fight Reflex Ball comes with an adjustable headband for all sized heads, and you are ready. The headband has an extra strong Velcro for extra fit.

Kickstone Boxing Ball Fight Reflex Ball on String with Headband in Bag


Kickstone Boxing Ball Fight Reflex Ball headband is hypoallergenic and moisture absorbing, and the sides are reinforced for durability.

A d ring made with metal is used to clip the reaction balls onto the headband. There is a convenient stopper attached to the ball that keeps the ball in place.

It comes with four balls with different difficulty levels. Moreover, it is very affordable, and you can get this for your loved ones as a gift.


  • Soft fun foam balls for training and safety
  • Easy to use reflexes training, extra sturdy Velcro for extra fit
  • Metal d ring and cord stopper attached
  • Comes with a clip attachment point
  • Modifiable headband, innovative design


  • The string is not adjustable

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Portzon Boxing Reflex Ball – Best for Fight Skill and Hand Eye Coordination Training

It is a great technique to improve your attention, control and reflexes. Using this training equipment, you may improve your hand-eye coordination.

Portzon Boxing Reflex Ball


The Portzon Reflex Ball is not only smaller and smoother than the typical tennis ball but also safer for players of all ages to use.

Reaction time, agility and striking speed are all improved by this training. It also provides an enjoyable workout.

Hand-eye coordination may be improved with the help of a boxing ball set. First, use the black reflex ball since it is softer and moves more slowly than the red one. When you miss a shot and the ball flies into your face, it might not seem like a big deal. While standing motionless, you begin with straight punches, then progress to striking while sliding forward and backward as you progress. Throwing blocks and sliding and cutting angles are the next steps.

Then you can start on the red ball, this heavier and tends to come back stronger and faster. This is for more agile users and advanced learners. People training, or those with already a few tricks up their sleeves can benefit from these reflex balls from Portzon.

The price of this pair is very affordable and almost anyone can afford that!


  • 2 levels of expertise for all learners
  • Sturdy and strong headband
  • Colored balls for ease of identification
  • Sturdy rubber string with a great reaction time
  • Affordable


  • Some user complain about the Velcro Headband

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Boxing Reflex Ball Buying Guide

Buying a boxing reflex ball that will give you the best value for your money takes a lot of research. But who has the time!

We do! We have looked through the reflex balls for you and talked to experts about what features the best products should have. We have prepared this compact, concise, and comprehensive buying guide for you based on their recommendations.

Let’s see all the features, then-



Boxing reflex balls are primarily made of high tech silicon. This is a very durable material that can last for a long time. The material allows ventilation and is sweat proof.

There are some reflex bags made with cloth like material. This is softer and more comfortable to practice with.



The headband is one of the most vital buying considerations that you should have. You should consider three main factors of the head-band.

The first is comfort.

The reflex ball should be comfortable for your skin. It should be soft but durable. Silicone is a great choice because it is durable and doesn’t absorb sweat. You can go for the fabric options too. These are very soft and washable. But it can sometimes absorb sweat and thus needs regular washing.

The second thing that you should keep in mind is adjustability. The headband should be adjustable, so you get a secured fit. If the headband of the reflex ball is too loose, it will not stay put. Too tight a headband will cause blood flow disruption and maybe even headache.

The last thing that you should focus on is the anchor point. It is the place where the headband and the reflex ball join in unison. This needs to be sturdy because this makes sure the ball will not rip off as you punch the ball repeatedly.

Some models feature d rings for fitting the ball more securely. These are reflex bags that use clips. However, the stitch-on loop design is simple and streamlined.

There is an elastic string band headband. It is more adjustable and fits just about everyone.


Types of ball

There may be a single ball, or two balls, or even more, depending on the model that you choose. Each added ball adds to the difficulty levels. There are models with three different balls that offer you three grades of difficulty. If you are a novice, you better go for fewer balls; as you gain more expertise, you can go up the challenge levels.

The ball’s weight is also important. Heavier balls can be harder to hit, and that requires greater hand eye coordination. A Lighter ball doesn’t require higher hand eye coordination, but they are a stepping stone to higher hand coordination.


Other features

Many reflex balls come with boxing hand wraps or foam gloves that help you protect your skin and knuckles. Not all, however, come with hand gloves and wear wraps.

You should look for a boxing reflex ball with a carrying case. This makes sure that your reaction ball is from tangling with the string. It also keeps the reaction ball from being susceptible to dirt and dust.



The boxing reflex balls have to be very durable because the fight balls take a lot of punches. This means the headband, the string, and attachment, and the ball itself has to be durable and sweating and moisture proof.



Price is a very vital consideration for buying anything. Even more so is true for boxing reflex balls. You need to spend between $15 and $100 or even more in some cases. But budget options allow you to get the most out of the reflex balls without paying too much. Our list features some great budget reflex balls for your purchase.


Tips for Using A Boxing Reflex Ball

Here are a few tips you can follow while practicing with a fighting ball. If you follow these tips, you can get the most advantage out of the fight ball that you have.

  1. Before you begin, make sure the headband is securely fastened, so it does not slip or move around while you train.
  2. Begin with the easiest reaction ball and progress to the more difficult ones while your skills are improving.
  3. Always focus punches on the ball. This increases your hand-eye coordination by an important factor.
  4. As you train, remember to pay attention to your feet work and move in different directions and patterns.
  5. Start each session with slow warming up, and then gradually power up to the faster workouts. This easing into the exercise will allow your muscle to stretch, shape, and prepare for the workout.
  6. When you’re comfortable throwing jabs, start combining punches into different combinations, just like you would in a real fight.
  7. Consider using it to practice slips by landing two or three shots and then slipping out of the way as it comes past you instead of punching. Then resume punching in the same rhythm right away.
  8. Wear hand wraps in the right shape.

If you take care of following these tips, you will get the most out of the reflex balls when it comes to fighting an opponent.



The list of the boxing reflex balls features the highest reviewed and boxing reflex balls with the best features.  These are the best products on the market and are the best value for your hard-earned money. We have seen these boxing reflex balls serve and satisfy the users and customers in our research.

If you have a favorite fight ball, you can write to us about that, and we will look into it for the best features. We appreciate the feedback and recommendations.

You can write to us with your experience, suggestions, and support. We appreciate your feedback. Please write to us (data protected by our privacy policy). And if you buy any of the boxing reflex balls from our list, you can share your experience with us.



Are boxing reflex balls good?

Ans: Yes, they are good for increasing speed, stamina, reflexes training, accuracy, and hand eye coordination, among other things.

Do I have to worry about the elastic band breaking?

Ans: Better brands use better strings. They sometimes can break, but that will not cause significant striking damage or injury. Check the shape regularly.

How do you use the Tekxyz boxing reflex ball?

Ans: You put the headband on your head and attach the ball to the band, and you are good to go.

What does the boxing ball do?

Ans: They increase boxers’ agility and speed and hand-eye coordination.

What reflex ball does Lomachenko use?

Ans: Pro-Boxers like Lomachenko use Gdaytao Boxing ball. Some have suggested Boxer point boxing reflex ball, but that is not accurate.

Which reflex ball is appropriate for precision strike work?

Ans: You can select any product from our list for precision strike work.

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