Best Boxing Body Protector for Highest Protection and Functionality – A Complete Buyer’s Guide With Reviews

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Buying the right boxing body protector can be a tough job. As many alternatives are available in the market or on the internet, many people get confused about the whole deal. Accidentally buying the wrong one is easier than randomly stumbling upon the right gear.

This is why we’re here. We have made a list for making your purchase easier. These are the best and highest reviewed boxing body protectors that have pleased a lot of users and customers. Besides this, we have made sure they feature all the best features that experts look for in the best boxing body protectors.

You will find a comprehensive guide for buying, a segment on why use a boxing body protector, and a care and maintenance guide.

Let’s commence the reviews!


6 Best Boxing Body Protectors Reviewed

Here are the top picks for the best boxing body protector


Contender Fight Sports Best Heavy Hitter Boxing Body Protector

The Contender body protector is the first product on our list. It’s one of the best body protectors in the market. It comes from a very reputed brand as well.

Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Boxing Body Protector


This protector’s unique design is liberating and allows you to us incorporate kicks, punches into focus mitts freely. The material is durable synthetic leather. This is easy to clean and can last for a long time.  

Contender Heavy Hitter boxing body protector comes with a nylon strap and quick release buckle strap that allow easy putting on and taking off.

Contender Heavy Hitter training chest shield feature high density shock absorbing foam protection that takes punches, knee strikes, and high powered kicks. You can use it in other combat sports like mixed martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai etc.

This is one size for all boxing body protectors and comes at a reasonable price. The build’s quality and durability make this body gear purchase worthwhile spending.


  • Best boxing body protector with shock-absorbent padding
  • High-quality boxing gear with sturdy faux leather and dense foam padding
  • Suitable for martial arts, Muay Thai trainers,  and other combat sports
  • Adequate protection for the entire torso
  • It can be used in focus mitts sessions
  • Quick buckle release straps
  • Supreme quality equipment for a brawling partner
  • Reasonable price


  • Chest protection is low; size can be an issue for some people

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Title Boxing Best Classic Body Protector 2.0

Title boxing is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the world. This is the best body protector from the Title Boxing brand. It comes with all the desired features and is highly recommended.

Title Classic Body Protector 2.0


The Title Classic Body Protector 2.0 comes with increased multiple layers of foam padding that gives you superior protection with shock absorption. This makes sure all your internal organs, ribs, and other vulnerable parts of your body stay safe from punches, strikes, and train kicks.

Title Body Protector comes with an anatomically accurate design that features pre curved for your body. This allows you to fit your body perfectly and has muscle memory.

There are targeting regions for the boxers to focus their punches on; these areas have dense, impact resistant inner foam that allows you to take the punches like a champ. The chest guard of the Title Body Protector is pretty high and gives you good protection from slipped, poorly aimed shot and ricochet.

The Title Classic Body Protector 2.0 has an inside liner that keeps the sweat, fluid, and moisture away for the sparring partner’s comfort. This also keeps the kit dry and cool.

There are adjustable straps like- shoulder straps and shoulder pads that allow added protection for you. The seatbelt nylon straps give you a custom fit. So, it can fit all body types.

Title Classic Body Protector 2.0 comes with improved technology, is lightweight and heavy duty. This gives you supreme protection in all combat sports like mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, and Martial arts. This synthetic leather made protector is perfect for you.

This Title Body Protector comes with an affordable asking price. All the premium features make it a very desirable gear, making the purchase a very good deal.


  • Famous Title Boxing brand
  • Heavily padded target areas for the accuracy training
  • Multiple layers of foam padding for shock-absorbing
  • Supreme quality boxing apparatus for a brawling partner
  • Tailor-made for practice aiming, Muay Thai,  martial arts, and other combat sports practice sessions
  • Moisture-wicking inside liner
  • High-quality protective gear with durable material
  • Synthetic leather and dense foam padding
  • Great protection for the entire torso
  • Versatile straps like shoulder straps, seatbelt nylon straps, and shoulder pads for a secure fit


  • Size can be an issue for a few people; check before purchasing

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Ringside Best Gel Shock Super Boxing Body Protector

The Ringside gel shock body protector is the next on our list. All athletes have heard of the brand Ringside; they are a household name in the sports arena. It is one of their best products. Let us take a quick look at all the features here.

Ringside Gel Shock Super Boxing Body Protector


Ringside claims that this body protector is made with leather, but it is actually made with synthetic leather. This doesn’t affect the quality by much, but this can create confusion. So, that’s us being frank.

This particular Ringside body protector comes with gel shock technology with a tough synthetic leather construction. The new technology gives you extra protection and disperses the shock very nicely.

