The Best Reflex Bags for a Boxing Session That Will Give You The Upper Hand in The Game

Best Reflex Bags Featured

The best reflex bags are an essential part of boxing. Boxing as a sport has always been America’s sport. People have taken an interest in boxing for a long time. There are many movies made about boxing, focusing on the personal dedication that a boxer goes through.

Boxing, as we know, is more than just a sport for us. It’s a character builder. The dedication, perseverance, focus, hard work, persistence, and sacrifices that people make successful are an example for all. Many people take up boxing for health reasons as it’s an excellent workout. The fact that people can burn many calories through boxing makes it much more appealing.

Maybe you are planning to start boxing or want your kids to go on that path. And for that, you will need the right pieces of equipment and supplies. We are here for that. We are reviewing the reflex bags, otherwise known as speed bags. These bags are compact punching bags that provide a means to an advanced level of training.

We will review the most customer favorite products. The products that people used and found to be the ideal reflex bags for themselves or their kids rated them the highest on the market.

We will see a buying guide for you, and we will answer the most frequently asked questions about these boxing bags on the internet.


8 Best Reflex Bags Reviews: Our Top Picks

Let’s review some of the top reflex bags available in the market.


TechTools Best Freestanding Reflex Boxing Bag

Techtools makes the best punching bags on the market. They make great punching bags and reflex bag sizes for kids. However, this particular free-standing reflex bag is an adult reflex ball for boxing and fitness training.

TechTools Reflex Boxing Bag- Best Reflex Bags


This standard reflex bag is the highest rated product on our list. The standard of this reflex bag sets for others is pretty high. You can use it for training, stress relief, MMA Training, and as a workout routine.

The stand is an adjustable stand. You can adjust the height from 49 inches to 63 inches. This suits perfectly for adults and kids. The base is a hollow plastic base tank that is pretty big for stability. You can fill the base with 66 pounds of water or 100 pounds of sand. The base can still hold the forces of the punches.

This freestanding reflex bag is made with the highest quality materials. The punching bag is made with durable PU synthetic leather. And the stand is made with rust resistant materials.

This product is designed to provide benefits for your entire family. The base tank made of plastic makes sure you don’t stain or scratch the floor. It’s an easy-to-move, easy-to-store reflex punch bag for your home, office, and gym. You can use this more beneficial workout item in your home boxing gym.

This is an affordable product that will serve you for a long time. The materials will make sure all your purposes are served, be it workout or combat sports training. You will not regret buying this.


  • Freestanding reflex bag
  • Adjustable size, the range is inclusive
  • Highest rate product, heavy bag
  • Sturdy synthetic leather
  • Sturdy base


  • No paddle target

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Ringside Best Fitness Reflex Bag

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag is durable synthetic leather made punching bag. The name suggests it’s a fitness bag, but this is so much more than that.

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag


This reflex bag is a height adjustable bag that has a range of 49 inches to 69 inches. It’s perfect for kids and adults, men and women.

The plastic tank on the base is a large tank. It can be filled with water or sand. You will need 125 pounds of water or 240 pounds of sand to give the most stability and superior performance.

This reflex bag has a precisely placed chrome spring for the defense, jab and hook, footwork, accuracy, and planning training. This punching bag helps you improve hand eye coordination.

It’s perfect for novice boxers, boxing enthusiasts, pro-boxers, and fighters. You can also use this as a workout tool.


  • Premium quality leather bag
  • Adjustable size, the range is inclusive
  • Specifically placed the spring-mounted striking ball
  • Heavy-duty synthetic leather
  • Sturdy base, heavy bags


  • Too pricey for some people

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Everlast Best Durable Reflex Bag

Everlast is the brand that promises to provide people with the high-quality products in the market. Everlast makes the finest boxing equipment in America.

Everlast Reflex Bag



The reflex bag is made with synthetic leather and rubber foam (dense foam bag). The high quality rubber foam padding is very much shock absorbent and is comfortable to punch. The spring mounted design is excellent for reflex training, hand eye coordination, accuracy and defense.

The base is made of plastic. The base can be filled with water or sand. This way, you can use these free-standing reflex bags to learn MMA, Muay Thai, Martial arts, and boxing. This is a spring reflex bag that is an adjustable reflex bag; the range is 50.25 inches to 64 inches tall. The adjustable height makes it useful for kids and adults.

It’s a very easy to assemble synthetic leather construction for strength and durability. You can use it for working out, and you can use this on your home gym boxing corner.

This is a top rated product on our list of products. And you can trust this product based on the other customers’ reflex bag reviews and recommendations.


