Hand Wraps vs. Gloves: You will need both, but that depends on you!

Hand Wraps vs. Gloves: When to use them!

If you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you’ll need some hand protection before putting on a pair of boxing gloves. This is true whether you’re sparring, hitting the heavy bag, or fighting.

Hand protection, on the other hand, can be achieved through a variety of means. Of course, there are the tested and trusted boxing wraps that have been around for decades. Still, manufacturers have recently introduced a few new options geared at both amateur and professional boxers, with the primary purpose of reducing the amount of time it takes to wrap your hands. In most cases, they will take the shape of fast wraps or gel inner gloves.

In boxing training, wrapping your hands is a vital component of the process. Wrapping their hands helps boxers avoid injuries to their hands and wrists, which are made up of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Any boxing is a contact sport, whether you’re working the heavy bag, hitting mitts, or sparring, and it puts a lot of strain on your hands and wrists, which can lead to injuries.


Need for Protection:

The most common reason we wear hand protection is to avoid harm to the hand or wrist when doing tasks. Boxing hand wraps and inner gloves accomplish this by giving support to the little bones, joints, tissues, and tendons that are found in the hands. A blow to the face or a punching bag can cause fractures or damage to bones in particular, which can be caused by the continual force of pounding a bag or your opponent’s face.

In addition to this, hand protection helps to spread the force of a punch throughout the entire hand, which is beneficial. It accomplishes this by holding joints that move, such as the fingers, in place. If you’ve ever hit something with your bare fists, you’ll be familiar with the fact that, for example, if your fingers move as you hit the object, you run the risk of injuring yourself. A boxing hand wrap or inner gel causes your fingers to remain immobile, allowing the shock of the blow to be absorbed by the entire hand rather than just the little region of impact.



In most cases, your trainer will have their own way of correctly wrapping your hands for a fight, which they will demonstrate to you. You may wrap your hands in various ways to protect them from different things – for example, extra wrist support, more padding across the knuckles, and so on. If you’re prone to certain injuries or have difficulty with a certain joint in your hand, you can alter the way you wrap to offer more support to troublesome parts of the hand.

By wearing inner gloves, you give up some of your flexibility. Designed primarily for two things: speed and convenience of usage, inner gloves serve as a catch-all for various tasks.

If you’re a newbie, it will probably take you some time to learn how to wrap your hands correctly. Furthermore, incorrectly wrapped hands might deceive you into a false feeling of security, leading you to assume your hands are safer than they are and putting you in danger of being injured. In this case, a decent pair of inner gloves will protect you since there is nothing to go wrong: you slide the inner glove on, slip your boxing glove on, and you’re ready to go!


Pros of Gloves:

Gloves are a little more expensive than fast wraps, but several distinct advantages to using gloves. Using a pair of gloves, you’ll notice that they appear a lot like a pair of fingerless gloves, but with some significant variations from the quick/fast wraps, we covered before. An extra layer of padding covers the full back of the hand rather than just around the knuckles, as with most other gloves.

This implies that the power of the collision is dispersed across a larger area, making it less likely that you will be hurt. You’ll also be able to hit harder without feeling it as much as you would otherwise.

Quick wraps are frequently constructed of this woven cloth, which becomes rough and uncomfortable to the touch after a long session, particularly in between fingers. A good pair of gloves can help alleviate this problem since they provide more finger protection than a pair of fast wraps.


Hand Wraps:

Wraps are intended to give structural protection to your wrist and hand in instances when the presence of these variables may jeopardize the well-being of your fists. They can even shield you from being hit by a blow with improper technique. Also useful for people with small hands, wraps can help fill in the gaps between their fingers and gloves to reduce friction and movement.

Never make the mistake of believing that boxing is a potentially hazardous sport. Injuries do happen in sports, just as in any other activity. When you take the necessary measures rather than cutting corners, you may safeguard your body while still training at any age.


Pros of Hand Wraps:

Wraps allow for further personalization. As previously said, you may wrap your hands in various ways depending on whatever part of your body you wish to protect the most with traditional wrapping. In the case of wrist injuries, you can wrap your hands in such a way that your wrists are well-protected from the elements. With a pair of inner gloves, you don’t have the same level of customization capabilities.

Because wraps are thinner and more adaptable than traditional gloves, it might not be easy to get your gloves on while you’re wearing a pair of inner gloves. A series of wrappers will prevent you from experiencing this problem. Based on the gloves you’re wearing, the sort of exercise you’re doing, or, as we indicated above, if you want to boost protection based on past injuries to certain portions of the hand, you can wrap differently. This is impossible to accomplish with a pair of inner gloves.

Wraps stay longer; in all honesty, the only thing that causes wear to a set of wraps is washing them. With repeated blows, a pair of fast wraps will eventually break down and, in extreme situations, may even burst completely. For inner gloves, the same is true – they are susceptible to failure as well, but less frequently than rapid wraps. Hand wraps will last significantly longer if they are properly cared for.


Wraps or Gloves: Verdict

Every time you go to the workout, make sure to put your gloves on. Please make sure you put them on as soon as you enter the gym and remove them until you exit the gym. Keeping your hands protected and in excellent condition is a certain way to keep them safe and in good condition – especially if you’re doing pushups between rounds; for example, you don’t want to put your hand protection on and take it off numerous times throughout the session.

While exercising on your own, such as when shadowboxing, it is beneficial to wear your wraps. It allows you to understand better what your hands do when you throw a punch and, consequently, what works most comfortably for you.

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