The belly pad protects your innards, kidney, and abdomen with superior protection. The thick padding doesn’t let you feel any blow. Therefore, it is perfect for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, contact sport training, kick shield for athletes and coaches.

The protection level gives your entire torso safe heaven; you can move around fluently. You can incorporate body shots into Punch Mitt routines with ease with this shock-absorbent body protector.

This is a perfect way to train beginners or even professionals about the methods of boxing; sparring partners can mimic realistic positions without much effort.

The price of this Ringside body protector is a bit high. But the quality makes it a fair deal, to be honest.


  • Not Maya hide leather, but it has a very durable synthetic leather
  • Supreme quality gear for a boxing instructor
  • Ideal for MMA, Muay Thai, martial arts, and other combat sports
  • Target zones pad holder marked for convenience
  • Superb boxing gear with imperishable leather
  • Ample protection for the entire torso with belly pads


  • Not cheap
  • Not made with leather, but claims are leather!

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RDX TKD Best Chest Guard Boxing Body Protector

The RDX boxing chest guard is a premium product in the boxing arena. It has many recommendations from customers and experts. Let’s unpack!

RDX TKD Chest Guard Boxing Body Protector


This body protector is made with patented Maya hide leather. As well known, Maya hide leather is one of the most premium quality leathers out there. This Maya hide leather construction has earned the RDX TKD chest guard CE certification for safety. The construction with Maya hide leather makes it very durable that can last for years.

The 18 mm EVA LUTION and 24mm foam lamination give you a cushioning layer that absorbs many shocks, punches, and kicks. The RDX body protector comes with adjustable elastic straps with hook and loop closure with nylon straps. This makes sure the fit is perfect and snug for your use.

There is triple nylon stitching that makes sure that the RDX TKD boxing chest guard is stubbornly durable. There is PU piping that works as a moisture wicking lining that keeps sweat away from the padding.

The padding is made with SpongeX padding that gives you the most reliable protection possible. It can meet with high power punches, and you won’t feel a thing.

The padding is made with polygonal fusion foam. This gives you additional protection. The EVA LUTION foam patterns allow the material to cool off your body without any vent holes.

The price of this boxing guard is affordable, and it is available in many sizes. Make sure you see their size chart before your purchase.


  • Made of Maya hide leather, very durable
  • CE Certified for upper body protection
  • Thick padding with sponges, supreme quality boxing apparatus
  • Terrific for Muay Thai, martial arts, and other combat sports
  • Great for use with a training partner
  • You can use it with both sides, reversible design
  • Great boxing gear with polygonal fusion foam and EVA LUTION foam
  • Adequate protection for the entire torso


  • Stock availability can be an issue

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Fairtex Best Leather Rib Guard Body Protector Belly Pad

The Fairtex chest shield, otherwise known as the Fairtex Leather Rib Guard Body Protector Belly Pad, is a high quality body protector.

Fairtex Leather Rib Guard Body Protector Belly Pad


This handmade body protector from Thailand comes with a durable genuine leather construction with multi-layered foam padding for superior protection. It is a perfect for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, kick shield, rib guard for athletes and coaches.

The Fairtex chest shield is easy to put on with a rear hook and loop closure and complete core protection.

The price of the Fairtex chest shield or Fairtex Body Protector is on the higher end.


  • Genuine leather made, very durable
  • Handmade for heavy hitters
  • Sufficient padding with multi-layer foam, supreme quality equipment for sparring
  • Superb for MMA and other combat sports training sessions with a practice partner
  • Sufficient protection for the entire torso


  • A bit costly

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RDX Best Heavy Punching Boxing Body Protector

As among the most well-known combat brands, RDX is well-known to fans all over the world. Inexperienced and intermediate fighters should expect to pay reasonable costs for high-quality items. First-time martial artists often choose RDX as their first bit of kit. A wide variety of RDX goods may now be available outside of the United States.

RDX Boxing Body Protector


With its ergonomic design, the RDX T4 Boxing Body Protector provides comprehensive upper-body protection. With this, a trainer is able to freely move their arms.

Maya Hide leather is used in several RDX boxing items, including heavy bags and shin guards, which can withstand rigorous training in combat sports. These are known to last for many years without suffering any significant distortion throughout that time. RDX T4 Boxing Body Protector is no different.

The RDX T4 Boxing Body Protector allows a reasonable quantity of air in, preventing excessive perspiration, making exercise more enjoyable.

Tests by SATRA have certified RDX T4 Boxing Body Protector to have met the European safety standards. This chest protection has been tested and shown to be durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear as well as accidental falls. This boxing equipment is made to last thanks to its design, fabrics, and ventilation.