  • Straightforward install, adjustable size, the range is inclusive
  • Spring attached striking ball
  • Long-lasting synthetic leather
  • Sturdy base for superior reflex speed
  • Perfect for MMA and martial arts training as well


  • The spring might pose some problems

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MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0 – Best for Install and Adjustable Size

MaxxMMA Cobra Reflex Bag is a product that we feel very privileged to be reviewing. This is a top of the shelf, high quality cobra reflex bag that comes from a great manufacturer MaxxMMA.

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2

To begin with, this can be used as a multi-sports training bag. Because of the versatility it offers, you can learn Muay Thai drills, MMA drills, or Boxing drills with this cobra reflex bag.

It is an adjustable cobra reflex bag that has a range of 52 inches to 65 inches. This suits kids, adults, men, and women. The base is a heavy and durable base that is filled with water or sand. Thirty pounds of water or 55 pounds of sand. This will be enough for a long and stable session of training.

MaxxMMA advanced cobra reflex bag features a core weight bag for stability. The pole is a steel rod construction for the highest durability. The pole has rust resistance and will serve you for years.

The MaxxMMA reflex bag is a PU leather bag with an inner bladder design. The bag is durable and wear resistant. It is a long lasting good reflex bag for your professional boxing needs. You can add this best reflex bag for your gym too!

The package includes a pair of large, green hand wrap gel gloves and a weight training bag.

The rebound angle of this cobra kit is 45 degrees because of the precisely placed chrome spring system, meaning it comes back with the same force that it goes. The same system is perfect for learning defense, accuracy, faster planning, and enhancing hand-eye coordination at the same time. This should be a permanent member of your gym kit.

It’s a straightforward setup reflex bag. And it can take up to 120,000 times of bending due to punches. There is an anti-loose fixation screw for keeping the reflex bag tight after each punch.

Now for the best parts, you can adjust the speed at which the rebound comes. This is a patented design that MaxxMMA has featured in this reflex cobra bag. You have four speed models for your convenient training. This technology is only available from the MaxxMMA cobra reflex bag.

The bag comes with one year free replacement warranty on the punching bags. Contact the manufacturer if you happen to receive a faulty product.


  • Cobra head reflex bag, with bag gloves
  • Easy install, adjustable size, the range is inclusive
  • Patented design, comes with a weight training bag
  • Anti-loose fixation screw for stability
  • Speed adjustable reflex bag, chrome steel spring
  • Bag simulates opponent
  • Sturdy base, core weight bag for stability
  • One year warranty on the bag


  • Too pricey for some people
  • Not straight flex bag

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Ringside Cobra Best Designed Reflex Boxing Bag

Ringside makes the finest boxing gear and equipment in the USA. This one is a cobra reflex bag kit. As you will see, cobra bags are better for advanced levels of training for boxing and other sports.

Ringside Cobra Reflex Boxing Bag


This reflex bag is made with a solid steel alloy body or pole/shaft. Alloy steel is rust-proof and can last a long time. The stand is adjustable. So, you can use the reflex bag as 7 feet tall or a 5 feet tall bag, according to your need.

The base is empty. You need to fill it with 140 pounds of water or sand to start punching. The joints are welded together for indestructible use. It is an excellent reflex bag for training and working out at your home boxing gym.

The reflex bag is an easily assembled device. It takes only 30 minutes or less to assemble it, and you are good to go.

The rebound range of this reflex bag is around 4 feet, and you can adjust it as you tinkle with the height. This is perfect for kids and adults alike. Consequently, it has caught the attention of the public pretty soon.

The price is reasonable for the quality and durability. It’s a one-time purchase that will serve you for quite a few years.


  • Effortless installation
  • Improved design from a trusted brand
  • Cobra head reflex bag, medium and large size
  • Hand-eye coordination enhances
  • Head movement resembles the opponent’s movement
  • Perfect  home gym bag


  • Too pricey for some people

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Athletic Bar Best Leak Proof Reflex Boxing Bag

The Athletic Bar Reflex Bag has a five-foot-tall with an adjustable pole and an inflatable bag. The reflex bag is 10 inches in diameter.

Athletic Bar Reflex Boxing Bag


The ball is made with leather and is very durable and long serving. It comes with a pair of boxing gloves and a hand air pump with a needle.

The shaft features a premium quality spring for making sure that each punch is rebounded with force and accuracy. The shaft is adjustable. You can get anywhere between 48 inches to 58 inches.

The base is with plastic, so it doesn’t scratch the floor. It is a two feet base that gives it more stability and a proper standing platform. You are meant to fill the base with water or sand. The base is leak proof, so you don’t have to worry about a wet floor or dirty floor.

