Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review: The Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners and Advanced Boxers

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The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves is one of the best gloves for boxing in the market today. It checks all the boxes that are associated with the best boxing gloves.

The Venum brand is a very famous, and very premium brand. These gloves are handmade in Thailand. The master craftsmanship of this glove, the construction, the material makes this pair of gloves very desirable.

This pair of gloves has a higher price tag, and that can be dealbreaker for some people. But if you consider the features and the quality of Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, you can see why this can have such a steep price.



We will do a specification break down here for you, so you can see what you are getting for the price.



First up is the construction material. As we all know genuine cow hide leather is the most durable glove material. And the next best thing is Poly Urethane Synthetic leather. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are made with Poly Urethane Synthetic leather. This material is almost as durable as genuine leather.

Synthetic leather is durable, flexible and can resist wear and tear like pure leather. If this pair were made with genuine leather, the price of this pair would have been much higher. The material allows the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves to absorb shock and impact better than other gloves.



The design of the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves is very professional. It looks like a very high end competition gloves, so if you are a beginner you can buy this glove for the extra wow-factor.

Because it is handmade and assembled in Thailand, it features the human touch, experience and careful observation that can never be found in machine made gloves. The design is ergonomic, and the glove imitates the natural curve of your hand.

It is an all purpose glove that can be used in other combat sports too.

The design has no redundancy, it adds nothing that you don’t need. There is nothing that can weigh the gloves more than it needs to be.

It is very comfortable to wear, and you can use this for long sparring and training sessions.


Venum Elite Boxing Gloves


Protection and Padding

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves feature triple density foam padding for added protection of your hand, knuckles, and other sensitive bones in your hand. This also makes sure that your partner doesn’t get hurt.

The padding makes sure every impact gets dispersed equally in all directions. Thus, the glove padding will last longer, and serve you for a long time.

The Triple foam padding is a very secure option for beginners and sparring partners because of the amount of protection they provide for the users.



Among other things, Venum Elite Boxing Gloves make sure of the durability by using reinforced stitches on the seam. This makes sure that the glove doesn’t wear easily.

Because boxing gloves withstand frequent impacts, the stitching needs to support the shock absorption system by staying put. Double stitching is one of the most commonly used, and most durable of achieving that.



Venum Elite Boxing Gloves have longer cuffs. This is particularly important because this gives proper stability and snug fit for the wearer. Longer cuffs also provide security for your wrist.

Long cuffs make sure the glove doesn’t move when you are sparring with a partner. This also makes sure of the optimal metacarpal protection for you. Many other competitors do not have this feature for your safety.


Attached Thumb

The thumbs on the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are attached with the gloves. In the old days, the boxing gloves did not have this feature, and in those days thumb injuries were prevalent, and often career threatening for some boxers.

The attached thumb protects boxer’s eyes as well. It helps by not moving independently from the gloves. This saves your thumb from punches that can injure your thumbs, may be even break them, if they are not attached to the glove itself.


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Wrist Strap

The wrist Strap or closure system is a very important feature in a boxing glove. These make sure you get a snug fit, and security of using the gloves for sparring and training.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves attain the security and fit by using a Velcro wrist strap. As we all know, along with hook and loop closure, a wide Velcro wrist strap is a very efficient way of making sure of a secure and snug fit.

Velcro straps are easy to take off after a session. You would not need any help wearing the gloves or for taking it off after a straining session of sparring, or heavy bag training.


Construction quality

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are made to last. Besides the poly urethane synthetic leather, the skintex surface makes it durable. Skintex is not as prone to friction and impact as other materials, so it will not wear very soon. Besides the material, the reinforced seam, as we mentioned before; adds to the durability of the gloves. All of these together ensure a long life span for the glove. The materials are assembled by hand, by expert craftsmen in Thailand. This makes sure of the longevity with a keen eye for faults.


Palm Mesh

There is a high density palm mesh on the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves for you. Palm mesh allows you to disperse the heat, and keep your hand cool during training and sparring. This also allows you to dry the boxing gloves faster, and keep them clean and hygienic.


Sweat proofing

This is an issue that arises with almost all gloves. The Venum Elite boxing glove is no exception. The outer surface of this glove is sweat proof. You can clean the outer layer easily with a piece of cloth and some disinfectants. But the inner layer is not sweat and moisture proof. It keeps the moisture away from the padding, but the material is not moisture proof.

This is not a deal breaker, however, because to achieve that level of proofing the glove will have to be lined with non breathable material. This can end up heating the inside more. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves make sure of the hygiene by using quick drying breathable mesh.



One of the major appeals of the Venum Elite Boxing glove is the way it looks. It looks stunning! It is very sleek and looks almost like a competition glove. This makes the pair very desirable among the new users and even some advanced users.

Once they are hooked by the look, the quality of the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves keeps them attached to the purchase!

The logo on the back of the gloves is very appealing and goes with the general attitude that a boxer needs to pack. All in all, the appeal of this pair begins with the first impression.


Color and size options

The Venum Elite Boxing gloves come in almost all sizes and in a variety of colors for people of all ages and genders.



To conclude, we feel the Venum Elite Boxing glove is one of the best in the market today. The sleek look, the extraordinary quality, the handmade build, and the Venum quality check make the pair of gloves very appealing to all boxers.

The only downside we felt was the price. It is too steep a price for beginners. If the price is your concern and you need a pair of gloves with all these features, you can go for the Hawk Boxing Gloves too.


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