The RDX T4 Boxing Body Protector is designed to withstand the anger of a champion. Split padding with a molded pattern that distributes force evenly throughout the product’s area is used in this application. Leather and microfiber structure of the Maya Hide is patented, and it absorbs the impact of the most savage of kicks and punch. Our chest protection is protected with EVA-LUTION foam cushioning that is compacted for long-term durability. Straps across the shoulders and across the back ensure a secure fit.

There are no sacrifices when it comes to your comfort. Workout or train with the confidence of a professional athlete.

In order to get the perfect fit, adjustable buckle closure is a great option. With the buckle closing, you can easily put on and take off your outfit in a flash.

There are two sizes available, and adolescents may prefer the smaller one.

This boxing body protector from RDX is reasonably priced. Many combat sports, such as Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Taekwondo Karate, and Mixed Martial Art may benefit greatly from this!

Make sure to check the sizing guide before purchasing!


  • Contoured Body Protector
  • EVA-LUTION foam cushioning
  • SATRA certified body protector
  • Adjustable straps for perfect fit
  • Versatile for using in any combat sports training


  • Price point can be a bit high for some people

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Best Boxing Body Protector Buying Guide

After the list of the best boxing body protectors, you may wonder what our selection process was. How did we go about the elimination and selection? Well, one of our main considerations was user reviews, but that was not the only consideration.

We have selected these boxing body protectors based on some features that we have taken from expert opinions. And we’ve discussed them here for your future prospects. If you go through this list, you can be conversationally fluent in all things body protectors.

Let’s see the features!



There are a few common materials for boxing body protectors. The material is essential because this makes the protector durable.

i. Leather

Genuine Leather is perhaps the most common and most known boxing gear material. It is generally very durable, strong, and flexible at the same time. However, real leather protectors can be the most expensive product in the market.

ii. Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is a new and very convenient material used to make almost everything made by real leather. This material is durable, flexible, and lightweight. Most body protectors, the vast majority of them, are made with long-lasting synthetic leather.

Additionally, synthetic leather is less expensive than authentic leather.



For any purchase of a boxing gadget, size is a very important consideration that you should focus on. As you may know from our other boxing gear articles, size is very important and often liberates you in fights and training.

A protector should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight a body protector will constrict your chest and cause breathing issues, which is harmful to your performance. In high adrenaline situation, you need to breathe more than normal. If the vest causes issues with breathing, your body will soon run out of oxygen and weaken you further.

Too loose body protectors can also be an issue. It will not amount to any protection because it will leave some spots uncovered or not properly covered. Those places will be open to hitting and injuries. A loose body protector also limits the wearer’s mobility, which is detrimental to your performance.

Bulky dresses are harder to control; the same mechanism applies here as well.

You should be looking for the perfect size for you. Here is a comprehensive guide for selecting the appropriate body protector for yourself and not bigger or smaller.

Height Weight Size
150 cm to 160 cm 48 kg to 52 kg Small
161 cm to 170 cm 56 kg to 60 kg Medium
171 cm to 175 cm 65 kg to 70 kg Large
176 cm to 180 cm 75 kg to 80 kg Extra Large (XL)
181 cm to 185 cm 85 kg to 90 kg XXL

This should help you make the right decision regarding boxing body protectors for yourself, enabling you for a long session of spontaneous training session.



Padding is another important buying consideration. There are many types of padding that give you the protection that you need for a productive session.

There are foam padding body protectors. As the name suggests, it is lined with foam. The foam takes a hit and disperses the impact throughout the padding.

There are gel padded body protectors as well. They come with gel padding that works as a cushion that absorbs the punches.

There are mixed options available as well. The padding needs to be around chest guards, belly pads. Also, there is dome air technology which is very stable in protection.

Multi layered foam padded body protectors need to be sweat and moisture proof.



Straps are also a very necessary buying factor. The straps allow a snug fit and additional protection for your training sessions.

There are Velcro straps, a single strap closure system, and quick release buckles straps that allow a perfect and snug fit. These are also very easy to take off. There are other options like shoulder straps that add a bit of increased stability.

Shoulder straps add a layer of extra stability to this product. We have selected a few body protectors with shoulder straps if you are looking for one with shoulder straps.


Price Tag

Price is one of the key considerations for buying anything. Boxing body protectors are no different from this.

However, these boxing gears come for your protection and natural training experience. Even if they cost a bit more, you should consider purchasing one nevertheless.

Even so, we’ve listed the many cheap alternatives here. You can consider any of these without worrying about the quality. The low price doesn’t always mean low quality. See our list again to find the right choice for your budget.


Moisture resistance

Training for boxing and other combat sports like martial arts and MMA can exert a great deal of strenuous effort that causes sweat. This can lead to problems with body protectors.