The rebound action of this reflex bag is a perfect way of enhancing hand-eye coordination. You can use this reflex bag for strenuous training sessions to develop timing, precision, defense, and accuracy.

This is an easy assemble reflex bag that, and it is from a customer review, can be assembled by a 15 year old. It comes with a pair of gloves, a wrench, and a screw. This product is perfect for kids and adults.

It’s an affordable reflex bag that serves you for years. It is a great deal, considering the money you are paying.


  • Pretty low price point,
  • Comes with a couple of boxing gloves
  • Simple installation process
  • Hand & eye coordination enhances, better than double end bags
  • Perfect family boxing gym bag


  • Too short for some adults

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Hurbo Stand Best Training Reflex Bag

The Hurbo speed punching reflex bag/speed bag is an adjustable reflex bag for boxing and MMA training.

Hurbo Stand Reflex Bag


This reflex bag is a perfect height for kids and adults and can be adjusted from 53.5 inches to 60.6 inches. The material is faux leather.

Faux leather is more durable and wear resistant. Because of it, the bag will last a long time. Hurbo promises 120,000 uses without any issue. The adjustable height makes this a perfect product for people of all ages and genders.

It is a standard reflex bag with a strong base spring. The stand/pole is a heavy-duty stand that can withstand long sessions of punching. You have the option of filling the base with water or sand and starting your workout; that is more beneficial than any gym based workout.  The weight capacity of this reflex bag is 88 pounds.

It is an easy installation reflex bag for your use. You will get installation instructions on purchase.


  • For fruitful workout training sessions
  • The pretty low price point
  • Easy install, easy store
  • Comes with an installation guide
  • Not genuine leather, so more resistant to wear
  • Hand and eye coordination enhances


  • Too short for some adults
  • Some review says the pole is flimsy

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Hyperflex Best Martial Arts and Boxing Reflex Bag

Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag is what is meant by a reflex bag. This is no exaggeration because all fitness junkies and combat sportsmen know the name Everlast.

Hyperflex Strike Bag

Reflex bags are nothing more than small punch bags on poles. Whenever you strike, it will briefly pivot away before returning to face you thanks to the spring. It’s an excellent training tool for learning how to build a rhythm and use your responses to hit at just the right time.

The Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag is made of solid foam, yet it doesn’t seem like it’s ‘hard’ to hit.  For even less work, it’s better to use a foam bag because it’s more environmentally friendly.

With the Hyperflex Strike Bag, Everlast is attempting to create a more quality and adaptable reflex bag. For further durability, the bag has 2 dual hyperflex springs on the pole, one on either side of the top. Additionally, both springs have the ability to ‘lock’ in position. In this configuration, the center of gravity can be located at either the top or bottom.

The bag’s height may be altered by adjusting the straps. Because the pole may be adjusted, you can tailor it to your own preferences. According to my calculations, the bag can accommodate people standing between 4’8″ and 5’6″ tall. For a realistic workout, the bag should be at or near chin level while using a reflex bag. However, somewhat higher or lower is not an issue. If you’re a teenager or older, you should be able to use it without any issues.

In order to complete the base, both water and sand must be poured in. The hole you’ll need to use to put the plug in is located just beneath the pole’s foot. Four screws secure the pole in position once the base has been filled. It’s a good idea, however, it makes it difficult to empty the foundation.

If you want a good bag for the workout session but don’t have a place to hang a genuine heavy bag, this is a good option.


  • Three settings for different levels of skills
  • High quality spring with durable materials for long lasting
  • Great quality foam bag
  • Easy to fill and dismantle
  • Good for smaller spaces


  • Price point can be an issue with some customers

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Best Reflex Bags Buying Guide

Buying the right reflex bag is a tricky job, like any purchase is, perhaps more.

There is a lot of product with a lot of relevant and confusing information. If you don’t know what to look for and what to avoid, you might end up buying the wrong equipment.  Here is a primary buying guide for you so that you know what the top qualities of a good reflex bag are.

We have made this buying guide based on the customers’ suggestions and advice. And there is no secretive privacy policy.

And we have selected our products based on the customers’ satisfaction with regard to the features. You can buy one of these highly-rated devices without any hesitation.

Now, let us see what features the finest reflex bags should have:



There are two types of free-standing reflex bags available. Both are for a specific level of competence and learner level. The first type is a Standard Reflex Bag.

The reflex bag of a standard type has a spring near the bottom of the pole/shaft. Therefore, it is slower and comes back slower at you after you punch it. These products are for primary level learners. You can learn ducking and dodging, footwork, timing, and judging distances with these unique punch bags. You can learn basic punches, defense, timing, and planning with these bags, as it mimics the movement of an opponent that is counter attacking. The rebound speeds of these bags are slower than the other kind of reflex bag called Cobra Bags.