To avoid any damage to the body protector, there is a moisture wicking lining. These moisture wicking materials keep the sweat and moisture away from the stitching and padding. Moisture wicking materials also ensure that the padding doesn’t become heavier with sweat and moisture, exactly what you need during training sessions.


Why Choose Body Protectors Along With Other Training Gears?

It is possible to catch body blows with focus mitts, but this restricts how much you can test your opponent’s protection and counter punching.

Body protectors allow you to throw punches and flawlessly reproduce battle simulations instead of attaching a hand or two to your body as a temporary target. This provides the training benefit of sparring without the impact, which is ideal for avoiding burnout and easing novices into genuine combat training.

Wearing a shield during mitt practice is one of the most effective methods to teach suitable posture to your fighter. Unlike heavy bag training, body protectors allow the fighters to utilize their trainer’s hands as a reference point to determine when they’ve moved to safety. When you need to turn to face your opponent after the combo lands, you’ll know they’ve sidestepped far enough as a boxing trainer.

For example, an orthodox fighter would take a stride to the left, outside of their opponent’s right hand, to target the liver. This maneuver not only gives them more leverage but also gets them “off the rails,” requiring the opponent to adapt before returning fire. These can often not be achieved with focus mitt training.

Body protectors allow you to safely and effectively throw full-power punches of heavy bag gloves from any angle.

Though skilled concentration mitt users may effortlessly catch “shovel punches” and straight strikes to the body, some impact angles are challenging to reproduce with just hand pads.

By emphasizing appropriate placement, drills using a protector educate your boxers on how to get the most out of their shots. Simply tell your fighter to target great value areas such as the liver, solar plexus, spleen, and floating rib. Unlike striking a heavy bag, or a speed bag, your boxer will be working with real human anatomy, allowing them to improve knockout accuracy. At the same time, you stay secure behind the greatest boxing body armor money can buy.

The body protector is ideal for teaching boxers how to use body shots to stop mobility.

The trainer, for example, begins circling to their left, mimicking an opponent who is “getting on their bike” and refusing to engage in combat. The boxer should immediately unleash a right hook to the body. This move provides the opponent two alternatives in a fight: either stop in their tracks or walk into a powerful body blow. A left hook to the body, for example, will stop an opponent from turning right, whereas straight strikes work against forward movement.

You can teach your fighter to instantly follow up with combination drills to his focus mitts after stopping his mobility with the body shot for optimum results.


Care and Maintenance of Boxing Body Protector

Here are some tips that can keep your prized equipment safe and functional for longer use.

  1. Look for the signs of wear and tear on the body shield, chest shield, and belly pad. This will help with your safety. If you find any wear, you should consider changing the gear.
  2. Check the buckle strap regularly. If there’s a sign of wear on the strap, change it.
  3. Clean it with disinfectants regularly.
  4. You can air dry your body protector. In fact, this is recommended for you.
  5. Never keep your wet body protector inside the gym bag. This will allow bacteria to grow in a moist environment. Air dry the body gear before putting it in the bag.


Final Thoughts

We have created this list with the highest reviewed customer and user favorite boxing body protectors. These also come with features as per the experts. These are the best of both worlds. You can buy any of these top products without any worry.

If you have used any product that is not on our list and found it to be useful, you can suggest that to us. We will look into that.

Share this article with your friends and family.

You can write your comments, suggestions to us. We appreciate your feedback (email & data rights reserved and protected by our privacy policy).


FAQs for Best Boxing Body Protector

Could a body protector restrict my movement?

Ans: Yes, it can. This is why selecting the accurate size is very important for easy movement. See our size guide.

Do I still feel pain when wearing a body protector?

Ans: Pain, no. Impact, yes. The difference is that you can measure the strength from a punches impact without being hurt. Like shin guards, it’s really there so that you don’t get badly injured.

Do you need to wear gloves when hitting a body protector?

Ans: Yes. Preferably with boxing hand wraps underneath the gloves. Punching a body protector can hurt a bit if you are doing it bare handed.

How long a body protector usually lasts?

Ans: This depends on the use. Usually, body protectors can last three to four years.

Should you go for a full torso protector or a lower torso protector?

Ans: We would recommend buying a full body protector because of the superior protection it gives you.

What are some of the best boxing equipment brands in the market?

Ans: Several brands contend for the title; some of them are also listed in our article. There is Everlast, Ringside, Title boxing, Hayabusa, Venum, RDX, etc.

What are the benefits of using a boxing body protector?

Ans: We have discussed this in our buying guide at quite a length. Please refer to that.

What protective gear do boxers wear?

Ans: Boxers wear mouthguards, headgears, shin guards, and other protective gear.

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