Secondly, the Cobra Bags are way faster and rebound with greater speed than Standard bags. Cobra bags have the spring near the middle or on the upper middle half of the pole/shaft for rapid reflexes. This makes the rebound very fast.

You can learn speed flex, accuracy, and lightning fast planning with these gadgets. This is a more pro and advanced level learner punch bag.

You need to keep this crucial factor in mind. If you are starting, get a Standard reflex bag. If you are an advanced level learner, get a Cobra reflex bag. We featured and reviewed both Standard and Cobra reflex bags.



These gears come in heights of 60 inches to 72 inches and are adjustable. An adjustable bag means more people can use it than a fixed height bag.

Besides this, adjustable bags can help you teach a variety of moves that operate at different heights. You can learn jabs and hooks for taller opponents, body shots, etc.

Again, this depends on the level of the learner. Advanced learners should be looking for taller bags; amateur learners should be looking for shorter bags. The leading boxing brands have height adjustable bags that serve almost everyone.



The base should be an essential consideration for buyers. It is general knowledge that the broader and bigger the base, the harder it is to topple anything. One should really be looking into the base while purchasing a boxing reflex bag.

Most reflex bags feature empty bases that can be filled with water or sand. This is a better option than a fixed base punch reflex bag because it is easier to store and move.

The products on our list feature premium quality bases made with plastic that will not leak sand or water. Sand is heavier than water and serves the purpose better, but you should place a rubber mat for extra protection.

There are other bags that feature rubber suction cups at the base for extra stability.



Reflex boxing bags come in two other types as well. Inflatable and solid foam filled reflex bags.

Inflatable bags are cheaper than foam filled reflex bags. These bags are easier to store and move. Most of these bags come with a pump. These are usually softer and more suited for amateurs and beginners. Some sub-par inflatable bags have a low quality bladder. Still, our list features the inflatable bags that people have used and reviewed most.

Foam filled reflex bags feature dense molded foam inside the bag. These bags are more durable and more resistant to wear.



Durability is the most crucial consideration while buying a reflex bag.

It is a perfect match for all other buying considerations on our list. Our list features the prominent height adjustable and fixed height reflex bags with the premium inflatable and foam bags.

We have carefully also selected the highest quality standard and cobra bags for your needs through extensive research. Our list features the most durable reflex bags.



Our list features a few prominent brands. This is not a promotion. We have selected these products because the people love them.

But, big brands have something that is essential for any purchase. They have superior quality control and check. The top brands make sure their products are of the highest quality. Moreover, they make sure the customer is 100% satisfied. They have a lot in line with these lines of products.

We hope the buying guide will be a scale for getting the most suitable reflex bags from the very high reputed brands. You can be sure of the superiority and longevity of these bags, and you can buy the right reflex bag for your needs according to our buying guide.



Boxing helps you burn a lot of calories, and it is great for your body. You learn so many things through boxing. Through boxing, you learn the value of hard work, patience, resilience, practice, and ambition. You learn to push on! This is why boxing equipment like punching bags have permanent spots in many offices and home gyms.

We can help with purchasing premium-quality boxing gear. Our reviews feature the top-rated products that people have used and found to be the finest in the market. We have preferred customer satisfaction over brand names.

We could have added some high-end products like Title Boxing Rapid-Reflex Tri-bag. But, as we all know, Title boxing products are a bit pricey, and this particular Title Boxing product is very expensive. So, we’ve avoided it.

You may have experienced it differently from the products reviewed by us. You may have suggestions for us. We request you to write to us. Your experience, suggestions, comments, and support will help us in helping you.



Are reflex punching bags good?

Ans: Reflex punching bags from Techtools, Everlast, Everlast Hyperflex, Title Boxing, Ringside, MaxxMMA, etc. are good for home training and work out. A reflex punching bag is better than a spinning boxing bag.

What brand reflex bag does Ryan Garcia use?

Ans: We don’t know that for sure, but some have suggested he uses Ringside Cobra Reflex Boxing Punching Bag. We reviewed this particular reflex bag.

What is the finest reflex bag on the market?

Ans: The Techtools reflex bag. But there are others like Everlast, Everlast hyperflex bag, Ringside, MaxMMA, Athletic Bar, Hurbo, Title boxing, etc.

Which reflex bag does Canelo use?

Ans: Canelo uses Commando Cobra boxing reflex bags. Some have suggested this is a custom made reflex bag and not available on the market.

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